Free yourself from washing dishes that fight sticky dirt! Latest Dishwashing Detergent Ranking LDK December 2022

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Free yourself from washing dishes that fight sticky dirt! Latest Dishwashing Detergent Ranking [LDK December 2022]
Tested women’s magazine “LDK” December issue (October 28 release)
In the December issue, we will feature “Latest Dishwashing Detergent Ranking 2022” that thoroughly removes dirt and is gentle on the skin. I searched for the best one that makes daily dishwashing easier than ever! In addition, “Cleaning items and ideas useful for general cleaning” introduces methods and items to make the whole house shiny in the shortest route just by imitating. In addition, “bath salts” that make your skin warm and moist, “dakimakura” that supports a good night’s sleep, “lip balm” that prevents dullness and vertical wrinkles on your lips, delicious “soba” that is perfect for New Year’s Eve, etc. It is full of useful information for daily life. In this release, we will introduce some of the products that the editorial department “really recommends”.
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[Introductory feature] Thoroughly removes dirt and is gentle on your hands! Detergent ranking for tableware
In order to alleviate the hassle of washing dishes as much as possible, a serious test was carried out with the cooperation of a laboratory and experts. We will teach you the best dishwashing detergent that has both detergency and gentleness on your hands! ▼ Introducing best buy products in the special feature
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[Dish detergent category] 1st prize
Seven Premium Seven Premium Lifestyle Dish Detergent Plus Disinfectant Purchase price: 121 yen/240ml
▼Comprehensive evaluation
Detergency: 5 points / 5 points maximum
Foaming/foaming: 5 points/5 points perfect score
Gentleness to hand skin: 3/5 points
Detergency is outstandingly high, foaming and foam retention is also ◎. With this, you don’t have to worry about washing curry dishes for the number of people in your family, or washing pots and frying pans after using a lot of oil.

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[All-out Special Feature] Falling Whole! Oriko’s big cleaning schedule A serious simulation with a cleaning professional, not only how to remove dirt, but also efficient procedures and what to do while detergent is being soaked! We will deliver the shortest route for general cleaning!
▼ Introducing some of the best buy products in the special feature [Image 5

[Coating agent category] 1st prize
Yun Sesame (In Sesame) Technician spirit Coating craftsman
▼Comprehensive evaluation
Water repellency: 4 points/5 points maximum
Ease of use: 5 out of 5
Just spread it all over your dry sink. Easy to handle even for beginners, water repellency is satisfactory. You can keep your sink shiny.

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[Special feature] Stay warm even after taking a bath! Bath salt ranking As the popularity of bath salts is increasing, we are testing mainly new products that claim skin care effects. I was looking for a bath agent that warms my body and makes me moist during the cold season when my skin tends to dry out.
▼ Introducing best buy products in the special feature
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[Bath salt category] 1st prize
Kao Bab MIRAI beauty Fluffy Soft Skin Lemongrass & Rose Fragrance Purchase price: 1980 yen / 500g
▼Comprehensive evaluation
Warmth: 5 out of 5
Moisture: 5 points / 5 points maximum
Fragrance and hot water feel: 4 out of 5
Overwhelming warmth and moisture! The effects of carbonated foam and Epsom salt keep your skin warm even after you get out of the bath, keeping your skin hydrated. In addition, the gentle sensation of the water made my skin soft.
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[Bath oil category] 1st prize
Alpenrose La Casta Aroma Esthe Bath Essence EG [Energizing] -Bath Cosmetics- Purchase price: 1980 yen / 200ml
▼Comprehensive evaluation
Fragrance: 4 out of 5
Ease of use: 5 out of 5
Moisturizing: 4/5 points
The pleasant scent of lemongrass and bergamot naturally makes you want to take a deep breath. Herbal extracts are blended as moisturizing ingredients, making your skin moist even after you get out of the bath. The usability was also highly rated.
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[Special feature] Cheap and good! 14 best lip balm products ranking Lip balm is indispensable in the dry season, but recently, in addition to moisturizing, we also have a lineup of products that contain beauty ingredients such as dullness and vertical wrinkle countermeasures. In this special feature, based on moisturizing power, we searched for one that is useful for aging care and that does not stick to the mask. [Image 10

[Special feature] Also for relaxing time! Dakimakura competition A hugging pillow that is comfortable to hold not only supports a good night’s sleep, but is also a great item to have during your relaxing time at home. I collected medium-sized hugging pillows that are easy to use in the living room, and large-sized hugging pillows that I want to use on my bed, and found the one that suits me best.
▼ Introducing some of the best buy products in the special feature [Image 11

[Dakimakura category] 1st prize
MAGIC ELEPHANT Magic Elephant Body Pillow Cylindrical
Purchase price: 3680 yen
▼Comprehensive evaluation
Hug comfort: 5 points / 5 points perfect score
Fit: 5 out of 5
Maintenance: 4 points/5 points maximum
Design: 5 out of 5
Ease of tossing and turning is an important point when considering long-term comfortable sleep. The I-shaped MAGICELEPHANT can be used in combination with a pillow, so you can freely position your head and roll over while holding your body.
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[Soba (dried noodles) category] 1st prize
Refuge food special soba
Purchase price: 376 yen / 200g
▼Comprehensive evaluation
Deliciousness: 39/40 points
Flavor of ingredients: 29/30 points
Crunchiness and smoothness: 18 points out of 20 points
Repeatability: 9 points/10 points maximum
This is 100% soba! You can enjoy the aroma and umami. It’s chewy but crisp, and the way the buckwheat goes down your throat is very authentic. The thick soba-yu is delicious whether you drink it as it is or dilute it with mentsuyu.
In addition to the above, we will deliver a lot of useful information such as the stylish “Kitchen Miscellaneous ABC Catalog”, the “Furusato Tax Payment” starting now, and the special appendix “Costco of the year 2022”!
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The “certification” mark that appears in the magazine is proof that the product has been approved by the editorial department!
As a result of a rigorous test from the perspective of the user, this award is given to products that the editorial department has recognized as “truly recommended”.
*Part of the application examples
This mark, which cannot be obtained no matter how much money is accumulated, is used by award-winning companies to promote their products.
(For inquiries regarding the certification mark, please contact the Marketing Division listed at the end of this release.)
For details, check out the December 2022 issue of “LDK”, which is now on sale! We will continue to send award-winning items as soon as possible. looking forward to!
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