Fukushin Co., Ltd. ecuvo, (Dimples) Day November 25th, Good Nico Nico Campaign Held on Instagram on October 21st (Friday)

Fukushin Co., Ltd.
ecuvo, (dimples) Day [November 25th, Good Nico Nico] Campaign Held on Instagram on October 21st (Friday)
~ Recruitment of photos that will make you smile from all over Japan! ~
Fukushin Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture; Representative Director: Jiro Fukuzaki), which plans, manufactures, distributes, and sells fashion gloves, etc., has launched ecuvo, With the aim of popularizing Dimple Day, we will hold a “Photography campaign that will make you smile from all over Japan” on Instagram from October 21st (Friday).
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What is ecuvo, (dimple day)?
The ecuvo, brand, which was born from our slogan of “spreading many smiles” and our company motto of “bright, fun and energetic”, is made with earth-friendly materials and manufacturing methods in line with the SDGs. It is a product to make, and the brand name is likened to the dimples that appear when you smile.
Through “ecuvo,” we aim to become a company that circulates smiles, so that more people can learn about our products and activities, and have more people smile.・Certified and registered by the Japan Anniversary Association.
The date is November 25, which is associated with “smile = dimple” from the pun that reads “Ii (11) Nico (25) Nico”.
■ Overview of the ecuvo, day campaign
Period: October 21st (Friday) to November 25th (Friday), 2022 Recruitment details: 1. Follow ecuvo, official Instagram (@ ecuvo_japan). 2. Post a photo that makes you smile with @ecuvo_japan mentioned in Stories 3. Enter your prefecture of residence with # (hashtag)
Selection period: Grand Prize announced on Friday, November 25th Prizes: Grand Prix 1 work ecuvo, product worth 30,000 yen JTB travel voucher 20,000 yen
Second Grand Prix 2 works ecuvo, product worth 20,000 yen JTB travel voucher 10,000 yen
10 winning works ecuvo, (100% organic cotton undyed Imabari towel 3-piece set)   Participation prize  10% OFF coupon that can be used at the glovesDEPO head office online shop https://www.glovesdepo.com *From the desire to support the nationwide travel support that started on October 11,
From this time onwards, a travel ticket will be given as a supplementary prize. Achievements: Approximately 970 total submissions over the past two years About the launch of the sustainable brand “ecuvo,”
On February 20, 2022, we launched the sustainable brand “ecuvo,” made with the global environment in mind.
How can a small handbag shop founded in 1977 make everyone smile? Can you weave a smile? I thought. The only answer is to be gentle. I was able to make use of the four seasons in Japan because I was a handbag shop. The warm winter caused by global warming is about to fundamentally change the philosophy and the meaning of work that we cherish, “warm your hands and hearts through warm gloves.”
Reflecting on that and for the sake of future children, I want to do a job that is kind to the global environment. We named the product “ecuvo,” which symbolizes smiles, with the hope that it will bring smiles to people’s faces.
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■ Features of “ecuvo,”
1. Nature-friendly materials
The autumn/winter collection is eco-friendly with 50% recycled wool and 50% recycled polyester. Developed jointly with a spinning company, it is a recycled material that is more user-friendly and soft. The spring/summer collection uses 100% organic cotton yarn dyed with dyes extracted from food that is planned to be thrown away.
2. Lifetime repair warranty
We believe that using things with care for a long time is the most environmentally friendly way. Please understand that this is a repair, not a replacement. This is different from a quality or strength guarantee.
3. One hand one leg sale
It is a waste to throw away a present or a product that has been used for a long time because you have lost only one hand or one leg. Until now, we have basically sold pairs, but we will sell one-handed and one-legged so that you can use them for a long time.
4. Eternal classic
New designs were released year after year, and in the later years they were bargained, and the remaining products were discarded. Therefore, by making it a simple design that you will never get tired of, it will be a permanent standard.
5. Zero waste knitting method
Through our own research and development, we have knitted using a knitting method that does not produce discarded yarn or knitting. 6. We have prepared a lineup with the same design for men, women, and children so that the whole family can smile.
-Company Profile-
Established: 1977
Location: 78-1 Shiratori, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture TEL: 0879-25-2285
Capital: 10,000,000 yen
Business: Planning, manufacturing, distribution and sales of fashion gloves, etc.
Company HP: https://www.fukushin.co.jp/

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