Full-scale provision of a new research service from Ostance Co., Ltd. started. Released “Senior N1 Research” that can be used for new business development and marketing analysis

Ostans Co., Ltd.
Full-scale provision of a new research service from Ostance Co., Ltd. started. Released “Senior N1 Research” that can be used for new business development and marketing analysis

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Release background
Ostance Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / President: Ryoto Kikukawa), which operates the Hobby Club, receives many inquiries about marketing and business development for seniors from about 1,000 companies annually. Recently, in addition to marketing support using the hobbyist club, we have utilized the hobbyist club member data of 360,000 members and the knowledge from senior research by senior DX lab to provide companies with business development / system
development / customer attraction / growth We provide comprehensive services such as support/CRM design/CS support/survey research/user co-creation.
In new business development for seniors, there are many cases where the customer is the starting point, but there are many cases where thinking stops due to the following points of view.
■ Reasons why new business development is difficult in the senior field Lifestyles are completely different in each generation (50s-80s) The sense of money differs depending on whether or not you continue to work Values ​​differ between metropolitan areas and regional cities In addition, whether or not you have children living together, whether or not you have grandchildren, whether or not you have friends, etc. cannot be lumped together.
Therefore, rather than lumping seniors together, we thought that thoroughly searching and analyzing each customer would lead to the discovery of new business opportunities and the improvement of existing businesses, so we released this research service.
visual concept
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Service overview
Senior N1 research is a research menu that analyzes a specific person through qualitative interviews rather than looking at mass only quantitatively. By using the Job Theory* advocated by Mr. Christensen, you will be able to capture the customer’s situation with a higher resolution than their needs.
We provide a research menu to avoid services that are not used by seniors and middle-aged and elderly people, and provide comprehensive support from surveys and research to business development support. [Image 3d18508-54-d43f02892bfea4bbd37a-2.jpg&s3=18508-54-d7c2906b4efeb4d247fa218f0498aa6d-2160x1495.jpg

How to capture customers with high resolution – Job theory
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Features of Senior N1 Research Service
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■ Usability can be verified by designing and producing prototypes [Image 6d18508-54-dbf8451b75aa572aa8fb-5.jpg&s3=18508-54-711e949bd972f6f191d7b63ffc3a2058-3000x2000.jpg
■ Interview using online tools
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■Co-creative research with Hobby Club members is possible
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Research utilization applications in the business development phase New business
・Search for new business themes and grasp opportunities
・ User co-creation type PoC implementation
・UI/UX verification using prototypes
・Marketing verification
Existing business
・Improve UI/UX of existing apps and services and consider new functions ・Extract insights from existing customers and consider new CRM measures ・Consider new marketing measures using user insights
・Product package verification
Flow up to conducting qualitative interviews
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Examples of research support
・JCOM Co., Ltd. (https://ostance.com/journal/004/)
Discovered insurance product insights for middle-aged and older people through in-depth interviews. The hobbyist club is used to develop “customer-oriented” services unique to the J:COM Group.
[Image 10d18508-54-ad9be6d956692bc4cf64-9.jpg&s3=18508-54-558d386580f97082d46de3e324c1c0c1-3900x2600.jpg
・GMO Media Inc. (https://ostance.com/journal/005/)
Optimized the user experience of the game and community “Gesoten byGMO”. Conducted user-oriented UI/UX surveys in collaboration with Hobby Club.
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Company Profile
Company name: Austin Co., Ltd.
Location: 6th floor, Naganuma Building, 2-14-10 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Ryoto Kikukawa
Established: January 9, 2015
URL: https://ostance.com/
Business description:
Hobbyist club business Web service operation for people in their 50s and 60s, senior marketing support
Senior DX promotion business: business development for seniors, UI/UX support, research, web service development support, etc.
■Request for materials and inquiries regarding this research service Austin Research Co., Ltd.
Email: info@ostance.com
TEL: 03-6420-0990
Details about this release:


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