Fukuoka Municipal Hirao Cemetery Group Funeral Cemetery by Kino Architects Receives the 2022 Good Design Award

Kino Architects
Fukuoka Municipal Hirao Cemetery Group Funeral Cemetery by Kino Architects Receives the 2022 Good Design Award
A new form of cemetery that does not require inheritance, a prototype for a new era of tombs

Kino Architects Co., Ltd. has received the Good Design Award 2022 (sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion) for the Fukuoka Municipal Hirao Cemetery Joint Funeral Cemetery (Minami Ward, Fukuoka City). To do.
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A new burial cemetery in Hirao Cemetery adjacent to a quiet
residential area in Fukuoka City. The landscaping of the site while adjusting the relationship with neighboring houses was highly evaluated. This is the 6th time Kino Architects has won the Good Design Award.
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[Outline of work]
Demand for graves that do not require inheritance is increasing due to nuclear families and changes in views on life and death. Fukuoka City decided to build a new cemetery in Hirao Cemetery, which opened in 1955, and Kino Architects was in charge of the design. When designing, we focused on the mountains that were carved when creating the cemetery. The soil excavated from the construction this time was used to extend the foot of the mountain in order to repair it, and the burial chamber was buried under it, and a flower offering place was set up on top of the mountain. The flower offering area is surrounded by an arc-shaped wall and benches, and a park was created using existing trees on the outside. The flower offering place is not directly visible from the park or neighboring houses, and the mountains are reflected as a landscape. The deceased sleeps in the arms of the mountain, and the bereaved people think of the deceased in front of the mountain and spend time in the park under the watchful eye of the deceased. By borrowing the power of the mountains, we have created a facility that is in harmony with nature without any specific religious color.
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□Facility name: Fukuoka Municipal Hirao Cemetery
□ Location: Heiwa 4-chome, Minami-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture □ Main use: group graveyard, park
□Structure: RC, S
□ Site area: 7403.07 square meters
□ Business owner: Fukuoka City
□ Architectural design: Kino Architects Masahiro Kinoshita
□ URL: https://www.kinoarchitects.com/works/44_fukuoka/
[Evaluation and comments from the judges]
In recent years, the cemetery has become an area where the power of architectural design is applied, and this is one of them. By effectively using the surplus soil from the construction of the burial cemetery and filling it in the rough mountain behind it, we created a spatial format in which the natural scenery can be admired from the flower offering while filling the burial chamber. The greenery on the roof and the arc-shaped walls are designed so that they cannot be seen from the residential area. The communal cemetery, which does not require inheritance, is also a modern program with a changed view of life and death.
[Comment from architect Masahiro Kinoshita]
We are very happy to receive the “Good Design Award 2022”. I am also honored to have been given the opportunity to design a “communal graveyard” for which no prototype exists. I believe that what today’s architects are looking for is not architecture that destroys the natural environment, but architecture that itself leads to the restoration of nature. With such thoughts in mind, I worked on the architectural design of this cemetery.
We have heard that many Fukuoka citizens have applied for the Fukuoka Municipal Hirao Cemetery. I am proud that I was able to design a mechanism that makes the social infrastructure of the grave
sustainable through the design of the cemetery for mass burial. [Image 4

[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=OawvMAkIEK4] 【Company Profile】
Kino Architects Inc.
Representative Director: Yuka Tsukano
Head office address: 2-25-9 Shimochiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
URL: https://www.kinoarchitects.com
An architectural design office centered on architect Masahiro Kinoshita, based in Tokyo and Kyoto. We optimize the environment surrounding architecture and nurture a sustainable society through architecture.

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