Follow-up after the informal ceremony where the true value is questioned. The “Welfare Club for Unofficial Job Offers” is a measure to prevent job offer declines! “Information security” is newly added to the e-learning course! ! Relo Club

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Follow-up after the informal ceremony where the true value is questioned. The “Welfare Club for Unofficial Job Offers” is a measure to prevent job offer declines! “Information security” is newly added to the e-learning course! ! [Relo Club]

The “Welfare Club” operated by Relo Club Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Shigeru Okamoto, a top company in welfare outsourcing services, is for prospective members of joining companies. From 2022, we have added “Information Security Training” to the “e-Freshers” e-learning course that accompanies the “Prospective Job Welfare Club 2022”.
After the official offer ceremony in October, full-scale follow-up activities will begin. You can apply for the “Prospective Person Welfare Club” from now on, so if you have any trouble following up on the prospective employee, please contact us.
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“Information Security” is newly added to the e-learning course of “e Freshers”! In recent years, there has been an increase in the news of corporate personal information leaks, and in 2021 there will be a record 137 incidents among listed companies and their subsidiaries alone. The main causes of leaks are “intrusion from the outside” such as virus infection and unauthorized access, and “erroneous
transmission/indication” as the second. Not every.
In the e-learning course of “e-Freshers”, which is attached free of charge to the “Prospective Employees Welfare Club”, considering these, from the 2022 edition, in addition to business etiquette, business skills, basic skills for working people, “information security” will be introduced. Newly added.
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Information leaks and server attacks based on the causes of the above leaks, telework and personal information protection in consideration of the business system of the corona disaster, etc. We are ready. In addition to being able to learn with videos*1 that make it easy to increase the motivation and understanding of Generation Z, the course also has a quiz that allows self-recognition of learning
comprehension, so you can study videos and tests as many times as you like.
The administrator’s screen is also designed so that you can check the learning progress of prospective students and the transition of quiz scores at a glance.
★ “eFreshers” is a tool that accompanies the “Prospective Personnel Welfare Club”, which is equipped with SNS functions, groupware, e-learning (video), etc.
Increase the sense of belonging to the prospective company at the “Prospective Job Welfare Club” with many services!
The “Prospective Person Welfare Club”, which is available at no additional charge to joining companies, also comes with “e Freshers”. We offer all of our services to prospective employees from August to the end of March of the following year. One of the attractions is that the benefit club’s point service “Club Gift” is given to prospective employees according to their use.
There are plenty of services that prospective employees can use at a great price, such as self-development as preparation before joining the company, purchasing a suit, moving and purchasing home appliances, and discounts for family trips and graduation trips that are indispensable for creating memories. You can actually experience “welfare program”.
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In addition, the information magazine “Prospective Person
Communication”, which is equivalent to “sending in-house newsletters and corporate information,” which is considered to be the most time-consuming task for recruiters, will be distributed five times from the Welfare Club to the homes of prospective employees starting in November. *2 will be sent monthly. By delivering it to your home, you will create an opportunity for your relatives to see your attitude toward taking care of prospective employees, and give them a sense of security toward the company.
These welfare services make it easier for students to increase their sense of belonging to the prospective company, and are also useful as a tool to activate communication with recruiters.
E-Freshers makes it easy to conduct a survey of prospective employees, which is indispensable as feedback for the next year’s hiring plan! Recruiters can send interviews and questionnaires to prospective candidates, which used to be done by phone or email, all at once on “eFreshers” and check the list, saving the trouble of consolidating, greatly reducing the work load. will be
The questionnaire function makes it easy to remind those who have not responded, and since it is conducted on “eFreshers”, it is convenient because it eliminates the problem of not receiving emails for prospective applicants.
