Fuji Television Network, Inc. Fuji Television Network, Inc. The short animation “Mini Mame-chan” is now available as sweets! “Mini Mame-chan” x Chinese tea cafe “Kanro”

Fuji Television Network, Inc.
[Fuji Television] Short animation “Mini Mame-chan” appears as sweets! “Mini Mame-chan” x Chinese tea cafe “Kanro”
Developed collaboration sweets using anime characters such as adzuki beans, tapioca, and goji berries, sold for a limited time at cafe Kanro in Nishi-Waseda

Friday, October 28, 2022 to Wednesday, November 30, 2022
“EXITV!” which is broadcast on Fuji TV every Thursday from 25:25 to 26:25 – Pon the new works and masterpieces of FOD! Pon! Show off! ! ~” The short animation “Mini Mame-chan” currently being broadcast in the program collaborated with the Chinese tea and sweets specialty cafe “Kanro” to develop original sweets. It will be sold for a limited time from October 28th (Friday) to November 30th (Wednesday), 2022 at the cafe “Kanro” in Nishi-Waseda.
[Image 1

The short animation “Mini Mame-chan” is a short three-minute episode featuring various characters with sweets motifs, such as the main character Mini Mame-chan (Azuki), his best friends Jenshun (Tapioca), and Anthony (Aloe). Anime. The characters are “working” in the sweets every day with the goal of “having humans eat deliciously”. The original has gained popularity with over 200 million views on Chinese video distribution sites, and in Japan, voice actor Shota Aoi serves as the main character, Mini Mame-chan, and gorgeous voice actors have appeared.
And this time, the characters such as azuki, tapioca, and wolfberry that appear in “Mini Mame-chan” will “work” in sweets at the cafe “Kanro” for a limited time. There are 4 types of collaboration menus. [Introduction of collaboration menu]
[Image 2d84-1262-85e3ff59bfba8c0d6d2c-1.jpg&s3=84-1262-d0e0f58866a889dd1d426b9c3ddc5030-800x533.jpg
1. Red Bean Pearl Double Skinai (Hondou Jenju Shuan Pinai) 770 yen (tax included)
Cantonese-style milk pudding topped with tapioca in addition to the standard adzuki beans. I got the idea from the episode in the anime, “There was tapioca on top of the standard milk pudding, which shouldn’t have been there, and as a result, Mini Mame-chan couldn’t eat it.”
[Image 3d84-1262-3debcc38414c4e23d03f-2.jpg&s3=84-1262-4e29108781592445d3a0ce5dbf134d5b-800x533.jpg
2. Sweet Potato Balls (Yu Yuen Gou Chi Hon Dosha) 770 yen (tax included) Sweet potato dumpling skewers with chewy sweet potato dumplings combined with warm oshiruko with goji berries.
It’s a happy dish for the coming cold days.
[Image 4d84-1262-a549934f7d6d05dcccda-3.jpg&s3=84-1262-228a8322c8152034596f143a34cf682e-800x533.jpg
3. Niu Nai Yu Yuen Yin Al Tao Jiao 880 yen (tax included)
We also collaborated with the standard product of “Kanro”. Potato dumplings with peach sap and white fungus.
It’s a very popular sweet in China, and it’s definitely delicious. [Image 5d84-1262-109ebd009a6e6201d2d3-4.jpg&s3=84-1262-fb53a0d9fcd8c8c871db97c38b646038-800x533.jpg
4. Whole House Fu Yu Xiang Xiang Meal (Chuen Jia Hui Ye Shan Sea Meal) 1,320 yen (tax included)
A parfait with mini beans and their friends, and peach sap and white fungus, which are popular for honeydew. Coconut milk is the accent of the taste. The adzuki beans at the bottom are cooked with chenpi (dried mandarin orange peel), giving it a refreshing citrus scent. *The image is an image and may differ from the actual product. If you order the collaboration menu, you will receive a QR code that allows you to see the unreleased video of “Mini Mame-chan”. In addition, for each collaboration menu item, one of the four
collaboration limited coasters will be presented. At the store, you can take a commemorative photo with Mini Mame-chan and Jen-shun. In addition, we plan to sell kits for making Chinese sweets at home in a special “Mini Mame-chan” package. Product information will be announced on the official SNS of “Mini Mame-chan” or “Kanro” SNS. ◇ Overview of collaboration sweets from the short anime “Mini Mame-chan” Chinese tea cafe “Kanro”
■ Schedule: October 28 (Friday) to November 30 (Wednesday), 2022 ■ Location: “Kanro”
■Address: 3-14-11 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6823-5484
■ Business hours: 11:30 to 18:00
Closed: Every Thursday (November 3rd is a public holiday, so we will be closed on November 2nd.)
■ URL: https://www.minimamechan.com/?p=6910 (“Mini Mame-chan” Official Site) https://twitter.com/KanroNishiwased (Twitter)
*We will thoroughly implement infection prevention measures. * The contents and schedule of the collaboration cafe are subject to change due to various circumstances.
*For the latest information such as holidays other than regular holidays, please check the “Kanro” SNS.
[Image 6d84-1262-4d8c50b1cfc7d048d485-5.jpg&s3=84-1262-55473564809eff71b50b4d48f28b4c4c-1920x1080.jpg
◇”Kanro”, a cafe specializing in Chinese tea and Chinese sweets A Chinese tea cafe located in Nishi-Waseda in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. We offer a wide variety of Chinese teas and sweets and sweets from various parts of China that are not well known in Japan. In addition to food, we also transmit Chinese culture through events.
■ URL: https://www.kanro.tokyo/
◇ Program overview
[Image 7d84-1262-132cc4f8574c8564fc28-6.jpg&s3=84-1262-cd01de7ea02ed11930c165c3925d7a33-452x640.jpg
■ Title: “Mini Mame-chan”
■ Broadcast: Broadcast every Thursday from 25:25 to 26:25
“EXIT TV! – Pon the new works and masterpieces of FOD! Pon! Show off! ! Broadcast in ~
■ Cast: Mini Mame-chan / Shota Aoi
Jenshun of Tapioca / Shunya Ohira
Anthony of Aloe / Toshiki Kumagai
Mr. Zhao of Wolfberry / Tomokazu Sugita
Yuen of potato dumplings / Jun Osuka
■ Japanese dubbing production: Executive Producer: Shirokane (King Bai), Yasuyuki Higashi
Producers: Chie Kamata, Junichi Nakano
          Director: Atsushi Sato
Sound production manager: Akiha Kaneko
           Produced by Quatre Stella
           Produced by: Team Joy Fuji TV
            Original: Guangzhou 95 Year Animation Co., Ltd.
Copyright: (C) Making Animation Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved ■ URL: https://www.minimamechan.com/ (official site)
     https://twitter.com/minimame_chan (Twitter:)
     https://www.tiktok.com/@minimame_chan (TikTok)
     https://www.instagram.com/minimame_chan/ (Instagram)

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