FUMIKODA Co., Ltd. The bag brand “FUMIKODA” will release the 6th anniversary item “Crossbody Bag” on O ctober 19th.

The bag brand “FUMIKODA” will release the 6th anniversary item “Crossbody Bag” on October 19th.
Conducting a pre-sale campaign to present a “key case” (October 19th to November 2nd)

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FUMIKODA Co., Ltd. (Meguro-ku, Tokyo, CEO Fumi Koda), which develops the bag brand “FUMIKODA” that continues to make environmentally friendly products, has released a unisex crossbody bag to commemorate the 6th anniversary of the brand debut. It will be on sale from October 19, 2022.
The gusseted crossbody bag, which uses domestic vegan leather, which is used for the interior of luxury cars, weighs about 150g and has a capacity of 2 liters. named Helen. HELEN has a basic design that can be used regardless of gender or age, and can be used as a shoulder bag by adjusting the strap.
To commemorate the release of the 6th anniversary item “HELEN”, we will present a key case (equivalent to ¥ 4,400) of your favorite color to those who purchase “HELEN” at FUMIKODA’s online boutique and directly managed stores. It will be held until November 2nd. Overview of crossbody bag “HELEN”
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The gusseted crossbody bag “HELEN” was designed in response to the voices of customers who want to carry their smartphones, wallets, handkerchiefs, notepads, etc. hands-free.
Not only can it be worn diagonally as a crossbody bag, but it can also be used as a shoulder bag by pulling the strap.
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・Price: 28,000 yen (tax included)
・Color: 9 colors (ivory snake, white, black, beige, silver, khaki, blue green, gray, rouge)
・Size: W16cm x H23cm x D9cm
・Weight: Approximately 150g *There are individual differences depending on the fabric.
・Material: High-quality artificial leather (polyurethane, polyester, nylon) ・Country of origin: Japan
・ Product introduction page: https://fumikoda.jp/products/helen Features of “HELEN”
1. Storage capacity that cannot be imagined from its small appearance HELEN has a compact design, but the capacity is about 2 liters, so you can store things securely.
[Image 4d22408-69-6a4ea1d5d3437766d21e-3.jpg&s3=22408-69-7b0b8be77e6c80018cd32f225c9b485c-2000x2000.jpg
2. Slanted and hands-free
Whether you’re traveling or going out for a mile, cross-body for hands-free comfort.
[Image 5d22408-69-b7f4211d7b95ec780446-5.jpg&s3=22408-69-693e02eabdc9dcf019b83e1df01dfd7d-1657x1657.jpg
3. If you stretch the strap on one side, it becomes a shoulder bag A 2-way specification that instantly transforms into a shoulder bag by doubling the straps.
[Image 6d22408-69-9e2319fca694ceccef9b-4.jpg&s3=22408-69-bed895ec6c407c28252b0f50f4c48940-2000x2000.jpg
4. Install a pocket on the back
There is a deep pocket on the back of the bag that makes it easy to take out tickets and cards.
[Image 7d22408-69-a31a2ac86aeb848fd90d-6.jpg&s3=22408-69-29ed28aa9c8a42b7aca3764677f70def-1753x1753.jpg
5. Be independent
There are 6 bottom tacks on the bottom of HELEN, so even if you put it somewhere, it will stand on its own without falling over.
[Image 8d22408-69-17dee44a6cd6b764f6a6-7.jpg&s3=22408-69-b40008103534ea94edc9cb011751dcfa-1240x1240.jpg
6. Add a tassel charm for an elegant look
Attach the separately sold tassel charm “LINDA” to the strap as an accessory for an elegant impression.
[Image 9d22408-69-a6a203c3ae626b535dfc-8.jpg&s3=22408-69-ad4c09949bd4ab6ddfd4349cae99c24d-2000x2000.jpg
7. Surprising lightness
The weight of the bag is about 150g*, but it is made of artificial leather made in Japan that gives it a solid feel, and the interior is easy to store.
*There are individual differences depending on the fabric.
[Image 10d22408-69-4957045b79939e23bd9c-14.jpg&s3=22408-69-4fd8428e769b9d4ddd3e639271a97e2f-2000x2000.jpg
8. Luxury that surpasses genuine leather bags
Using Japan’s world-class high-quality artificial leather, each item is handmade by Japanese craftsmen with their craftsmanship, so it has a texture that surpasses that of genuine leather bags.
[Image 11d22408-69-3b9a65d4bf6caf940845-9.jpg&s3=22408-69-d63b98c70adde0493215995f7813d15c-1000x1000.jpg
9. Don’t panic if you spill water or coffee
The artificial leather used for the bag is highly water resistant, so you can use it with confidence even in sudden rain. In addition, it is stain resistant and can be wiped off immediately if it gets dirty, so it is easy to clean even if coffee or juice is spilled on the bag. [Image 12d22408-69-650cb418b67e4a7a433f-10.jpg&s3=22408-69-8f44051482bd7d4645608c76930e6f17-608x608.jpg
10. Commitment to Made in Japan
The fabric and sewing used for the bag are all made in Japan. We are particular about careful construction and high quality that will be loved for a long time.
[Image 13d22408-69-6e20634ae611b0cab68d-11.png&s3=22408-69-7411ee5e28b1d6b6f384387dd45838cf-1288x1288.png

