For people who enjoy sports in Shizuoka! Guidance of “Vertex Shizuoka Sports Fundraising”

Vertex Shizuoka
For people who enjoy sports in Shizuoka! Guidance of “Vertex Shizuoka Sports Fundraising”

VELTEX Sports Enterprise Co., Ltd. (President: Kota Matsunaga) announced that after hearing about the current situation in Shizuoka City, where typhoon No. 15 in September 2022 caused extensive damage in various places, Towards the most exciting city in Japan through sports.” Based on our corporate philosophy, we will accept the “Vertex Shizuoka Sports Donation” for the purpose of restoring public sports facilities that were damaged by the typhoon. did.
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We will start this project in the hope that we can return to our daily lives where we can enjoy sports as soon as possible. Thank you for your support and cooperation.
In addition, we are looking for cooperation organizations so that this project will be widely known, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested.
We will do “ALL IN!” so that the daily life of people who love all sports in Shizuoka will return.
Major damage to public sports facilities in Shizuoka City
1. Abegawa riverbed sports square (damaged 19 places)
Due to the overflow of the Abe River, the ground was flooded, and there were many places where the surface was scraped and the structures were damaged.
[Image 2d39875-18-8e63bbe28241a940258c-1.jpg&s3=39875-18-b09f2e3de034799b67db8e3113c1c9c1-2272x1704.jpg
2. Nishigaya General Sports Ground baseball field, tennis court Due to the large amount of water entering the facility, the artificial turf was raised and peeled off.
[Image 3d39875-18-4217586cad15389c7cef-2.jpg&s3=39875-18-6ba40352aba4bdfd6c70710ce1769341-1028x538.jpg
[Image 4d39875-18-ce44374deebec3b84305-3.jpg&s3=39875-18-7c258cae1381b318d34cc3efffbe02eb-556x438.jpg
[Image 5d39875-18-9959a83904298d079057-4.jpg&s3=39875-18-f0324836fbf8dc6b523180f50adb5dee-574x443.jpg
*We are planning to carry out the maintenance of damaged facilities while receiving government assistance. Therefore, the donations received will be used widely for the restoration of sports facilities in Shizuoka Prefecture other than the above photo.
Outline of “Vertex Shizuoka Sports Fund”
Period: ~ December 31, 2022
Donation destination: Institutions and organizations that manage and operate public sports facilities in Shizuoka Prefecture
Account name: VELTEX Sports Enterprise Co., Ltd. Typhoon No. 15 Disaster Relief Fund
Shizuoka Bank Head Office Ordinary Account 1812831
f) Vertex Sports Enterprise Type 15
Donation reception place
・ Vertex Shizuoka home game venue
・Cooperating organization stores (recruiting at any time)
·Bank transfer
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