Furusato Nozei Experience that excitement in 2023 too!! Pre-orders for a limited quantity and limited period of Shintomi Lychee premium 50, a large domestic “raw” lychee, are now being accepted as a return gift from Shintomi Town, Miyazaki Prefectu

Koyu Foundation
[Furusato Nozei] Experience that excitement in 2023 too!! Pre-orders for a limited quantity and limited period of Shintomi Lychee premium 50, a large domestic “raw” lychee, are now being accepted as a return gift from Shintomi Town, Miyazaki Prefecture
Only 100 sets limited to Furusato Choice until October 31st. Please order the raw lychee with overflowing juice as soon as possible~
The Koyu Regional Development Promotion Organization (Shintomi-cho, Koyu-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture, Representative Director: Junichi Saito, hereinafter referred to as the Koyu Foundation) jointly created a domestic lychee brand “Shintomi Lychee” with lychee producers in Shintomi-cho. We are currently accepting pre-orders for return gifts for shipment in 2023 only on the hometown tax portal site “Furusato Choice”.
-Pre-order Shintomi Lychee gift as a gift- *Limited quantity for shipment in 2023
The reception at Furusato Choice will be temporarily closed until 23:59 on Monday, October 31st. Limited to 100 sets of “premium 50” with more than 50g per grain, and limited to 100 sets of “regular” with around 40g per grain.
● Shintomi Lychee premium50 (50g x 8 balls)
● Shintomi Lychee Regular (40g x 10 balls)
From November 1st, pre-orders will be accepted on other portal sites all at once. Please do not miss this period.
[Image 1d28395-405-e173cd45c304f0330da1-9.jpg&s3=28395-405-5c206c2161ab13a095c22d20a5ae59b0-2000x1369.jpg
■ 2022 is sold out by advance reservation! High-quality fruit “Shintomi lychee premium50” which is most suitable for gift
Shintomi lychee premium 50, which boasts a size of 50 grams or more per ball, is a large ball that exceeds the size of a golf ball. Sugar content 15 degrees or more. A heavy weight that you can feel when you put it in your hand. Peeling the red rind reveals a surprising amount of juice and gives off a refreshingly sweet aroma. When you take a bite of the transparent white flesh, its juiciness and mellow aroma will fill your mouth.
[Image 2d28395-405-8005b10e6abe8018da8d-7.jpg&s3=28395-405-16f10a8f628b78cfc75dd2a8865a4998-2252x1645.jpg
The harvest season lasts from the end of May to the beginning of July every year, and the stock is almost sold out just by making
reservations for the previous year.
We are currently preparing 100 sets for “Furusato Choice Limited”. We recommend ordering with hometown tax, which can be pre-ordered. ● Shintomi Lychee premium50 (50g x 8 balls)
Even if it is a little smaller than premium, the taste and sugar content are the same. We also have 100 sets of “Shintomi Lychee Regular”.
● Shintomi Lychee Regular (40g x 10 balls)
[Image 3d28395-405-04e167a7169ae2223ffe-8.jpg&s3=28395-405-19d827b162f2ee47da31c28838e3f67c-2000x1333.jpg
■Did you change the common sense of frozen and imported mainstream lychees? The culmination of 10 years of research by Mr. Mori, a lychee farmer
Mr. Mori, a farmer in Shintomi-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture, has spent more than 10 years researching cultivation methods from scratch. Only those that are cultivated in the town and have cleared their own specifications and standards are sold as “Shintomi Lychee”. It took more than 10 years since 2005 for Mr. Mori, who has been working on the production and research of rare domestic lychees, of which only 1% (*1) is distributed in Japan, to finally improve his technology to a quality that can be shipped. It is.・The secret story behind the birth of Shintomi Lychee → https://lychee.link/about-2/
・ Shintomi Lychee Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/shintomi_lychee/ [Image 4d28395-405-3e63163b8f147aaca392-0.jpg&s3=28395-405-b65f06e3214e71e4d06c1f5f5da57c1a-640x427.jpg
The harvest period is short, from May to July, and the Shintomi lychees are so delicate that they lose their flavor 4 to 5 days after harvest. .
(*1) According to the 2019 “Plant Quarantine Statistics”, the imported lychee (total of fresh and frozen lychee) is about 1516 tons. Domestic lychee is 12.6 tons according to the data of “Survey on Specialty Fruit Tree Production Trends”. Therefore, the distribution volume of domestic lychee is calculated to be about 1%.
■It is also available at restaurants and patisseries in urban areas. Since July 2017, when Shintomi Lychee was born, it has been used in cakes and parfaits at Cafe Comsa (Comsa Stage Ginza store) in Tokyo. It has been well received, and in 2022 it will be sold at patisseries, restaurants, bars, etc. in urban areas, and dishes and sweets that make use of the characteristics of Shintomi Lychee have been created. [Image 5d28395-405-6e27a7516e9398809f19-6.jpg&s3=28395-405-9e7c7922b4a75ce8e24f61fb1b9ffd61-1800x600.jpg
▲ From the left, Miyazaki prefecture’s “Southern country pudding” “Shintomi lychee pudding”, Tokyo’s “Cafe Comme ca” “Miyazaki prefecture’s Shintomi-cho” raw lychee cake “, Tokyo’s “BAR Ishinohana” “Domestic Lychee x Coconut Painkiller ~Bar Ishinohana Original Recipe~”
Received the “2020 Good Design Award” for expanding awareness of the town and creating a related population
Sensing an opportunity in the overwhelmingly high quality of Mr. Mori’s lychees and the blue ocean of rare domestically produced lychees, the Koyu Foundation worked on lychee branding with Mr. Mori immediately after its establishment in 2017.
By taking on the challenge of pricing 1,000 yen per grain, Shintomi Lychee has been recognized nationwide as a specialty product of the town, and has grown to create a related population in this town. Received the 2020 Good Design Award for its efforts to give courage to people.
[Image 6d28395-405-8bdf859b469649996a31-2.jpg&s3=28395-405-731297bd9f888c7a260cec2e0d8202e1-800x800.jpg
* Good Design Award (official site)
■ What is Koyu Community Development Promotion Organization (Koyu Foundation)? A regional trading company established in April 2017 by Shintomi Town, Miyazaki Prefecture, with the aim of realizing a sustainable region. Based on the vision of “the world’s most challenging city”, we earn from branding and product development centered on agricultural products such as 1,000 yen lychee, and reinvest the profits earned in human resource development. In the Shintomicho Furusato Nozei operation, which is our core business, we have recorded a total of 7 billion yen in donations over the five years from 2017 to 2021. It is helpful for improvement.
▶︎Koyu Foundation website https://Koyu.Miyazaki.jp
▶︎Koyu Foundation Facebook https://www.facebook.com/koyu.miyazaki/ ▶︎ Shintomi town hometown tax portal site
・Furusato Choice https://www.furusato-tax.jp/city/product/45402 ・Rakuten https://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/f454028-shintomi/
・ Furunavi https://bit.ly/3uo6fSh
・Satofuru https://www.satofull.jp/town-shintomi-miyazaki/
▶︎ Examples of media coverage
Nikkei Shimbun / Nikkei MJ / Forbes JAPAN / Business Concept / Sotokoto / TURNS / Nihon Agricultural Newspaper / Zenkoku Agricultural Newspaper, etc.

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