From Fukushima Prefecture to the world. Uniform Net Co., Ltd., which supports corporate PR and spreads local culture, exhibited at the “Koriyama Industrial Expo”

Uniform Net Co., Ltd.
From Fukushima Prefecture to the world. Uniform Net Co., Ltd., which supports corporate PR and spreads local culture, exhibited at the “Koriyama Industrial Expo”
Big Palette Fukushima will be held from October 21st (Friday) to 23rd (Sunday)
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Uniform Net Co., Ltd. is a specialized trading company that solves customer problems with uniforms.
Founded in Fukushima Prefecture in 1975, we have expanded to nine locations in the Kanto and Fukushima regions, including Tokyo. Even now, we aim to contribute to Fukushima Prefecture, the birthplace of our company, and in addition to our main business of uniform business, we cooperate with the activities of local governments and support creators from the prefecture.
We will exhibit at the “Koriyama Industry Expo” as an opportunity to showcase our efforts to our hometown, Fukushima Prefecture.
Koriyama Industry Expo -KORIYAMA EXPO 2022-
・Organizer: Koriyama Industry Expo Executive Committee (Koriyama City, Koriyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Fukushima Sakura
Agricultural Cooperative, Koriyama District Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
・Venue: Big Palette Fukushima Multipurpose Exhibition Hall, etc. ・ Date and time: October 21 (Friday) to October 23 (Sunday), 2022 *Open to the public only on the 22nd and 23rd
A new normal comprehensive exhibition that brings together industries such as commerce, industry, agriculture, tourism, welfare, and culture in Koriyama City.
The theme for this year’s 7th edition is “Digital innovation.” For details, please check the Koriyama Industrial Expo website below.
Information on services and products to be exhibited
■ Corporate movie project
[Image 2d23648-76-8f5cbb7f1de5579568ee-0.jpg&s3=23648-76-44bbcdbceda67458ff64288d1c549638-645x361.jpg
It is a PR tool creation plan that includes the shooting, production, and printing of a “movie-style poster” in which working employees play a leading role.
The completed poster can be used inside and outside the company, and we can also provide decorative goods, pamphlets, and website production plans that use poster visuals for joint company briefing booths.
You can see the image visual at our booth at Koriyama Industry Expo. For more information on our services, please visit the page below. ・ Details page:
*”Corporate Movie Project” is the content of Kando Company Rakutsu Co., Ltd. ■Paper earrings “AIGRA”
[Image 3d23648-76-c7cee886510ce1d0a2d1-2.jpg&s3=23648-76-e0cd64c205e9a36ecf4a872c145a4b9e-800x533.jpg
Paper earring “AIGRA” is an accessory brand that was born to widely spread the appeal of Kitakata dyeing paper “Aizu type” used to dye kimono patterns.
Some items will be sold at the Koriyama Industry Expo so that everyone in the prefecture can learn about Aizu Kata, which has been certified as a tangible folk cultural property of Fukushima Prefecture. For details of the brand, please see the official website below. ・ Official website:
■ AIGRA apparel aizu cotton T-shirt
[Image 4d23648-76-b3d387134a9a44c550c7-3.jpg&s3=23648-76-b1535895ddcc1e20659e592d468f411e-821x542.jpg
A cotton T-shirt made from Aizu cotton, which has a history of about 400 years. With the passage of time, the number of Aizu cotton weavers has decreased, but its appeal has not faded.
You can see the new items that were born in September this year earlier than any event.
It is also possible to purchase on the day of the Koriyama Industrial Expo. Please see the press release below for details.
▽ Apparel items that “feel tradition”. Released T-shirts made from Aizu cotton fabric, a tradition that continues to this day


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