FMCC Co., Ltd. Autonomic nerve evaluation app “Hiromil” urgent mode released on October 17 (Monday)

FMCC Co., Ltd.
Autonomic nerve evaluation app “Hiromil” rush mode released on October 17 (Monday)
Prevent employee performance deterioration in just 10 seconds for health management!

Prevent employee performance deterioration and promote health management! Check your brain fatigue in just 10 seconds!
Autonomic nerve evaluation app “Hiromil”
Hurry mode released on Monday, October 17th
FMCC Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Hirohiko Kuratsune), which develops an autonomic nerve evaluation business, has developed a technology that uses the camera function of smartphones to capture pulse intervals and evaluates autonomic nerve function from the fluctuations. . Since November 2020, we have released the app “Hiromi Lu Fatigue Stress Scan” that evaluates health status from the autonomic nervous system in 60 seconds using a smartphone, and has been highly evaluated (certified as a 2021 Osaka top runner
development project). However, in order to make it easier to use on a daily basis, such as when you wake up in the morning, before you go to bed, and before you start working, we have received many requests to shorten the measurement time. If the measurement time can be shortened, it will be easier to use before and after busy work, and you will be able to quickly notice the accumulation of fatigue and stress. Utilizing the knowledge gained from the autonomic nerve function evaluation business so far, we have repeatedly examined and devised an evaluation algorithm that is completely different from the past and succeeded in shortening the measurement time.
And this time, from October 17, 2022 (Monday), we will release “Hiromiru Fatigue Stress Scan (Hurry Mode)” that can evaluate brain fatigue in just 10 seconds.
[Hiromil introduction site]
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App name: Hiromil – Fatigue Stress Scan (Hurry mode)
Release date: October 17, 2022 (Monday)
How to get: Download from the App Store or Google Play Store Price: 300 yen per month (with a 2-week free trial period)
Measurement method: Select “Quick measurement”, follow the voice guidance, put your fingertips on the back camera of the smartphone, rest and close your eyes. The camera function of the smartphone captures changes in blood flow at the fingertips.
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Experience meeting held
By actually using it, we hope that you will experience the usefulness of autonomic nerve function evaluation and the simplicity of being able to do it in a short time of 10 seconds.
[Date and time] Monday, October 17, 2022 13:30-15:00
[Place] Osaka Industrial Creation Center (1-4-5 Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka) 5F Training Room C
[Contents] Experience the evaluation of autonomic nerve function by measuring conventional 60 seconds and quick mode 10 seconds with the smartphone app “Hiromil”
What can you find out in Hurry Mode?
In the hurry mode, “brain fatigue” is calculated out of 100 points from the 10-second measurement. This is an indicator of how active the autonomic nervous system is. Autonomic nerve activity is one of the activities of brain nerve cells, so when autonomic nerve activity declines, it can be determined that the brain is tired.
[Display example of measurement results] Face marks and comments are displayed according to the degree of brain fatigue.
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[Image 4

Evaluation method of autonomic nervous system – possible to evaluate from fluctuation of heartbeat, relationship with health condition [The autonomic nervous system is related to health]
The regulation of heart and gastrointestinal movements is controlled independently of human consciousness, and it is the autonomic nervous system that performs this regulation. Symptoms such as dizziness on standing up, palpitations, and headaches seen in humans under stress are related to the distortion of autonomic nervous system function. For this reason, it is possible to objectively know the state of health by examining autonomic nerve function.
[Evaluation of autonomic nerves by measuring fluctuations between heartbeats] The autonomic nervous system has sympathetic nerves (nerves for activity) and parasympathetic nerves (nerves for healing), which regulate the movement of the heart while maintaining a balance. Within that balance, the interval between heartbeats fluctuates, becoming faster and later. You can check your balance.
Autonomic nerve function evaluation with a smartphone – Birth of “Hiromil” In hospitals and checkup facilities, medical equipment is used to analyze the heartbeat interval for 120 seconds to evaluate autonomic nerve function. It was necessary to be able to easily evaluate at the workplace. Therefore, we developed “Hiromil”, which measures the pulse interval for 60 seconds using the camera function of a smartphone and evaluates the autonomic nerve function. “Hiromil” calculates “brain fatigue,” which indicates decreased activity of the autonomic nervous system, and “stress,” which indicates the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves. This makes it possible to easily evaluate the autonomic nervous system at home or at work. [History of development so far]
(Collaboration between FMCC Co., Ltd. and Fatigue Science Laboratory Co., Ltd.) [Image 5

