For you Co., Ltd. Hitomi, a popular model with over 2 million SNS followers, started exclusive management with For you.

For you Co., Ltd.
Started exclusive management with Hitomi, For you, a hot model with over 2 million SNS followers.

For you Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Sosuke Noda, hereinafter “For you”), which manages advertising agency business centered on SNS and YouTube and influencers (including entertainers), is a model ” Hitomi” started exclusive management.
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Hitomi Comment
Nice to meet you, I’m Hitomi.
I am now a member of For you!
I worked as a freelancer for about a year, but there were a lot of things that were difficult and things I didn’t understand when I was alone.
While I was worried about such things, I met the representative of For you. I was very attracted to the talent’s feelings, and I wanted to walk together, so I decided to belong.
I am interested not only in Japanese culture, but also in foreign cultures. Currently, I am active in Indonesia, but from now on, I would like to be active in a wide range of overseas countries, such as the United States, Europe, and South Korea.
Now that I’ve become one of For you’s talents, I want to do my best and do my best.
Thank you for your continued support!
For you comment
When you introduced me, TikTok had already grown to 1.4 million followers. As I dug deeper, I repeatedly made efforts to research overseas trends on my own, create, post, and analyze short videos every day. As a result, TikTok has grown to 1.4 million followers, and I learned that there are many fans overseas.
In addition to his charm as a person, his ability to respect the creators, and his visuals, he also had a high level of motivation, a high standard of effort, and an overflowing desire to work not only in Japan but also overseas. I felt great confidence and possibility that I could contribute to Hitomi’s expansion by doing so. It’s only been a short while since we started working together, but in addition to the speed of replying on a daily basis, the sincere attitude of trying to exceed expectations in each job will be highly evaluated by fans and related parties. I think.
Contracts with overseas companies have already been decided, but as an office, we will of course expand Hitomi’s talents, and in designing communication with the world, we will work together so that we can express the above-mentioned charms without misunderstanding. I would like to do my best.
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A model and creator who graduated from an art university.
With 560,000 Instagram followers and 1.4 million TikTok followers, the popularity is soaring.
Selected as an advertising model for the famous tea maker “Menantea” in Indonesia.
We are also expanding our activities overseas.
Date of Birth: April 12, 1999
Birthplace: Tokyo
Height: 162cm
Hobbies/Skills: Drawing, fashion

Company Profile
For you is the production of a new era, future encounters and happiness. ], is a future produce company that develops advertising agency business and talent / influencer management business in the digital area.
Company name: For you Co., Ltd.
Location: Ebisu Light Building 4th and 5th floor, 3-1-19 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022
Phone: 03-6451-0639
Established: August 2015
Representative Director: Sosuke Noda
Business description:
●Communication produce business
– Communication strategy
– Brand production
– content creative
– SNS communication
– influencer casting
– PR planning
●Talent production business
– talent management
– Talent Marketing/R&D
● IP production business
– Product Produce
– IP Produce
– Alliance management
Contact information
Person in charge: Matsui
Contact form:

Details about this release:


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