Four Startups Co., Ltd. Four Startups and CIC Tokyo will jointly host Japan’s largest global startup conference “FUSE” Vol.3, which will reach over 40 countries around the world.

Four Startups Co., Ltd.
Four Startups and CIC Tokyo will jointly host Japan’s largest global startup conference “FUSE” Vol.3, which will reach over 40 countries around the world
A new attempt in “FUSE”. A pitch contest “DIVERS” will be held at the same time to determine the startups that represent Japan.

Four Startups Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Yuichiro Shimizu; hereinafter referred to as 4 Startups), which promotes growth industry support projects, is CIC Japan LLC
(Minato-ku, Tokyo; Chairman: Takaaki Umezawa, hereinafter referred to as CIC Japan) to co-sponsor a large-scale conference “FUSE” Vol.3 to accelerate collaboration and co-creation between startups and major companies.
[Image 1d32589-214-322702598a957a8cabab-0.jpg&s3=32589-214-3276ee05d8a69ed78691d99a74e5ee07-1600x840.jpg
A global conference that introduces Japan to the world
“FUSE”, a large-scale conference that disseminates Japanese
information to the world on both Japanese and English axes, was held for the third time this year. In 2021, Tokyo will be ranked 9th in the global startup ecosystem ranking, and in 2022, it will be ranked 12th. In order to aim for a higher ranking for Japan as a whole, we started bilingual distribution of all sessions from the previous Vol.2 “FUSE”. We are disseminating the Japanese startup scene to the world and creating contact points with Japan through the presentations of overseas investors. Last time, participants gathered from 39 countries around the world, and this time we aim to increase the total number of participants, and we will also increase the number of participating countries.
Official site:
▼Luxury speaker information lifted ※Honorific titles omitted [Image 2d32589-214-c46465a5e300c2c15c22-1.png&s3=32589-214-30d30ab77485be1e171857033ff95648-1600x840.png
Keidanren Special Session
・ DeNA Co., Ltd. Chairman Tomoko Namba
・ Euglena Co., Ltd. President Mitsuru Izumo
Proposals for the growth of Japanese startups from the perspective of university professors and researchers (provisional)
・Waseda University Graduate School Waseda Business School Professor Akie Iriyama ・ Waseda University Graduate School Waseda Business School Associate Professor Kanemitsu Maki
・Kwansei Gakuin University Faculty of Economics Professor / Director of Entrepreneurship Research Center Masatoshi Kato
・ Kazuhiko Shimizu, Director and Acceleration Headquarters, Four Startups Co., Ltd.
[Image 3d32589-214-08e279fd561b68e9c357-2.png&s3=32589-214-cc7dd6191d7f3169567caf58ee309de2-1600x840.png
Ibaraki Robots x Kashima Antlers: Sports make the city crazy and evolve ・Ibaraki Robots Owner / General Producer of LuckyFes / President of GLOBIS Graduate School of Management Yoshito Hori
・Chairman of Mercari, Inc./President of Kashima Antlers F.C. Co., Ltd. Fumiaki Koizumi
・Economic Newscaster / Advisory Board of Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo / Outside Director of Shinsei Bank /
Representative Director of Globe Eight Co., Ltd. Yurina Takiguchi Last chance brought by Web 3.0 after 30 lost years
・ Yusuke Shitara Editor-in-chief, Gentosha Co., Ltd. New Economy Editorial Department
・Web3 Foundation Yusuke Obinata
・Astar Network founder Sota Watanabe
[Image 4d32589-214-c00a420b7a1d4beb8ee2-3.png&s3=32589-214-9b94b3bbb16b5aaab07399c7883d63c5-1600x840.png
Shinkeiren Special Session
The next stage of the startup ecosystem created by the founders (provisional) ・CyberAgent, Inc. Representative Director/New Economy Association Vice President Susumu Fujita
・Yosuke Tsuji, President and CEO of Money Forward Co., Ltd./Secretary of Japan Association of New Economy
・Plug and Play Japan Co., Ltd. Executive Officer CMO / Startup Ecosystem Association Representative Director Ayumi Fujimoto How to fight startups in winter
・ Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. Industrial Strategy Development Department Chief Researcher Junto Takeda
・GLOBIS CAPITAL PARTNERS Co., Ltd. Co-founding partner Soichi Kariyazono ・Uzabase Co., Ltd. Co-CEO/CTO Yusuke Inagaki
[Image 5d32589-214-058951cf2fa97dff3496-4.png&s3=32589-214-6110c6405d47b6f58d78e9a0dd53cf68-1600x840.png
The future of Japan envisioned by a leading domestic investor ・ Incubate Fund Representative Partner Toru Akaura
・The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, President and CEO ・Managing Partner Tomotaka Goji
・ Mediagene Co., Ltd. Business Insider Japan Brand Director Nozomi Kosaka Microsoft x Sequoia China: The Future of SaaS as Seen by Foreign Investors ・M12, Microsoft’s Venture Capital, Fund Partner, Asia-Pacific Head, Abhi Kumar ・Sequoia China, Managing Director, Rock Wang
・THE BRIDGE co-founder and senior editor Masashi Ikeda
■First 5,000 people! Start accepting free registration
Starting today, free registration for the first 5,000 people has started on the official website. You can watch all the luxurious sessions and pitch stages, including online 1on1 exchanges, for free. Please register on this occasion.
