From CANMAKE, a super-thin core eyebrow that looks like thin pasta cappellini is now available! Released from the end of October along with a new brown nuance eyeliner that creates a feeling of omission in the eyes

Ida Laboratories Co., Ltd.
From CANMAKE, a super-thin core eyebrow that looks like thin pasta cappellini is now available! Released from the end of October along with a new brown nuance eyeliner that creates a feeling of omission in the eyes
This fall, two eye makeup items will join the ranks to update your eyes even more fashionable.

Ida Laboratories Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshiyuki Ida) will launch in late October 2022 from the makeup brand “Canmake” that supports beauty with cute, reasonable, and high-quality products. , A new eyebrow “Eyebrow Cappellini Slim” (5 colors) that achieves a salon-class finish with an extremely fine core of 0.97 mm, and a new eyeliner “Effortless Liner” (3 color) will be released for a limited time.
[Image 1

Product overview: New product “Eyebrow Cappellini Slim” limited to 5 colors ¥682 each (tax included)
The thinnest core in Canmake history!
0.97mm ultra-thin core eyebrows that look like thin pasta cappellini are now available in limited quantities.
[Image 2

(From left) 01, 02, 03, 04, 05
This eyebrow pencil features a cappellini cappellini-like thin core that allows you to draw the ends and contours of your eyebrows without blurring, and achieve a salon-quality finish. A lineup of 5 exquisite brown colors. Among them, “05” greige brown is perfect for seasonal greige hair colors and black hair, and is a color that creates a gentle feeling of looseness.
What is “Cappellini”?
A type of pasta that has a circular cross section and is very thin with a diameter of around 1 mm. The name comes from the Italian word “capelli,” which means “hair,” because it is as thin as a hair. ■ 0.97mm ultra-thin core allows you to draw salon-level beautifully arranged eyebrows
[Image 3

0.97mm ultra-fine core
・Because it is a very fine core with moderate hardness, you can draw each eyebrow to grow.
・ You can draw the end of the eyebrow without blurring, and it is easy to outline the eyebrow
・ Easy to draw on hairless areas and areas where powder is difficult to apply ■ Keep the morning finish for a long time
・Resistant to water, sweat, sebum, and rubbing
・Keeps the beautiful finish of fresh makeup in the morning for a long time. ◆ Color development (new release limited 5 colors)
★-Limited-01 Bitter Brown…Dark brown that fits your eyebrows ★-Limited-02 Natural Brown…All-purpose standard brown
★-Limited-03 Light brown… Bright yellowish brown
★-Limited-04 Sakura Brown…Pink brown with a soft impression ★-Limited-05 Greige Brown…Greige with a gentle feeling of looseness [Image 4

(From left) 01 Bitter Brown, 02 Natural Brown, 03 Light Brown, 04 Sakura Brown, 05 Greige Brown
-how to use-
Draw one by one along the flow of the eyebrows with the image of growing hair from the end of the eyebrow.
*please note
・Pull out the core by about 1mm and use it without applying force. After use, be sure to return the core and store it.
・The core may break, so please be careful not to overextend the core or give it a strong impact such as dropping it.
・Due to the characteristics of the product, the core may turn white, but there is no quality problem.
Product overview: New product “Effortless Liner” Limited 3 colors ¥990 each (tax included)
Three colors of brown-based exquisite color eyeliners are now available for a limited time!
[Image 5

(From left) 01, 02, 03
I want a feeling of omission, but I also want eyesight! It is an eyeliner that fulfills such selfishness. The brown-based nuance color makes it easy to blend in with your eyes, making it perfect for daily use as well as for color liner beginners.
■ Exquisite colors that leave your greedy wishes for eye makeup to your fingertips
・A brown-based nuanced color that maintains the power of your eyes while creating a loose feeling.
・You can enjoy choosing the color according to your mood and the image you want to have that day.
・Because it blends well with the eyes, it is easy to use even for beginners of colored liners.
A brush supervised by a brush craftsman who is particular about the comfort of drawing
・A brush that holds liquid well and is smooth to write with
・Using 0.1mm ultra-fine fibers, you can freely draw thick and thin lines. [Image 6

A special brush that allows you to draw freely
■ Resistant to water, sweat, and rubbing, and keeps drawn lines for a long time ・You can easily remove makeup with warm water to keep the freshly drawn finish. ■ Pigment type with high color development
■ Containing serum ingredients
◆ Color development (new release limited 3 colors)
★-Limited-01 Fringe terracotta… Fashionable! orange brown
★-Limited-02 Cache-coeur pink… For lovely eyes! pink brown ★-Limited-03 Cashmere burgundy… Add a touch of color! burgundy brown [Image 7

(From left) 01 fringe terracotta, 02 cashmere pink, 03 cashmere burgundy [Image 8

[About Canmake]
“I want to be cute, fun, and shine!” CANMAKE is a makeup brand that supports everyone. We aim to provide seasonal colors and create products that satisfy customers’ “I wish I had this!” We will continue to provide “cute and high quality” at reasonable prices.
Official site:
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Ida Laboratories, Inc.
TEL: 0120-44-1184 (Mon-Fri 9:00-17:30, excluding public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, and summer holidays)
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