Forward Co., Ltd. Limited delivery from 11/2 (Wed.) to 11/8 (Tue.) How to proceed with “Anniversary” branding – Inner branding

Forward Co., Ltd.
[Limited delivery from 11/2 (Wed.) to 11/8 (Tue.)] How to proceed with “Anniversary” branding – Inner branding
~ Taking advantage of the anniversary, we will achieve penetration of MVV and improvement of employee engagement ~

Forward Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yosuke Isa), which supports corporate brand strategies, has released the “How to proceed with anniversary branding: Inner branding edition – Achieve penetration of MVV and improve employee engagement on the occasion of the anniversary. We will carry out on-demand delivery of “Suru~”. It will be distributed for a limited time from November 2nd (Wednesday) to 8th (Tuesday), 2022.
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An “anniversary” is an opportunity for a “turning point” that comes equally to any company. You can expect a big effect in improving the engagement of
However, when we start working on the anniversary project, we often face the following problems.
i don’t know where to start
Employee involvement does not go well (lack of interest)
Staying in a momentary excitement
In this seminar, we will tell you about the following points to solve such troubles, especially for the success of in-house anniversary measures, with examples.
Clarification and redefinition of philosophy, mission, vision, values, etc. to be communicated
Policy design based on employees’ points of
“recognition/understanding”, “empathy” and “action”
Improving employee engagement by utilizing external communications such as corporate advertisements and PR
It is recommended for those who are working on anniversary projects and want to continue the movement properly, and for those who are planning anniversary projects.
We look forward to your participation.
*This webinar is a limited-time webinar held on Tuesday, July 20, 2021. If you were unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, please take this opportunity to apply.
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Seminar content
What is anniversary branding? ~ Concept of goal setting
In-house anniversary planning concept – approach to
“recognition/understanding”, “empathy” and “action”
case study
I recommend this hotel
Those in charge of anniversary planning in corporate planning, public relations, brand marketing departments, etc.
Speaker profile
[Image 2

Forward Co., Ltd. Representative Director
Yosuke Isa
After graduating from Waseda University, engaged in housing business product planning and sales, commercial facility development, etc. at a listed general real estate developer. After that, he established Forward Co., Ltd. in 2013 after working as a consulting manager in the Brand Management Division at Link and Motivation Co., Ltd. He specializes in consulting that makes use of his “expertise in organizational personnel” and “expertise in marketing”.
Implementation overview
Date: November 2nd (Wednesday) to 8th (Tuesday), 2022

                     You can also watch it repeatedly.
Holding method: On-demand distribution (Zoom) * We will send the viewing method and URL to the email address you applied for. Participation fee: Free
◆ Application method: Please apply from the detailed page below.
*Up to 2 people from each department per company can apply. Multiple applications from the same department may be refused.
*Applications from competitors and partner companies may be refused. About Forward Co., Ltd.
Mission: There is a brand that you can say you like. Bringing that joy to people and society.
Vision: A company that continues to grow together with the brand We are a brand consulting firm that combines the expertise of “business” and “organization”. We support corporate branding activities with strengths in brand strategy formulation that integrates the external perspective of consumers and customers and the internal perspective of organizations and employees. For an effective brand strategy, it is essential to turn both the external and internal wheels. We build brands that drive corporate growth from these two perspectives.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Forward Co., Ltd.
Location: Gunma Building 6F, 2-3-21 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Representative: Yosuke Isa
Established: November 2013
Business: Brand consulting business, organizational consulting business URL:
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Please contact Forward Co., Ltd. “Public Relations”.
TEL: 03-6262-3584 (representative)
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