“Gachapin Mook” × Cake.jp collaboration! A nationally popular character combination is now available in cake ca ns! Sales start from October 3 (Monday)

Cake.jp Co., Ltd.
“Gachapin Mook” × Cake.jp collaboration! A nationally popular character combination is now available in cake cans! Sales start from October 3 (Monday)
With acrylic key chain limited to collaboration

Cake.jp Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tokyo
Shinjuku Ward, CEO: Yuki Takahashi) will sell two types of cake cans in collaboration with Japan’s leading character combination “Gachapin Mook” from October 3rd (Monday).
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“Gachapin Mook” is an early childhood education program that began broadcasting in 1973 “Hirake! Ponkikki” appeared. Loved by a wide range of people, they are a character combination representing Japan that has been active in various fields such as TV, events and advertisements for 49 years. This time, two types of cake cans were born as collaboration sweets of “Gachapin Mook”.
This product expresses the loveliness of the two with an original design package and a colored cake inspired by “Gachapin Mukku”. The gachapin can has a melon and raspberry flavor, with layers of melon mousse and raspberry mousse. increase. In addition, an original acrylic key chain limited to Cake.jp collaboration will be included as a bonus. Please enjoy this product that is perfect as a reward for yourself or as a souvenir.
We will continue to expand our product lineup while meeting the diversifying needs of our customers. Through the sweets we deliver, we will provide more happy times to our customers not only for
celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, but also in various everyday scenes.
Product Details
-“Gachapin Mook” cake can set of 2 [with acrylic key chain]- [Image 2d15685-395-fedebf959f576e207bb1-1.png&s3=15685-395-90fa46553c3abbfb6eb05f9ba85f8c47-528x530.png
・Price: 2,600 yen (tax included) *Shipping fee not included
・Number of sets: 1 set of 2 types (250ml each)
・Taste: Canned Gachapin → Melon Framboise flavor
       Mook can → chocolate mixed berry flavor
・Benefits: 8 types of acrylic key chains
*You cannot choose the special acrylic key chain. We will send it randomly from 8 types.
・ Sales page: https://cake.jp/item/3410540/
(C) Gachamuk
“Cake.jp anime” official LINE account is born!
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What is “Cake.jp”, an online shopping site specializing in cakes? [Image 3d15685-395-bcd19dd8de44bfd52be9-2.jpg&s3=15685-395-c806b528df2f6193241344ebc85d74ff-434x116.jpg
Since January 2017, he has been operating Cake.jp, an online shopping site specializing in cakes and sweets. Under the mission of “raising the temperature of the heart with sweets”, we deliver sweets that we really want to eat and give to others. Currently, there are 1 million members, more than 1,500 affiliated stores, and a lineup of 5,000 types. We also develop new products using technology and provide branding support to member stores so that we can provide value beyond the platform.
About Cake.jp Inc.
Company name: Cake.jp Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yuki Takahashi, Representative Director
Headquarters: Nishi-Shinjuku Mitsui Building 1503, 6-24-1
Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment: April 23, 2009
Number of employees: 65 (including part-time workers)
Fiscal year end: December
URL: https://corp.cake.jp/
Inquiries about products
Cake.jp Customer Support
TEL: 03-6869-2226 (10:00-18:00)

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