From October 30th, the program “MoAP (Momosta Accelerator Program “Moup”)”, which accelerates business growth in a short period of about one month, will be held for a total of six times. Recruit participants.

Tsukrie Co., Ltd.
From October 30th, the program “MoAP (Momosta Accelerator Program “Moup”)”, which accelerates business growth in a short period of about one month, will be held for a total of six times. Recruit

Tsukrie Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Hideki Suzuki, hereinafter referred to as Tsukrie) commissioned by Okayama City to run the “Momotaro Startup Cafe” (hereinafter referred to as Momosta) is a short-term intensive program for about one month by experts. A program to accelerate business growth with support “MoAP (Momosta Accelerator Program “Moup”)” (hereinafter referred to as MoAP) will be held from October 30th (Sun) to December 4th (Sun), all 6 It will be held in times.
We are looking forward to the participation of entrepreneurs with high growth motivation who are thinking of starting a business in Okayama. Click here for details of “MoAP”: [Image 1

What is “MoAP (Momosta Accelerator Program “Moup”)”?
This program aims to accelerate business growth for highly motivated entrepreneurs by providing intensive support from experts for a short period of about one month.
By learning the know-how to increase business value, we aim to brush up the business plan and grow the business to a level where we can participate in business contests and raise funds.
[Program features]
・Direct instruction by gorgeous instructors
Experienced instructors, including Tomoyuki Tsunekawa, who has participated in accelerator programs all over the country and has mentored over 1,500 cases, will give face-to-face and direct guidance. Our proven teaching methods will guide your business to success. ・Individual mentoring by experts
More than 50 senior entrepreneurs and expert mentors enrolled in Momosta provide individualized professional consultation. Accelerate your business without stumbling over challenges and worries. ・Enhanced support system
You can ask questions and interact with online tools outside of the course date. Facilitators and community managers support both offline and online.
Overview of the event
Participation target:
・ Entrepreneur with high growth motivation
・Those who can participate in all 6 local programs (there is no online event) [Holding schedule]
Day1: October 30th (Sun) 14:00-17:00 / Mindset, assignment setting Day2: November 6th (Sun) 14:00-17:00 / User interview
Day3: November 13th (Sun) 14:00-17:00 / Business model consideration Day4: November 20th (Sun) 14:00-17:00 / Pitch training
Day5: November 27th (Sun) 14:00-17:00 / Business model brush up Day6: December 4th (Sun) 14:00-17:00 / Results presentation
*Participation in the meetup held after each program is optional Venue: Momotaro Startup Cafe *The program will be held face-to-face. Okayama-shi Kita-ku Ekimae-cho 1-8-18 Icot Nicot 2F WonderWall Recruitment number: About 10 people
*If there are more applications than the capacity, selection will be made based on the entries in the application form.
Participation fee: Free
How to apply: Please apply after filling out the necessary information on the event page below.
▼Click here to apply
Application deadline: Until 17:00 on Friday, October 28, 2022 Organizer: Momotaro Startup Cafe (Event secretariat: Tsukrie Co., Ltd.) Instructor profile
-Day1-, -Day3-, -Day5-, -Day6-
[Image 2d33548-63-fd81c161996fde61a2d3-1.png&s3=33548-63-889be8302ab11fe018cb4993cf6f80ed-200x200.png
Mr. Tomoyuki Tsunekawa
Entertain Co., Ltd. CEO
Joined the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2001 and experienced corporate support and general affairs. In 2015, he started a business using traditional crafts.
Joined Accelerator in 2016. In particular, he plans and manages programs sponsored by local governments, and is in charge of mentoring in entrepreneur support projects in Tokyo, Sendai City, Aichi Prefecture, and Osaka Prefecture, and supports local startups. Established a new corporation in April 2019, and from 2020 hands-on support for projects related to new business creation for major companies. He is also an entrepreneur himself, developing a coffee business.
-Day 2-
[Image 3d33548-63-cdf57717537c0f37aa93-2.png&s3=33548-63-74d84659683991646671eea6c05cbd75-200x200.png
Noriko Nakano
Japan Direct Research Co., Ltd. CEO
Master of Business Administration (MBA with Distinction) from Durham University Business School, UK. Mainly engaged in sensory evaluation and consumer research at P&G Far East Inc. At Japan L’Oréal, he oversees the Product Evaluation Department, which is responsible for consumer evaluation of cosmetics in general. Also engaged in general retail financial market research at Shinsei Bank. Currently, he mainly supports corporate product development departments and new businesses with interviews and UX research. Part-time lecturer at Bunka Gakuen University. Part-time lecturer at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) College of International Management. Member of ESOMAR, The Market Research Society, Interaction Design Foundation
-Facilitator and Day4-
[Image 4d33548-63-780c8ff5ef70e54b4795-3.png&s3=33548-63-3b22971909c8e0ecbcb3eb2cacf5a004-200x200.png
Keiko Maruyama
Woman Net Co., Ltd. Representative Director
After working for 15 years in sales, marketing and project management at France Telecom and Cisco Systems LLC, he became independent in 2012. Engaged in entrepreneurial support and SME support activities using ICT in Startup Hub Tokyo / Shinagawa Ward / Yokohama City / Kawasaki City / Kisarazu City / Sayama City / Atami City. He also serves as a judge for business contests aimed at female entrepreneurs, sponsored by the Japanese Startup Idea Realization Project, and as a mentor and advisor for other startup programs. As an entrepreneur himself, he runs a web marketing school and a consulting company. June 2016 Cabinet Office Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office Minister of State for Special Missions Commendation Women’s Challenge Award Special Category Award
July 2017 Received the Grand Prix at the 3rd Japan Entrepreneurial Idea Realization Project
What is Momotaro Startup Cafe (Momosta)?
[Image 5d33548-63-4c62978d87e8aa309fa4-4.jpg&s3=33548-63-131a7e12e89df6691b1c90bd48e1368d-3304x1264.jpg
It is a support base for startups with the aim of nurturing future entrepreneurs who work on new businesses and solving social issues as businesses, and supporting the growth of business plans.
Through events and programs, we provide a place where various people can interact naturally.
Momosta will do its best to support those who challenge new businesses. URL:
What is Tsukurie
Let’s get close to entrepreneurs “Startup Incubator”
Tsukurie is developing its business centered on a professional entrepreneurship support service business that supports people who create businesses, and a creative creation business that supports creators who create value.
We are engaged in event planning, consultation business, development of acceleration programs, collaborative business with entrepreneurs, product development, production, etc. to support those who aim to start a business and entrepreneurs.
Inquiries about this release
Momotaro Startup Cafe (Event secretariat: Tsukrie Co., Ltd.) Location/address: 1-8-18 Ekimae-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama City Icot Nicot 2nd floor WonderWall
Person in charge: Yamashita
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