New project “DIVERS” pitch contest will be held
On the teaser page that opened today, we started accepting free participation registrations, and also released the archived video of the previous Vol.2 and a report summarizing the contents of all sessions and pitch stages for free. And in Vol.3, we will hold the pitch contest “DIVERS” for the first time, inviting domestic and foreign investors and business companies as judges to decide startups that will challenge the world.
In this contest, in addition to general public solicitation, pitch companies will be comprehensively selected from the “STARTUP DB”, which aggregates information on startups from over 15,000 companies in Japan. With the cooperation of our partner global startup database “Crunchbase” and Chinese startup database media 36Kr, we are further narrowing down companies with potential for global expansion. For this reason, the pitch startups are expected to be companies with high potential that are expected to be active globally as well as achievements.
DIVERS official page is here
▼ Judge: (* titles omitted)
Sony Ventures Inc. Senior Investment Jun Kitagawa
HCVC, General Partner, Jerry Yang
Softbank Investment Advisers, Investment, Vice President, Hiroshi Chisaki Takashi Sano, Chief Investment Officer, Strategic Investment Department, Mitsubishi UFJ Innovation Partners Co., Ltd.
Keyrock Capital Management, Ltd. Senior Advisor, Shunsuke Uchikawa Major7th Co., Ltd. Representative Director Koichi Maruo
M3 Co., Ltd. Business Development Group Director / CVC Team Team Leader Kazuyuki Kondo
TEPCO Ventures, Inc. Business Development Department General Manager Taira Tsugano
Bayer Yakuhin, Ltd. Open Innovation Center Alliance Manager Miki Kinoshita Sequoia China, Managing Director, Rock Wang
■ About CIC Tokyo
CIC Tokyo is one of the largest innovation centers in Japan, opened on October 1, 2020 on the 15th and 16th floors of Toranomon Hills Business Tower (approximately 6,000 square meters in total). We will provide a vast workspace that can accommodate more than 250 companies and organizations, mainly aiming companies), as well as communities and services to accelerate business growth and global expansion. Start-up companies moving into CIC Tokyo can use the office space and various common spaces in a free atmosphere. In addition, it will be possible to participate in the innovation community in various ways and build new relationships with key players in the ecosystem. In addition, using CIC Tokyo as a gateway, access to global bases is facilitated. From the opening in October 2020 to the end of July 2021, CIC Tokyo will hold more than 280 various events related to startups and innovation, making it a place where many people gather.
Overview of Four Startups Co., Ltd.
Company name: Four Startups Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yuichiro Shimizu, President and CEO
Established: September 1, 2016
Business description: Growth industry support business
Securities code: 7089
Location: Izumi Garden Tower 36F, 1-6-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Under the vision of “for Startups”, in order to “create industries, companies, services, and people that can compete in the world, and support the growth of Japan”, for Startups is involved in the Internet/IoT sector, as well as deep Promoting growth industry support business centered on entrepreneurship support and job change support, including real business areas such as tech. Strategic funding support for startups and venture companies in collaboration with domestic leading venture capital, operation of information platform “STARTUP DB (startup database)” specialized in growing industry areas, and business co-creation model with large companies. We will also work to strengthen the industrial ecosystem. Together with our vision, we will continue to contribute to the growth and development of Japan. About STARTUP DB
It is one of the largest information platforms in Japan that specializes in growing industries. The company database holds information on over 15,000 Japanese ventures and startups, and has released interview content with a total of over 100 entrepreneurs, investors, and ecosystem builders. English version released on June 24, 2019. In addition, by linking data with the world’s largest venture company database “Crunchbase” and delivering information on Japanese companies to overseas professionals, we are contributing to the development of domestic growth industry markets.
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