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From the wallpaper brand “WhO”, a new pattern drawn by a graphic designer with Japanese painting origins is now available. A fantastic representation of the floating scenery of Mt. Fuji.

Nohara Holdings
From the wallpaper brand “WhO”, a new pattern drawn by a graphic designer with Japanese painting origins is now available. A fantastic representation of the floating scenery of Mt. Fuji.
From the project “CREATORS CIRCLE” that creates genreless art and illustrations
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Interior interior material / wallpaper brand “WhO” (Nohara Holdings Co., Ltd. Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Kosuke Nohara) is a creator-to-creator introduction, connecting batons like beads, designing wallpaper, From the commercialized relay project “CREATORS CIRCLE”, a new pattern by illustrator and graphic designer Yukina Ieda was released on Tuesday, October 4, 2022.
A design depicting the symbol of Japan, “Mt. Fuji”, which I have long been thinking about. Its characteristic colors and textures create a surreal scene.
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Miku Tsuchiya, who is active as an artist, has passed the baton of production to Yukina Ieda, an illustrator and graphic designer. It was an introduction through a mutual acquaintance, but it seems that they knew each other’s works for a long time. A new design with a completely different style was born, although there is also a common point that they are from the same Aichi.
From now on, the baton will be passed to the next creator, and new production will begin.
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No. CRCC021
PRICE ¥4,500/m *Tax not included, shipping fee not included
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ー Production comment
“Because I majored in Japanese painting at university, I am interested in Japanese motifs and paintings. I drew it myself.”
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From the left of the image, “Mountain Girls Forever Miki Suzuki” Design, 2022, A & F Co., Ltd. / “Soft Summer Limited Package” Package Illustration, 2022, Bairindo Co., Ltd.
Yukina Ieda / Illustrator/Graphic Designer
Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Japanese Painting. After working as a designer at an advertising production company, became a freelancer. Specializes in landscape paintings mixed with fantasy, and also creates graphic designs using illustrations. WEB:
Instagram: @yukinaieda0314
Entitled “CREATORS CIRCLE”, this is a relay project in which wallpaper is designed by handing batons from creator to creator through introductions. We aim to create new wallpaper for interior spaces through this project, considering the participation of creators in various fields such as three-dimensional expression, video expression, and product design, regardless of the two-dimensional expression. In November 2020, three people, Hideyuki Yamano, a graphic designer who hosts “TAKAIYAMA inc.”, Ryu Mieno, a graphic designer based in Kyoto, and Maki Onishi, an architect, started.
Each of them introduced the next creator, and up to now 10 people have produced unique creatives.
[Knowledge of CREATORS CIRCLE]
1. Is it what you want?
2. Don’t you get caught up in existing concepts?
3. Do you enjoy creating?
[Image 6d19866-141-7b92fbd958973e997c11-9.jpg&s3=19866-141-e2d0374f8b482f71e4c8f9cdd5dcb964-650x211.jpg

About “WhO”
[Image 7d19866-141-204d4c86525d26772369-8.jpg&s3=19866-141-b7ff9dfbb4ce00a801adcac491405b8c-691x1642.jpg
“WhO” is a wallpaper brand for people who seek new ways of expression, aiming for more beautiful, more loved, and better spaces. In July 2015, we launched the wallpaper brand “WhO” under the production of “graf”, which develops various creative activities from furniture, space, product and graphic design to food and art.
Sensitive and diverse wallpaper designs that have already become a trend overseas. While expanding the possibilities of wallpaper in Japan, “WhO” provides wallpaper with designs that match the
sensibility of Japanese people and are suitable for Japanese homes and spaces. Received the Good Design Award in 2016. Currently, we have a lineup of more than 2,000 unique and expressive items.
We will respond to the needs for highly designed wallpaper that colors spaces more distinctively and beautifully in the remodeling and renovation market in Japan, which is expected to expand further in the future, and in accommodation facilities, stores, real estate properties, etc. where decoration visualization is progressing. In addition, WhoO products incorporate inkjet printing as a production method. As an initiative for SDGs, which has been attracting attention in recent years, we use next-generation ink that does not contain VOCs or harmful air pollutants and is friendly to people and the
environment. We are developing a sustainable business model that does not carry out excess inventory or overproduction by completely making to order and abolishing catalogs.
About “graf”
[Image 8d19866-141-74530f2da58ea35ae2f7-6.jpg&s3=19866-141-5f0492e7d6acae1100493a9ad5d593ff-376x202.jpg
Based in Osaka, from furniture manufacturing and sales, graphic design, space design, product design, art to food, event planning and management, with the keyword “structure for life”, we consider various elements related to life from manufacturing. A creative unit to practice.
About “Nohara Holdings Co., Ltd.”
[Image 9d19866-141-cc14f0db688479d59674-7.jpg&s3=19866-141-953c411635843c0c4b6a6c416af99fe1-376x160.jpg
The Nohara Group, centered on Nohara Holdings, has expanded its business mainly in the construction industry through the sale of building materials, steel-related materials, cement and other materials, and the sale and installation of road traffic signs. Based on our new mission from August 2020, “CHANGE THE GAME. Let’s be creative, interesting, and update the construction industry.” I will contribute.
Details about this release:

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