From “competition” to “co-creation” era. Contribution is visualized with a unique algorithm. Earn gifts according to your role and contribution!

Coeto Co., Ltd.
From “competition” to “co-creation” era. Contribution is visualized with a unique algorithm. Earn gifts according to your role and contribution!
Secure a distribution environment where everyone can play an active role in their own way without stress for Generation Z.

Coeto Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kenji Minato), which operates the voice SNS app “Wacha”, will introduce the long-awaited gift function and “contribution reward * 1” system from October 2022. We will introduce it.
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Introduction background
In the live distribution market so far, various issues have arisen for both the river and the listener. According to a survey conducted by our company on live distribution app users, the following issues and opinions emerged.
・ You can expect to interact with fans more closely and gain popularity ・Exhaustion due to the ranking system and pressure to continue streaming every day
・Low listener retention rate
・ You can feel free to push with your smartphone
・In order to support, if you don’t keep charging, it will be a burden because the rank of the river will not be maintained.
-Difficult to take active actions
etc. has been attracting attention as a common issue in the live distribution market.
In Wacha, in order to solve these dissatisfactions and issues, both the river and the listener can perform their respective roles at their own pace through the unique system of “gift function” and
“contribution reward * 1” introduced this time. Now you can distribute the gifts to each of them. From now on, it will be possible to send gifts on a pay-as-you-go basis during the broadcast, and they will be distributed not only to the host, but also to the speakers who are hands-up in the room.
With this new function, it can be expected that not only Liver, but also listeners and speakers, in their respective roles, can make use of their own originality and identity, making it possible for everyone to play an active role. By doing so, we believe that it will be easier to build a unique community, and that the relationship between rivers and listeners and the distribution environment will be better. Details of “Contribution Reward*1”
The “contribution reward*1” system introduced this time is a reward for gifts thrown by listeners and speakers according to the
“excitement index” presented based on a unique algorithm, contributing not only to the host but also to the distribution. It is a mechanism to distribute to the speaker.
Until now, the live distribution market has tended to be in the form of one-sided distribution of the live stream and one-sided support from the listener to the live stream. It has been introduced. In addition, the patent application procedure has been completed in September 2022.
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Future prospects
With the introduction of contribution rewards, we aim to create a world where more users will want to stream as a means of
self-expression, and listeners will want to actively and actively support such streamers. I’m here. As a result, we would like to create a completely new community where we can “co-create” rather than “compete”.
What we want to do is not to force a specific action due to
operational convenience, but to realize “contribute in a way that you can and want to contribute, and receive rewards according to your contribution”. Through such an experience, I hope that everyone will be proud of themselves and find a “comfortable place” in Wacha. What is Wacha
Wacha is a voice SNS app that allows you to enjoy conversations in a community with friends who have common interests and new people you meet. There are also plenty of functions to have fun with your friends with your favorite theme. Since it is a voice SNS, you can enjoy it while doing something, such as while moving or working.
[Image 3d74520-26-8fac4f4cbfdad7cbeae4-1.jpg&s3=74520-26-57c8e1727b4e149835b224d84bf67d01-1218x828.jpg
Wacha has a lot of rooms where you can participate with peace of mind even if it’s your first time! Make new online friends in open rooms, or connect with existing and offline friends in locked rooms. -Example of use-
・ Find and support your favorite
・ Connect with friends who have the same hobby and enjoy casual conversation ・Enjoy watching while traveling, working or studying, just like a radio ・Enjoy chatting with school, circles, and friends in a locked room ・Increase fan engagement by communicating unique stories to fans Main Features of Wacha
・Connect by liking: Use the community function to connect with friends who have common interests.
・Talk live with 8 people at the same time: You can chat with up to 8 people at the same time.
・You can comment while listening: Listeners can also enjoy
communication while commenting.
・ Disappears 48 hours after delivery: Chatting disappears 48 hours after delivery.
・Room type setting (open range setting): You can also create a secret room for only friends or followers.
・ Compatible with iOS and Android: Anyone with a smartphone can use it. ・ Non-invitation system that anyone can use: Can be used immediately after downloading.
・ A distribution reservation function and a distribution sharing function to SNS that can announce distribution in advance.
・With the hashtag function, you can quickly find the distribution that interests you.
・Gifting: You can earn rewards according to your role. (New!!) download
Compatible with both iOS and Android. It’s a non-invitation system, so if you download it, anyone can enjoy it!
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■ Service site:
-App Store- d74520-26-89b48c2e854ef7ba4ad6-2.jpg&s3=74520-26-dff419bcf1bae46d2bbd9394e7fafdca-1428x950.jpg
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Details about this release:


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