The survey results can be downloaded in CSV format, making it easier to create feedback data for the next year’s recruitment plan, making it easier to understand issues.
Make full use of the “care function” to follow up on prospective employees during the corona crisis!
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This is a function that supports the resolution of worries by calling out to prospective candidates and “considering” the other party’s condition. Caring for each person supports the growth of each person. “How are you feeling today?” “Is there anything you’re worried about?” I can do it. It can also be used as a tool to relieve anxiety by sending a message * 3 with the “caring function” to prospective candidates who tend to lack communication due to the corona sickness. In addition, you can receive supplements (short content) for growth linked to the message of the “care function”, and you can also guide them to e-learning from hints for growth.
*3 Messages for the “care function” are prepared in fixed form. [Prospective employee welfare club overview]
Name: Unofficial Welfare Club
Cost: Admission fee and membership fee are both free (no cost involved) Eligible people: Those who are scheduled to join the welfare club in April 2023 Service usage period: 8 months from August 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023 Distributed upon enrollment: 1. Membership card 2. Goriyo Handbook Privilege: Provision of “prospective employee communication” Starting in November, it will be mailed to the homes of prospective applicants*2 once a month (5 times in total).
Member-only site: Available services are “member-only site” and “member-only mobile site”, all searchable
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◆Service content◆
-Resort Service-
Domestic lodging, overseas lodging, package tours (domestic and overseas), air tickets, travel support, etc.
-Good Life Service-
Self-development, leisure, business support, life planning, sports, eating and drinking, housework/living, shopping, health,
entertainment, car service, childcare/nursing, etc.
★ All resort and Good Life services are available!
-e Freshers-
◆ Questionnaire function
◆ SNS centered on “care function”
◆ e-learning
Number of courses Standard 31 courses (as of August 1, 2022) Course content
·business manner
・Basic skills for working people
・Basic Business Skills
・ Business Skill Office Basics
(Word, Excel, PowerPoint basic course)
・Information Security -New-
◆ Groupware (notifications, bulletin boards, schedules, etc.) About Relo Club and Welfare Club
Since the launch of the “Welfare Club” service in 1993, Relo Club has been enriching the lives of working people around the world with welfare services under the motto of “Providing benefits to small and medium-sized companies on par with large companies!” I’m here. Regardless of the size of the company, we provide various services with high cost performance without regional disparities nationwide*4 to 18,200 companies with 6.72 million members, which is the largest number in the industry*4. Top brand. ※Five
In order to respond to the growing attention to welfare systems due to work style reforms, we will enhance childcare and nursing care systems, provide the “Welfare Club for Prospective Employees,” which is useful for hiring prospective employees, and promote the retention of excellent human resources (prevention of turnover). We are focusing on providing support for
In addition, we have prepared services that can meet the needs of various times, such as support for the promotion of health management (R)*6, as well as enhanced use for healthcare support and sports gyms. We aim to reduce the workload of personnel and general affairs personnel and labor affairs staff, and deliver solutions that lead to improved employee engagement.
▼ Click here to request materials and consult with the Welfare Club ▼
【company overview】
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■ Lilo Club Co., Ltd.
□Location: -Headquarters-
4-2-18 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
TEL: 03-3226-0244 FAX: 03-3226-0280


□Established: August 17, 2001 (Started business: September 1993) □ Capital: 150 million yen (100% owned by Relo Group Co., Ltd.) □Business description:
・Welfare agency service business
・Various preferential treatment and privilege agency service business for members
・Life support service business for seniors
□Representative: Shigeru Okamoto, President and Representative Director [Image 7

▼Relo Club Company Profile [Video] 04’07”
▼RELO General Affairs and Personnel Times
Comprehensive information media for general affairs, human resources, and managers who pursue employee satisfaction through welfare programs, work style reforms, health management*3, and personnel and organizational development.
▼News release [PDF type/read only]
*PDF DL is available from the press release file [PDF] below ↓ ≪Inquiries regarding this matter≫
■ Inquiries about news releases
Lilo Club Co., Ltd.
Public Relations: Tsushima
Public relations direct TEL: 050-3629-6493
Inquiries about joining the Welfare Club TEL: 03-3225-1730


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