Fukushima Prefecture Tourism & Local Products Exchange Association Announcement of “Tamura Satoyama Play Experience Camp”

Fukushima Prefectural Tourism & Local Products Exchange Association Announcement of “Tamura Satoyama Play Experience Expo Camp”
Let’s enjoy the rich nature of Abukuma Kogen!

As part of the “Tourism Content Brush-Up Support Project” implemented by Fukushima Prefecture and the Fukushima Prefecture Tourism & Local Products Exchange Association, an experience program exhibition “Tamura Satoyama” with the theme of “enjoyable fun with camping” was held in Tamura City. We will inform you that we will hold a play experience expo camping.
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Tamura Satoyama Play Camp
About this initiative
Fukushima Prefecture is implementing the “Tourism Content Brush-up Support Project” for the purpose of creating and brushing up sustainable and attractive tourism contents.
The Fukushima Prefectural Tourism & Local Products Exchange
Association has been entrusted with the work of this project by Fukushima Prefecture, and is working with multiple regions within the prefecture to create tourism content, etc. As part of this project, Tamura We are pleased to inform you that we have decided to hold the “Tamura Satoyama Play Experience Expo Camp” by the Ichikogen Tourism Project.
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Climb a tree surrounded by colorful autumn leaves
About “Tamura Satoyama Play Experience Expo Camp”
Surrounded by the rich nature of the Abukuma Plateau, Tamura City is full of satoyama culture and people’s activities.
We held the Tamura Satoyama Play Expo Camp for the purpose of experiencing “new Satoyama play” such as outdoor activities and camping in Tamura City, and for many people to feel the life and culture of Satoyama and its charm. increase.
Holding period and venue
Period: Saturday, October 22, 2022 to Saturday, November 19, 2022 Venue: Various locations in Tamura City
* The period and venue vary depending on the experience program, so please see the official website below for details.
Official site: https://campaku.com/
How to participate in the experience program
To participate in the experience program, please apply on the official website or by phone.
〇 Apply from the official website
Please register as a new user in advance from the official website above. After user registration, please log in to the site and select the experience program you wish to apply for. If you click the “Apply” button in the implementation schedule of each program, the
“Reservation form” will open, so please enter the necessary
information and press the “Reserve” button to apply.
〇 Application by phone
The phone number to apply for is different depending on the experience program. Please select the desired program from “All Programs” on the official website, check the phone number to apply, and apply.
Experience program list
1. A night of astronomical observation and craft beer with Hakase Hoshi 2. Transform yourself into a different person with a demon mask, relieve stress with demon mask drums!
3. A casual matcha party with a panoramic view
4. What is Wasan? The unique world of Wasan
5. Shepherd’s passionate commentary! ! How about the best lamb meat ever at your favorite campsite?
6. Make “Pukupuku Ohagi” at the teahouse and you will be full! happiness! 7. An exciting forest walk in search of treasure! bandit walk 8. Climb a tree surrounded by colorful autumn leaves
9. Directly taught by BBQ professionals! Experience making a whole beer can chicken
Contact information
(1) About Campaku
Tamura City Takahara Tourism Project (Campaku Secretariat)
Representative Kamata
Phone: 090-2025-3748
(2) About tourism content brush-up support project
Fukushima Prefectural Tourism & Local Products Exchange Association Tourism Manager Nakajima / Domestic Tourist Promotion Section Manager Sudo Contact: 024-525-4024

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