Fleekdrive Co., Ltd. “Fleekdrive Electronic Book Storage Option” Acquires JIIMA Certification for “Elect ronic Trading Software” and “Electronic Book Scanning Software” ~Clears standards as a service compatible with the Electronic Book Act~

Fleekdrive Co., Ltd.
“Fleekdrive Electronic Book Storage Method Option” Acquires JIIMA Certification for “Electronic Transaction Software” and “Electronic Book Scanner Storage Software” ~Clears standards as a service compatible with the Electronic Book Law~

The “Electronic book storage method option” of the corporate online storage “Fleekdrive” provided by Fleekdrive Co., Ltd. is now available as an “Electronic transaction software” certified by the Japan Document Information Management Association (hereinafter “JIIMA”). Acquired “legal requirements certification” and “legal requirements certification for electronic book scanner storage software”. You can introduce “Fleekdrive” with peace of mind without confirming detailed requirements in response to the Electronic Book Storage Law
(Electronic Book Law), which will continue to grow in demand in the future.
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■ About JIIMA certification
JIIMA checks whether commercially available software and software services meet the requirements of the Electronic Book Act, and certifies those that are determined to meet the legal requirements. By properly using JIIMA-certified software and software services, even if you do not have a deep understanding of the Electronic Book Act, you can perform tax processing operations in compliance with laws and regulations.
-Electronic trading software legal requirement certification- About the certification system:


List of certified products:


-Authentication of electronic book scanner storage software legal requirements- About the certification system:


List of certified products:
https://www.jiima.or.jp/certification/denchouhou/software_list/ ■Features of the “Electronic Bookkeeping Option”
The “Electronic Book Storage Law Option” is compatible with the revised Electronic Book Storage Law, which came into force in January this year, and meets the five legal requirements (obligation to store, ensuring authenticity, preparation of related documents, visual readability). It is possible to store various documents that have cleared the security and searchability). We support the conversion of companies to DX from the following four main features.
1. Digitalization with easy operation
It also supports electronic storage of “scanner storage” and “electronic transactions”, freeing you from managing a huge amount of documents.
2. Safe and secure file storage
Secure data and store files with strict and appropriate access permissions. 3. Easy search for desired information
You can search with a wide range of conditions, so you can quickly find the data you need.
4. Interface that anyone can understand
Screen design that does not require manuals prevents work from becoming dependent on individual skills and supports a wide range of corporate uses.
For details, please see the special web page for “Electronic Bookkeeping Option”.
“Electronic book storage option” special web page:


■ What is “Fleekdrive”?
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“Fleekdrive” is an online storage service for companies that enables effective use of corporate information assets both inside and outside the company in scenes such as working from home, communicating with satellite offices, and sharing files with on-site using mobile phones. Files used for work can be accessed quickly and securely anytime, anywhere, expanding the possibilities of remote work and collaboration beyond the corporate network on a global scale. In addition to simple file management and sharing, you can communicate with chat in real time and work at a good pace.
Details of “Fleekdrive”: https://www.fleekdrive.com/
[Company profile of Fleekdrive Co., Ltd.]
Company name: Fleekdrive Co., Ltd.
Location: LOOP-X 6F, 3-9-15 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0022 Representative: Akira Nagao, Chairman and Representative Director President and CEO Tomitaka Kamiie
Established: May 7, 2019
Business description: Development, sales, and support of cloud services Website: https://www.fleekdrive.co.jp/
[Inquiries about Fleekdrive]
Fleekdrive Co., Ltd. Sales Department
TEL: 03-6722-5015 FAX: 03-6722-5025
E-mail: sales@fleekdrive.com
*We are currently working remotely, so please contact us by email. Details about this release:

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