Overview of pre-sale gift campaign
To commemorate the release of FUMIKODA’s 6th anniversary project item “HELEN”, customers who purchase “HELEN” at FUMIKODA’s online boutique or directly managed store will receive a “key” made of upcycled fabric of their choice. We will carry out a campaign to present a case for a limited time.
[Image 14d22408-69-d38ad2cc2816bfa93302-12.jpg&s3=22408-69-95acb676ac001b0555bcc9e9c4911ed5-2000x2000.jpg
[Image 15d22408-69-cb8db5c0bd7506e4cebf-13.jpg&s3=22408-69-948e93badaa8a080628bb1ede986370c-2000x2000.jpg
・ Campaign period: October 19th (Wednesday) to November 2nd (Wednesday), 2022 ・Present item: A key case in your favorite color from a total of 7 colors (equivalent to ¥ 4,400)
・Eligibility: Those who purchase “HELEN” at online boutiques or FUMIKODA shops during the period
・ How to apply: Please select your favorite color key case on the “HELEN” page of the online boutique and add HELEN to the cart. If you purchase at the FUMIKODA shop, please choose the key case of your favorite color when purchasing HELEN.
・HELEN: https://fumikoda.jp/products/helen
Introduction of FUMIKODA
Since its founding in 2016, FUMIKODA is a made-in-Japan bag brand that has continued to produce products that are considerate of the global environment. Fumi Koda, who runs an IT consulting company, launched the concept of “Smart Comfort” with the desire to produce business bags in Japan that are functional, highly designed, and have as little impact on the environment as possible.
The product uses highly durable Japanese vegan leather (artificial leather) that is also used in the interior of luxury cars. It is carefully manufactured in a domestic workshop so that it can be used for a long time. In order to spread the aesthetic sense and
traditional techniques that Japan has cultivated both domestically and internationally, we incorporate Japanese traditional crafts into some of our products.
In addition, we upcycle leftover fabrics from production to produce and sell items that have been collected at support facilities for people with disabilities. Since our founding, we have been actively working on the SDGs.
Initiatives for SDGs: https://fumikoda.jp/pages/concept#sdgs Company Profile:
Trade name: FUMIKODA Co., Ltd.
Representative: Fumi Koda
Location: Asahibashi Building 3F, 1-16-7 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo Date of establishment: May 20, 2016
Capital: 33 million yen
Business description: Sales of apparel products
URL: https://fumikoda.jp/
Details about this release:


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