Fukuichi Co., Ltd. Towards the turning point to the future in 2030, we will create the “Sustaina Recipe Online Salon-Prescription for a Better Future-“

Fukuichi Co., Ltd.
Towards the turning point to the future in 2030, we will establish the “Sustaina Recipe Online Salon-Prescription for a better future-”
Fukuichi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, CEO: Tamae Takatsu, hereinafter “our company”), which imports and sells fair trade products, has opened for a limited time to create a sustainable society and increase the number of people who act together. On October 20th, we will update the “Food, Life and Environment Online Salon” and create an online salon “Sustaina Recipe” to “know, learn, and implement” sustainability.

■ Background of salon establishment
“Increase the number of people who act towards a sustainable society” This has been the mission of Fukuichi Co., Ltd. since its
establishment in 2006. With this in mind, I have been involved in fair trade, which is a social business, and sustainability training for major companies.
However, I fear that at the current speed of change, we will not be able to reach the turning point for the future in 2030. I would like to generously provide my long experience in fair trade, the latest knowledge gained on the ground and on the international stage, and my network of contacts, and act together. With that in mind, we have decided to update the “Online Salon for Food, Life and Environment” that was opened for a limited time and start the “Sustina Recipe Online Salon”.
■ Salon Overview
・ I want to take sustainable actions, but it seems difficult I started a business for a social issue, but…
・I want to improve the company with SDGs, but where do I start? The Sustaina Recipe Online Salon is a salon where you can learn together and make friends to take action to create a better future, not just the SDGs.
Poverty issues, climate change, extreme weather, microplastics, food safety, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, etc. Every day we receive information about these issues. There are people who can be
indifferent, but no one will be irrelevant from now on. This is because, as long as we live on the earth, everything is connected, turns around, and returns to us.
There may not be a perfect answer. I believe that only by taking action can we create a better future.
Anyone can participate, no matter where they live. By all means, let’s learn seriously, have fun, and act together.
■ Salon specific contents
-Salon held twice a month-
〇 1st lecture
Every month, we invite guests who are active at the forefront of various fields to listen to their stories.
〇Second lecture
We will share ideas for solving problems and encouraging behavioral changes in ourselves and those around us, mainly through discussions, and will also answer questions to promote social business.
*Lecture flow may change slightly from time to time. Please note. *We recommend that you participate in the lecture in real time, but please rest assured that there will be a video distribution. -Exchange with salon members-
Communicating with other members will help you gain the courage to notice and act from a different perspective, and maintain your motivation.
-Offline connection-
Although it is irregular, we are considering holding offline meetings and local inspection tours.
■ Fees and how to join
5,000 yen/month
* From October to December, we are offering a monitor special price (3,000 yen). If you would like to participate, please contact the LINE official account from the link below.
■ Online salon points (features)
◯Forefront information that can only be disseminated by us who have been in social business for many years
We will deliver the knowledge and network that Fukuichi can only convey to you as much as possible, cultivated through more than 15 years of business operations centered on fair trade.
◯ Providing not only knowledge but also hints for action
In order to aim for a better future, it is essential to actually take action. Use case studies to create opportunities for concrete thinking and action.
■ Organizer
Fukuichi Co., Ltd. Tamae Takatsu
After joining Fuji Xerox and establishing a marketing company, he encountered the concept of fair trade and established Fukuichi Co., Ltd. in 2006. Working on the spread of fair trade with the mission of “increase the number of people who act for a sustainable society”. Opened Love & sense at Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store. Created Tohoku support project EAST LOOP. Principal of the Kyoto City Innovation Curator School. In 2019, he participated as an advisor for a sustainable event at Hankyu Umeda Main Store, and provided training to 600 people. Many lectures and seminars
(This release was created with the 3rd Supplementary Business Restructuring Subsidy for FY2020.)
■ About Fukuichi Co., Ltd.
Established in 2006, imports, exports and sells fair trade products, and provides fair trade consulting to external companies.
In our own EC “Love&sense”, we sell products produced in cooperation with producer partners in Brazil, Colombia, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, etc.
Operates a permanent store at Hankyu Umeda Main Store. Pop-up events are held nationwide at department stores and commercial facilities such as Takashimaya and Mitsukoshi.
There are also many ethical and sustainable lectures.
Company Profile
Fukuichi Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Tamae Takatsu
Location: ACDC Building 2F, 1-9-21 Awaza, Nishi Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Established: November 2006
Business description: Import/export and sales of fair trade products, etc. Selected/Awarded
June 2012: Adopted for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Social Business Creation Promotion Project
January 2014: Received the Social Products Award “Special Award” July 2014: Adopted as Reconstruction Agency’s “New Tohoku” Leading Model Project November 2015: Received Partnership Award “Alterna Award”
December 2018: Received the “Executive Committee Chairman’s Award” at the 1st EcoPro Awards
Fukuichi Co., Ltd. is planning a new “Sustina Recipe Online Salon” to create a better future. Please register on LINE for details. Website: https://www.love-sense.jp/
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