[Needs from society]
In recent years, fatigue and mental health disorders due to changes in the working environment have become major social issues. has been made mandatory. However, since the current stress check test is a self-administered questionnaire, there are some cases where it is not correctly reported, and the introduction of objective evaluation methods such as sleep-wake rhythm and autonomic nerve function evaluation is desired.
In companies, considering the health management of employees from a management perspective and investing in the health of employees, etc. will bring about the revitalization of the organization, such as improving the vitality of employees and improving productivity. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry recommends corporate health and productivity management initiatives, as they can lead to improved business performance and higher stock prices.
Under these circumstances, there is a demand for the objective and simple autonomic nerve evaluation app “Hiromil” to maintain and improve employee health and improve well-being and performance. Development of rush mode Succeeded in shortening measurement timePatent pending Through development so far, we have been able to reduce the
measurement time to 60 seconds, but with the conventional evaluation algorithm (frequency analysis), if we shortened it any further, the reliability would be lost and the results would be useless. However, we discovered the use of the Lorentz plot method, which allows us to visually capture the interval between heartbeats, and developed an evaluation algorithm that is completely different from frequency analysis, successfully shortening the measurement time (patent pending). By using this method, a significant positive correlation of 0.7 or more was confirmed with the data from the 120-second
measurement, even for the 5-second measurement.
Developed the technology based on the realization of representative Hirohiko Kuratsune and his desire to shorten the measurement time. [Image 6

For 10 years, I conducted research on autonomic nerve function evaluation, sleep-wake rhythm analysis, oxidative stress evaluation, energy/metabolism analysis, etc. with the aim of objectively evaluating fatigue in research groups of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. I came. In 2008, he established Industrial Fatigue Specific Co., Ltd. in order to contribute to society with the various patents, knowledge, and technology he has acquired. Established Health Checkup Center (now FMCC Co., Ltd.). Since autonomic nerve function evaluation is useful as primary prevention to promote health and prevent illness, to prevent mental health problems in workers, and as an objective mental health index, we are working on dissemination activities for autonomic nerve function evaluation. is.
Recently, in collaboration with Hitachi, Ltd. and Hitachi Transport System, Ltd., we investigated the autonomic nerve function before, during, and after driving with the aim of reducing the risk of accidents in truck drivers. We found that the evaluation is useful for predicting the accident risk for the next day, and that it is possible to predict the accident risk 30 minutes later from the evaluation results while driving. It has been adopted for supporting “SSCV-Safety (safe operation management)”.
Since this autonomic nerve evaluation uses heart rate variability analysis, a minimum measurement time of 60 seconds was required. However, 60 seconds is too long to measure before starting work, so we have received many requests to develop a simpler evaluation method. In particular, in the autonomic nerve evaluation for truck driver accident prevention at Hitachi Transport System, it is very difficult for drivers who drive on a minute-by-minute schedule to measure 60 seconds before and after driving. Therefore, we started developing a time-saving method necessary for evaluating autonomic nerve function. After repeated trial and error, we finally succeeded in shortening the measurement time by using an evaluation algorithm (evaluation using the Lorentz plot method) that is completely different from
conventional frequency analysis.
We sincerely hope that “Hiromil – Fatigue Stress Scan (Hurry Mode)” will be used for maintaining and improving your health and for corporate health management.
In addition, regarding the usefulness of autonomic nerve function analysis for clinical pathological evaluation of fatigue, etc., it was introduced on NHK BS Humanience “‘Fatigue’ elusive biological alarm” (October 4, 2022, 22:00-23:00). Please refer to it
[Introduction results]
Hitachi, Ltd., Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Panasonic Corporation, SAXA Corporation, Kaneka Corporation, JINS Corporation, Hitachi Transport System, Ltd., NTT DoCoMo, Inc., VIVIT, Inc. Team Spirit Co., Ltd., Miima Stress Co., Ltd., Tokushima Prefecture Kansai
Headquarters, Osaka University, Osaka City University, RIKEN, etc. [List of patents related to autonomic nerve function evaluation] ・Patent No. 6670413 (2020/3/18)
・Patent No. 6501941 (2019/3/29)
・Patent No. 6550440 (2019/7/5)
・Patent No. 5491749 (2014/3/7)
・Patent No. 5455071 (2014/3/26)
About FMCC Co., Ltd.
[Image 7d109155-1-fbd43b8801fd43edc0f5-10.jpg&s3=109155-1-cd824ed64524aa8526a41c578f279c06-755x1000.jpg
Head office location: 7-4-21 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 532-0011
Hawk Crescent 2nd Building 10F
Representative Director: Hirohiko Kuratsune
Established: January 2008
Business description:
・Autonomic nerve function evaluation business using smartphones ・Employee mental health evaluation business
・Autonomic nerve function evaluation project using 48-hour Holter electrocardiograph
・Sales and leasing of autonomic nerve function measurement equipment ・Consulting business related to research on fatigue, stress, etc. Number of employees: 5
Hiromiru website:
Company HP:
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