Focus Studio Co., Ltd. TECHART Releases Mount Adapter LM-EA9 (Leica M Lens to Sony E Mount Conversion) for Converting MF Lenses to AF

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TECHART Releases Mount Adapter LM-EA9 (Leica M Lens → Sony E Mount Conversion) for Converting MF Lenses to AF
Introducing a new version of the classic LM-EA7 mount adapter that converts manual lenses to autofocus. Realizes higher durability and quietness than the previous model.

Shoko Kobo Co., Ltd. will start selling TECHART’s electronic mount adapter “LM-EA9” on Wednesday, October 5, 2022.
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 65,000 yen (tax included) [Image 1

TECHART LM-EA9 is an electronic mount adapter that enables AF operation of Leica M-mount lenses with Sony E-mount cameras. Equipped with an AF drive motor, it moves the mount surface on the lens side back and forth to adjust the focus.
[Image 2

The LM-EA9, which is the first new model in six years since the previous model LM-EA7, adopts an advanced design with four motors. The durability of the motor has been improved, and the AF operation noise has been reduced. In addition, unlike the previous model, which had a large bulge in the motor housing, it has been improved to a smart design that does not interfere with the camera case or lens. [Image 3

Equipped with 4 small motors. Realizes higher durability and quietness than the previous model
[Image 4

Improved to a smart ring shape that is hard to interfere
[Image 5

Comes with a USB DOCK. Firmware update possible
[Image 6

[Image 7

[Image 8

[Image 9

[Image 10

[ feature ]
Adopts a new drive unit with four motors, achieving higher durability and quietness than the previous model.
Smart ring-shaped design that does not interfere with camera cases or lenses Improved body design and processing methods for higher rigidity and smaller size AF shooting is possible with a manual M mount lens
Supports AF-S, AF-C, face detection, and eye AF
Shortest shooting distance of the lens (extension amount of movable part: 4.5mm) Firmware update possible from USB DOCK
The set focal lengths (24 types) can be recorded as Exif data *Resetting is required each time the focal length changes due to lens replacement or zooming.
Flocking inside the adapter suppresses internal reflection
MF lenses such as M42 / Nikon F / Yashica Contax can be converted to AF by combining the mount adapter (sold separately)
[ specification ]
Compatible lens mount: Leica M
Compatible cameras: Sony α1, α9 II, α9, α7R IV, α7 IV, α7S III, α7R III, α7 III, α7C, α7R II, α7 II, α6600, α6500, α6400, α6300, α6100, etc. E-mount camera with phase detection AF
Size: Approx. Φ68 x 18 mm (excluding protrusions)
Mass: about 130g

LM-EA9 mount adapter set Now available for direct sales only [Image 12

We will sell TECHART LM-EA9 (Leica M mount lens → Sony E mount conversion) and a set product with mount conversion adapter of other brands only for direct sales.
By using it together with a mount conversion adapter, the width of the lens that can be attached is expanded.
[Adapter sold as a set with LM-EA9]
Compatible lens mount: product name
For Leica L39 mount lens: K&F Concept KF-LM-2890, KF-LM-35135, KF-LM-5075 For Nikon F-mount lenses: K&F Concept KF-NFM
For Leica R mount lens: K&F Concept KF-LRM
For Olympus OM mount lens: K&F Concept KF-OMM
For M42 mount lens: K&F Concept KF-42M2
For Exactor mount lens: K&F Concept KF-EXAM
For Yashica Contax mount lens: K&F Concept KF-CYM2
For Minolta MD/MC mount lenses: K&F Concept KF-SRM2
For Pentax K-mount lenses: K&F Concept KF-PKM2
For Canon EF mount lens: K&F Concept KF-EFM2

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TECHART is a brand launched by an emerging manufacturer of mount adapters. We are constantly working on the development of
revolutionary electronic mount adapters, and we are making products that are particular about not only performance but also modeling. As the general agent of TECHART in Japan, Shoko Kobo delivers
high-quality TECHART products.
Focal Studio Co., Ltd.
“Because I want you to feel the pleasure and joy of cameras and photography more closely.”
Focus Studio imports and sells camera supplies such as popular overseas mount adapters, camera lenses, and accessories. We continue to sell based on the concept of “good products at affordable prices”, and thanks to you, we have received high praise. We are also cooperating in the development of new mount adapters, and we would like to contribute to Japanese camera culture.


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