Futaba Foods Co., Ltd. Renewal of large-capacity chocolate monaka ice cream “Dandy Chocolate” with an addi ctive “amazing crunchy texture”! Released from October 24, 2022 (Monday)

Futaba Foods Co., Ltd.
The large-capacity chocolate monaka ice cream “Dundee Chocolate”, which has an addictive “surprising crunchy texture”, has been renewed! Released from October 24, 2022 (Monday)
-Seven-Eleven will start pre-sale from Tuesday, October 11-

Futaba Foods Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture, President: Sadahiro Saito) has renewed the large-capacity chocolate monaka ice cream “Dandy Chocolate”, which is attractive for its “amazing crunchy texture” and “chocolate feeling”. It will be on sale from October 24th (Monday), and will be pre-sold at Seven-Eleven from October 11th (Tuesday). Pursuing a taste that can be eaten deliciously even with bitter, the package has been changed to a design that conveys a more chocolate feeling. Please enjoy the new “Dundee Chocolate”.
[Image 1

The secret behind the deliciousness of “Dundee Chocolate”
“Dundee Chocolate” is addictive once you eat it! Ice cream with many repeaters. 60% of buyers are addicted to repeat purchases at least 2-3 times a month! * We will introduce the secret of its deliciousness and the points of renewal.
* N = 111 (Dundee Chocolate purchasers), March 2022, according to our research (questionnaire survey)

■All three parts are chocolate taste! Monaka ice cream full of chocolate [Image 2

Dundee Chocolate is a monaka ice cream that is full of chocolate, with “bitter chocolate ice cream” and “black cookie chocolate” sandwiched between “chocolate flavored monaka”. Monaka skin is also particular about chocolate flavor. By making all three parts chocolate-flavored, you can enjoy a richer chocolate flavor and aroma.
Add the richness of Hokkaido fresh cream
“Hokkaido fresh cream” is used for bitter chocolate ice cream. The richness of fresh cream enhances the richness of bitter chocolate ice cream. ■Once you eat it, it becomes addictive! crunchy texture
The biggest feature of Dundee is the “surprising crunchy texture”. This is the point of chocolate mixed with black cookies. After the chocolate’s ‘Baki!’ texture, the black cookie’s ‘Zaku!’ Monaka ice cream is so crunchy that it makes you feel as if you are eating ice cream and chocolate sweets together.
[Renewal point]
Uses two types of cocoa mass
In addition to the traditional strong cocoa feeling, we have newly blended cocoa mass with a gorgeous scent.
Although it is bitter, it has become a taste that can be enjoyed by more people. Add richness of fresh cream
The amount of fresh cream used in the bitter chocolate ice cream has been increased to create a richer flavor.
Tiramisu taste with “Dundee Chocolate” and cream cheese! ? great for parties [Image 3

Arrangements that match cream cheese with Dundee chocolate are recommended. The bitter taste of Dundee and the sourness of cream cheese combine to create a tiramisu-like taste. You can enjoy a different flavor even if you add berry sauce.
If you stick a pick in it, it will be perfect as a party menu for upcoming Halloween and Christmas, and it will be a cute sweet. We recommend 1/4 cut of cream cheese (4g) for 1 block of Dundee. Introducing the Dundee Lineup
[Image 4

【Product name】
Dundee Vanilla
Product Features
“Dundee Vanilla” has an amazing crunchy texture.
White crunch chocolate and rich vanilla ice cream with a gorgeous vanilla scent are sandwiched with vanilla-flavored monaka.
[Image 5

【Product name】
Dundee chocolate multi
Product Features
Dundee Chocolate, which allows you to enjoy the “surprisingly crunchy texture”, is now a multi-ice cream!
There are 4 pieces in one bag that are just the right size to eat when you are hungry.
[Overview of Dundee Chocolate Products]
By type: Lacto ice
Contents: 160ml
Ingredients: Quasi-chocolate (manufactured in Japan), cookies, monaka, sugar, powdered skim milk, vegetable oil, cocoa,
Cocoa mass, cream, dextrin, fructose, liquor/processed starch, stabilizer (polysaccharide thickener),
Emulsifier, flavoring, caramel pigment, (contains eggs, milk ingredients, wheat, almonds, and soybeans)
Suggested retail price: 194 yen (tax included)
Release date: [Pre-sale] Tuesday, October 11, 2022
[General release] October 24, 2022 (Monday)
Sales destination: [Pre-sale] Seven-Eleven stores nationwide *excluding some stores
[General release] Supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. nationwide Product information URL: https://www.futabafoods.co.jp/catalog/5142/ 【Company Profile】
[Image 6d103381-3-b6d5582d7bede609cb22-5.jpg&s3=103381-3-ed2b076770f63a7c002efeaba333955a-1280x739.jpg
Company name Futaba Foods Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment December 19, 1945
Capital: 492 million yen
Representative Director Sadahiro Saito
Number of employees: 267
Address: 4-1-16 Ichijo, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture 320-0821 Official website: https://www.futabafoods.co.jp/
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