Fontworks Co., Ltd. Fontworks develops TV Asahi original font “TV Asahi UD”

Fontworks Co., Ltd.
Fontworks develops TV Asahi original font “TV Asahi UD”

Fontworks Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Ai Harada) jointly developed and provided the original font “TV Asahi UD” for TV Asahi Co., Ltd. news information program.
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TV Asahi’s original font “TV Asahi UD” is an original font that realizes the knowledge and strong commitment of TV telop based on TV Asahi’s many years of experience with Fontworks’ font production technology.
In line with the diversification of the age of “digital video media”, we have realized the visibility of characters not only for TV broadcasting but also for various screen sizes such as smartphones and tablet terminals.
Based on Fontworks’ “UD Kakugo_Large”, font data is created from a prototype designed by TV Asahi using the characteristics of UD = universal design. As a result of pursuing high visibility regardless of the device, we have completed a font suitable for various digital scenes.
Typeface features
1. Simple characters without peculiarities
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As a font for news information programs, we thoroughly eliminated “expressions” that were judged to be unsuitable for improving visibility. We also pursued simple and easy-to-read characters. 2. Reduced shading due to the number of strokes in characters [Image 3

In Japanese expressions, kanji characters with many strokes are mixed with alphanumeric characters with simple shapes and few strokes, so there is a problem of shading. By making the size of kanji and alphanumeric characters “equal”, we have eliminated the difference in the appearance of light and shade, realizing “uniform visibility” that is ideal for digital scenes that can only be achieved with original fonts.
3. Clear “numbers” in the digital age
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Regarding “numbers”, which are particularly important information in the field of news, we pursued high readability and conducted detailed examinations. Whether it’s a single number or a number with a large number of digits, we have achieved a design that allows you to instantly recognize the number with a flat and uniform readability. Comment from Mr. Takayuki Fukuda, Corporate Design Center, Technical Department, TV Asahi Corporation
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TV Asahi’s program design efforts, including the creation of original fonts, are one of the efforts to spread to digital media. Together with advertisers, we will maintain and improve program brand value and respond to the ever-changing viewing environment.
“TV Asahi UD” will be used in the following 8 programs from October. [Image 6

About Fontworks Inc.
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