Frozen Prince Takeshi Nishikawa’s new book is on sale! Includes 81 recipes with plenty of “whole frozen → le ntil rice”

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[Frozen Prince] Takeshi Nishikawa’s new book is on sale! Includes 81 recipes with plenty of “whole frozen → lentil rice”
In autumn and winter, you can use “whole frozen” to save time and make it easy!
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This magazine is the ultimate frozen lentin recipe book created by Tsuyoshi Nishikawa, a freezing expert who is a hot topic and very popular on TV.
The “frozen container” recipe, where you just put ingredients in a food container, freeze it, and then microwave it when you want to eat it, is full of good things, such as easy, time-saving, and the flavor soaks in and tastes much better! We have recorded 81 easy and delicious recipes that use small ingredients and commercially available frozen ingredients. Mr. Nishikawa calculated how to cut the ingredients and the heating time by repeating trial production many times, and the point of this magazine is that all recipes can be heated only once! This is a book filled with the seriousness of a freezing expert that everyone who spends busy days should try. “Refrigerated container” solves daily troubles!
(Your worries)
・I’m exhausted and don’t have the energy to make dinner
・ I want to easily finish lunch when working from home
・I want snacks right now
What is a refrigerated container?
A method that freezes a container containing cut ingredients and seasonings and heats it in a microwave oven when eating.
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“Refrigerated container” is so amazing!
・Simple and zero mistakes ・Tastes well and becomes delicious ・You can eat it right away when you want to eat it.
・You can make everything from main dishes to sweets. ・You can do other things while heating in the microwave.
For example, mackerel boiled in miso can be made in 3 steps in 7 minutes! [Image 3

-Ingredients (for 1 person)-
Mackerel: 120g (1 piece) (Cut into bite-sized pieces, sprinkle with a little salt, and wipe with a paper towel every 5 minutes.)
(A) Sake ・・・ 1 tbsp Miso ・・・ 1 tbsp Mirin ・・・ 1 tbsp
Sugar: 1 teaspoon Grated ginger: 1 teaspoon Water: 3 tablespoons [Image 4

1. Put A in a bowl and mix well.
2. Place the mackerel in the container with the skin facing up. 3.Turn 1 over and cover with a lid and store in the freezer. When you want to eat it, remove the lid, place it diagonally, and heat it in the microwave [600W for 7 minutes]. Mix the contents well immediately after heating.
★The flavor soaks into the flavor while it’s frozen, making it even tastier! Adding water is the trick to prevent the miso from boiling down
If you use a refrigerated container, everyday cooking will be more delicious and easier! Includes 81 recipes that you want to imitate immediately
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[Image 6

In the days when there are many other things to do besides cooking, if you prepare a “freezer container”, you may be able to take some weight off your shoulders. For your busy self, tired self, and hungry family in the future, why not try a refrigerated container?
[Author: Takashi Nishikawa profile]
Born in 1983. I became interested in frozen food while I was in college, and after graduating from college, I got a job at a frozen food company. Utilizing his experience in product development at a frozen food company, he is currently working as a freezing specialist. As a frozen food development consultant, he is also working on product development of frozen foods using excellent local ingredients. In addition, since 2016, we have opened the “Frozen Lifestyle Advisor Training Course” as a qualification course where you can theoretically and systematically learn freezing techniques at home. We are actively developing new activities and businesses related to freezing, as well as recipe development.
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“Frozen expert seriously thought! Whole frozen → lentil rice” Release date: October 18, 2022
List price: 1100 yen (tax included)
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