From the luxury brand “Golden Concept” from Sweden, a model compatible with “Apple Watch ULTRA” is on sale.

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From the luxury brand “Golden Concept” from Sweden, a model compatible with “Apple Watch ULTRA” is on sale.
Pre-orders are being accepted on the official website of Golden Concept Japan.
A new model compatible with APPLE WATCH ULTRA is released from the luxury brand “Golden Concept” from Sweden, which has established an immovable position as a luxury Apple Watch case. We have started selling the brand’s first skeleton case and professional model “RS-ULTRA” with excellent durability on the official Golden Concept Japan website (
[Image 1d16079-437-e2b8c29b807ad4c4bb70-0.jpg&s3=16079-437-ef5c9c4679a82c6385dee1cf4fee08b2-1125x1344.jpg
Golden Concepts’ skilled craftsmen have developed the toughest, most durable Apple Watch case ever created. We have succeeded in expressing the complex case that was previously made of titanium with a transparent case, and have adopted a new strap that uses
fluoroelastomer, which is stronger and more durable than silicone or urethane.
[Image 2d16079-437-53ecf2a11a57aeca217d-4.png&s3=16079-437-efc3f6c83863acb32b73c2e90945e88e-1140x1140.png
Precise design and technology
Producing a case compatible with the 49mm Apple Watch Ultra requires meticulous design and specialized engineering. Golden Concept’s design team created more than 50 precision parts to ensure that the RS-ULTRA fits seamlessly on the wrist, and succeeded in changing the appearance without compromising the comfort and operability.
[Image 3d16079-437-b9daf96255046b762993-5.jpg&s3=16079-437-061a66ea389aa53d22bad22ee2713b9d-1140x1140.jpg
Functions and usability
The digital crown and action buttons are designed to protrude from the case for easy operation even in harsh conditions. By attaching two types of rubber rings to the expanded digital crown, it is easier to operate the digital crown even when wearing thick gloves.
[Image 4d16079-437-f736de548599e8430756-3.jpg&s3=16079-437-93aa9f064c0240cfab109b2eaa407f16-945x945.jpg
special strap
The RS-ULTRA comes with a specially designed strap. The material is fluoroelastomer (FKM) rubber, which is more durable and tough than silicone and urethane, and can be used outdoors and diving.

[Image 5d16079-437-2e4bfc4d0cb757a773d0-6.png&s3=16079-437-e90e7a976d437edc9b7d10e8345d77f8-1920x1920.png
Apple Watch Case – RSTR – SMOKEY BLACK
[Image 6d16079-437-5a2bd5e4c87c48046eb5-9.png&s3=16079-437-e450598270bfaaee78e8bd560da81bab-1920x1920.png
Apple Watch Case – RSTR – MODENA YELLOW
[Image 7d16079-437-765e03605784bf306b20-7.png&s3=16079-437-0cb2a59c405a4a6fb6bcd92ea7a7a8b5-1920x1920.png
Apple Watch Case – RSTR – SUNSET ORANGE
[Image 8d16079-437-c2cb562fd344f0082381-8.png&s3=16079-437-bf2318b1b96db5d0c9771d7af91c12fc-1920x1920.png
Apple Watch Case – RSTR – SAPPHIRE GREE
Model name: RS-ULTRA All 4 colors available
Sales price: 134,000 yen (tax included)
Compatibility: Apple Watch Ultra – 49MM
Case: Polycarbonate
Case size: 49mm x 44mm
Waterproof: Conforms to the waterproofness of APPLE WATCH
Case thickness: 15mm
Strap: FKM rubber strap, deployable buckle
Weight: 96 grams (Case weight/Apple Watch body not included) Accessories: Instruction manual, screwdriver, rubber protective cover Sales store
Golden Concept Japan Official Site
・Golden Concept Omotesando
1F, 3-5-19 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
About Golden Concept
Designer “Puia Shamsossadati” was established in Sweden in 2015. It is a lifestyle luxury brand that develops many products that combine high-tech materials and luxury, including high-end Apple Watch cases. Official website:
Instagram: (home country) (Japan)

Details about this release:


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