Fuji Television Network, Inc. Fuji Television “CHIMERA A-SIDE Skateboard & BMX Super League THE FINAL” Exclusive LIVE distribution on FOD Premium! !

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[Fuji TV] “CHIMERA A-SIDE Skateboard & BMX Super League THE FINAL” Exclusive LIVE distribution on FOD Premium! !
Tokyo Olympic Gold Medalist Yuto Horigome & World Top Rankers Participate! Winning prize money of 10 million yen, the highest street competition battle!

October 29, 2022 (Sat) 12:00-/October 30, 10:00-
URL: https://fod.fujitv.co.jp/title/8271
“CHIMERA A-SIDE Skateboard & BMX Super League THE FINAL” held at Saitama Super Arena on October 29th (Sat) and 30th ( It has been decided that an exclusive LIVE distribution will be held on Sunday). [Image 1

“CHIMERA A-SIDE Skateboard & BMX Super League THE FINAL” is set at the Saitama Super Arena, featuring world-class athletes, top rankers representing each culture, and Japan’s top finalists who made it through the qualifying league. It is a big contest where Tokyo Olympic Gold Medalist Yuto Horigome (Skateboard) and Logan Martin (BMX Freestyle/Australia) have also decided to participate in this contest with a prize of 10 million yen. There are three competitions: skateboarding (street), BMX freestyle, and BMX flatland. In addition to Olympic medalists from all over the world, teenage talents who have won the domestic qualifying rounds will bet on the title of the world’s strongest.
◇Highlight introduction
Los Angeles-based Yuto Horigome has decided to participate, as well as top pros from powerhouse countries such as the United States and Australia. What awaits are the young talents of Japan who are currently attracting the attention of the world. The Saitama Super Arena will be a dream stage not only for the contestants, but also for the spectators and fans who enjoy the streaming. For Yuto Horigome, this will be the last contest held in his home country of the year, and it will be the first time he has participated in a triumphant return since XGames (April, Chiba), where he won a spectacular victory. Please take a look at the ever-evolving gold medalist, and the rapid development of skateboard culture since the Tokyo Olympics due to the rise of teenage athletes.
BMX freestyle flatland
In the BMX freestyle, Tokyo Olympic champion Logan Martin (Australia) and the young Japanese ace Rinmu Nakamura, as well as Haruhiko Yamato, Joji Mizogaki, Kaede Ozawa and other next-generation notable riders will face off head-to-head. increase. In addition, in BMX Flatland where Japan’s world-class legend Yohei Uchino, who has won a total of 11 world titles, will participate, pay attention to the unique one-on-one trick battles.
 In all three events, we will deliver an exclusive live stream of the contest, which combines the ideas and passion of the competition directors, MCs, and commentators who continue to support the scene. What is A-SIDE?
Developed by CHIMERA, a leader in urban sports in Japan, this is the world’s strongest decisive battle that brings together the three disciplines of skateboarding, BMX freestyle park, and BMX flatland. Top riders from each competition who have won three races in Japan and invited top riders who are active around the world will engage in an entertainment battle of the highest peak. At the previous tournament, the final between Yuto Horigome and Naija Houston was called a prelude to the Tokyo Olympics, and it was a big topic, and the appearance of an unknown athlete who won the qualifying challenged a top athlete also attracted attention. It is a competition that attracts a lot of attention to hidden talents. In 2022, a new WOMEN class will be added to the final, and the U-16 (Skateboard OPEN LOW) class of each competition will also hold an exhibition match between top riders. https://a-side.chimera-union.com/street/
◇ “CHIMERA A-SIDE Skateboard & BMX Super League THE FINAL” Exclusive LIVE distribution overview
■ Competition schedule
-Saturday, October 29-
12:00-14:00 [Skateboarding] Men’s qualifying
14:00-15:30 [BMX freestyle] Men’s final
15:30-19:30 [BMX Flatland] Men’s Final Tournament
-October 30th (Sun)-
10:00-11:30 [BMX Flatland] U-16 Exhibition/Women’s Final
11:30-13:30 [BMX Freestyle] U-16 Exhibition/Women’s Final
13:30-18:00 [Skateboarding] OPENLOW class, women’s final, men’s final *Schedule is subject to change without notice
*Archives will be distributed as soon as preparations for each competition are complete.
■ Players scheduled to appear (in no particular order)
[Skateboard Boys]
Yuto Horigome, Jake Llardi (USA), Tommy Fynn (Australia), Micky Papa (Canada), Kairyu Netsuke and others
[Skateboard girl]
Kaede Nakayama, Candy Jacob (Netherlands), Chloe Covell (Australia), Roos Zwetloot (Netherlands), Yume Oda and others
[BMX freestyle men]
Logan Martin (Australia), Rinmu Nakamura, Brandon Loupos (Australia), Boyd Hilder (Australia), Haruhiko Yamato and others
[BMX Freestyle Women]
Queen Villegas (Colombia), Laury Perez (France), Lizsurley Villegas (Colombia), Miharu Ozawa and others
[BMX Flatland Men]
Viki Gomez (Spain), Yohei Uchino, Kiyo Hayakawa, Jean William Prevost (Canada), Terry Adams (USA), Yu Katagiri and others
[BMX Flatland Women]
Julia Preuss (Germany), Leticiia Moda (Brazil), Louise Seigneur (France), Karin Motomura and others
*Participating players are subject to change without notice. ■URL
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