For it Co., Ltd. Approximately 90% of tourists conduct sightseeing and experiences before and after check-in Survey on glamping

Forit Co., Ltd.
Approximately 90% of guests conduct sightseeing and experiences before and after check-in [Survey on glamping]

Fourit Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takeharu Yoshizawa), which operates the outdoor comprehensive information site “TAKIBI” centered on camping and glamping, is a nationwide campaign for men and women in their teens to 60s. We conducted a questionnaire about glamping targeting 500 people and summarized the characteristics by gender and age.
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Target audience: Men and women aged 19 to 66 who have been to glamping or would like to go
Sample size: 500 people
Location: Nationwide
Survey method: Internet research
Survey date: September 13, 2022
[Question: Before and after check-in for glamping, will you be doing any experience or sightseeing? ]
The answer options for the question are as follows (*Multiple answers allowed) 1. Enjoy the surrounding nature and scenery
2. roadside station
3. hot spring
Four. tourist facility
Five. Experience physical activity
6. Shopping mall
7. Indoor experiences such as soba noodle making and pottery 8. go home without doing anything
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When we conducted a survey targeting men and women in their teens to 60s who have been to glamping or are interested in it, we asked, “Would you like to go sightseeing or experience before or after checking in for glamping?” The most popular answer was “enjoying the surrounding nature and superb views” at 48.2%. This was followed by 43.4% of those who went to “Roadside Station” and 39.6% of those who went to “Onsen”.
On the other hand, there were also 12.0% of respondents who said they would go home without doing anything.
by gender
[Image 2

Next, looking at the gender distribution, both males and females 1st place: “Enjoy the surrounding nature and superb view”
2nd place: “Road station”
3rd place: “Onsen”
This is the result.
Men were more likely than women to go to shopping malls and to go home without doing anything, indicating that women were more ambitious about sightseeing and experiences overall. I understand.
by annual household income

[Image 3

[Image 4

Looking at the results by household annual income, the results were not much different from the overall trend.
However, a characteristic point is that the percentage of those who answered that they would “go home without doing anything” decreased as their annual household income increased. It turns out that there are no people with an annual household income of 15 million yen or more who do not want to do anything, and many people are looking forward to buying souvenirs at roadside stations and visiting hot springs. In addition, overall, fewer people answered “indoor experiences such as making soba noodles and pottery,” compared to other items, so fewer people dared to choose indoor experiences as an experience event when going glamping. can be inferred.
age group
[Image 5

Looking at it by age, the result was that the number of people who “enjoy the surrounding nature and superb views” was the most. Many glamping facilities are located in nature, such as in the mountains or near rivers, so it seems that more and more people want to enjoy nature on the way.
[Ranking by age]
[Image 6

Although there are many people who have some kind of experience or go sightseeing, there are a certain number of people who say “go home without doing anything”, especially among those in their teens and twenties, 17.78%, which is higher than other age groups.
Even if you don’t go out of your way to do sightseeing and experience before and after check-in, staying at a glamping facility may be enough of an “experience” in itself.
In fact, depending on the glamping facility, there are various forms such as dome type, cottage type, trailer type, etc., and meal plans etc. are different, so you can enjoy a new accommodation experience different from hotels and inns. You can.
Our outdoor media “TAKIBI” will continue to deliver the latest information on camping and glamping to more people and contribute to the growth of the outdoor market.
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Company Profile
Company name: Forit Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takeharu Yoshizawa, President and CEO
Location: E Space Tower 9F, 3-6 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Capital: 10 million yen (as of the end of April 2022)
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