Forest rental service forenta won the “2022 Good Design Award” and “Wood Design Award 2022”!

Yamakyo Co., Ltd.
Forest rental service forenta won the “2022 Good Design Award” and “Wood Design Award 2022”!
A scheme for renting a private forest space that can be used freely at any time will design a prosperous society

The forest rental service “forenta” for campers operated by Yamato Co., Ltd. has won the 2022 Good Design Award (sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion) and the 2022 Wood Design Award (sponsored by the Japan Wood Design Association). Awarded.
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forenta official website
Award-winning forenta scheme
forenta is a forest rental service for wild campers.
common at campgrounds,
・I can’t make a reservation
・Noisy surroundings
・I can’t relax because I’m worried about time
・Low degree of freedom
Forenta solves these problems and provides a forest space where you can stay as long as you want, whenever you want.
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With annual rentals, you don’t need to make a reservation, check-in, or check-out.
There are various ways to spend your time, such as reading while listening to the chirping of birds, enjoying bushcraft using the branches and trunks of the trees in the area, and gazing at the starry sky while taking a drum bath.
You can have your own private forest space.
(with terms of use)
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In order to allow visitors to enjoy nature as it is, most of them do not have land or development, and there is no running water or electricity.
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forenta proposes a new lifestyle of spending leisure time in the forest. In addition, we have secured the maintenance and management costs of the forest from the profits obtained. Furthermore, the increase in related population contributes to the revitalization of the mountain village area. We positioned the scheme of providing a private forest space without destroying the environment as a design of new richness, which led to the award of the Good Design Award. ■ Camp area information updated as needed
Official website:
Forenta Producer Fusakuni Taguchi
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I am very honored to receive the Good Design Award and the Wood Design Award for my efforts with forenta.
It was a scheme that had never existed in Japan before, and it was an unknown area to what extent it would be accepted by society. I think that the results led to the evaluation.
Our staff are currently flying around forests across the country to explore new possibilities for forests. Also, the number of like-minded friends has increased through the franchise. Rather than destroying forests, I would like to prioritize coexistence and co-prosperity, and I would like to continue working hard so that many people can enjoy forest spaces.
Award details
-Good Design Award 2022-
Awarded object name: Forest rental service [forenta]
Business entity name: Yamakyo Co., Ltd.
Evaluation unit: 20 initiatives and activities for the general public Producer: Fusakuni Taguchi (President of Yamakyo Co., Ltd.)
-Wood Design Award 2022 Winner-
Awarded work name: Forest rental service forenta
Name of award-winning organization: Yamakyo Co., Ltd.
Category: Social Design Division Communication Field
What is the Good Design Award?
[Image 6d69150-12-843ae3f361cb33a5cc4f-2.jpg&s3=69150-12-6d5fe1fe57702ab470cd0177ec8fdf61-190x280.jpg
Carrying on the good design product selection system established in 1957, this is an activity to evaluate and promote Japan’s leading designs. As a global design award in which many companies and organizations in Japan and overseas participate, it is held every year with the aim of improving the quality of life and using design to solve social issues and themes. The award-winning “G Mark” is widely known as a symbol of excellent design.
What is the Wood Design Award?
[Image 7d69150-12-61b6a8cf2c4624b49cbd-7.jpg&s3=69150-12-25f27defff66434ca387a76a3e45b99b-2600x2363.jpg
Now that efforts toward SDGs and carbon neutrality have become essential, the utilization of forests and timber is in the spotlight. Utilizing wood to design the value of a new era. The Wood Design Award is a commendation system that invites, evaluates, and commends excellent architecture, spaces, products, activities, mechanisms, research, etc., with the aim of reconstructing the goodness and value of wood through the power of design. is. (From Wood Design Award official website)
◼️ Company Profile
(1) Name: Yamakyo Co., Ltd. forenta Division
(2) Location: 976-10 Koshihara, Higashishirakawa Village, Kamo District, Gifu Prefecture
(3) Representative: Fusakuni Taguchi, Representative Director (4) Capital: 8 million yen
(5) Date of establishment: December 1955
(6) Official website:
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