Gakugakusha Co., Ltd. Information on online tutoring “Individual Teacher Camp” Inquiry Camp, passing unison, and winter seminars

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Information on online tutoring “Individual Teacher Camp” Inquiry Camp, passing unison, winter seminar
Information about Inquiry Camp, passing unison, and winter seminars.
“Individual Teacher Camp” is a popular online tutoring service. This time, we will deliver information about the Inquiry Camp, passing unison, and the winter seminar. Please use “Individual Teacher Camp” for your child’s home learning.
▼Please see below for details on how to use and fees.
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・Inquiry Camp
This time, the “Inquiry Camp” will start to support inquiry-based learning. Cultivate the ability to learn and think for oneself, and nurture the skills needed after entering society.
[Program flow]
Week 1: Problem Discovery
 While talking with teachers and peers, find a theme to explore. Week 2: Organize and analyze
I will organize the information I have collected and analyze it to find an answer that I can convince myself of.
Week 3: Summary/Expression
In order to convey what you have learned to others, think of an easy-to-understand way to summarize.
Week 4: Presentation
You will actually make a presentation and complete your study. [October is a trial period]
In the Investigation Camp, one theme will be completed in 4 weeks, but you can easily experience it in 2 weeks as a trial period in October. Trial special price 2,200 yen (tax included)
Monday: unit
Wednesday: SDGs
Saturday: Japanese culture
Date: Monday-Saturday 16:00-16:40 *Excluding holidays
Target grade: Elementary 1 to Elementary 4
Fee: 6,600 yen (tax included) / 4 times a month
Instruction format: online small group instruction (1 teacher: 4 students) ▼ For details, please see the URL below.
・Passed unison
Passing unison that thoroughly supports reversal passing after 4 months. This course provides coaching and mental support for university entrance exams. All teachers are professionals who plan their lessons. At pass unison, only the teachers who have passed the difficult university entrance exam by making their own study plan will be in charge of your support.
[Teachers support your learning rhythm! ]
・Study log
The “study log” is a system that records what and how much you have studied and submits it to the secretariat every day. By submitting daily, you can continue learning with a sense of tension.
・Worry consultation service
Even if you make a solid plan and study, you may feel uneasy when things don’t go according to plan or your grades don’t follow. Pass unison allows you to write your concerns and worries on LINE at any time. Writing is possible 24 hours a day.
・ Weekly interview
We will have a meeting with the teacher once a week to check the progress of the plan. We look back on the issues that arise during the week of study and think about how to solve them.
Course format: Daily progress check + weekly individual interview Target grade: high school 1 to high 3, high school graduates Price: 33,000 yen (tax included)/month
Interview time: Determined after consultation with the teacher. ▼ For details, please see the URL below.
・[11/25 (Friday) – 1/7 (Saturday) Winter training session is open] Individual Teacher Camp’s winter training session supports online tutoring to improve academic skills in winter.
One teacher: We have prepared a “private tutoring course” that allows you to study thoroughly with tutoring for two students, so you can use it according to your learning style.
Schedule: 11/25 (Fri) – 1/7 (Sat)
Time: 40 minutes per frame
Format: Online tutoring private tutoring course (1 teacher: 2 students) Price: 7,700 yen (tax included) for 4 frames
[Recommended course]
1st to 6th Elementary School Ability Training Course for Elementary School Students
5th and 6th Elementary School Examination Course for Public Junior and Senior High Schools
5th and 6th grade private middle school examination course
Middle school 1st to 3rd grade junior high school ability training course Middle 3 target: public high school exam course
Middle 3 target private high school entrance exam course
High School 1st and 2nd High School Ability Training Course
High school 3rd year university entrance exam course
▼ Please check the details of the winter training session of the individual teacher camp from the following.
・What is Individual Teacher Camp?
[Image 2

Individual Tutor Camp is an online tutoring service that includes preparation for regular tests in line with textbooks, establishment of basic skills for preparing for exams, and preparation for entrance exams.
We have prepared three courses: “Individual Instruction Course”, “Independent Study Course”, and “Video Lesson Course”. We will guide you using the designated teaching materials according to each course and course content.
The teachers are all enrolled in national universities, private universities, and medical schools, such as the University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Hitotsubashi University, Waseda University, Keio University, and GMARCH. No matter where you live in Japan, you can receive guidance from talented and popular teachers. We will focus on hospitality and strive to provide gentle and polite guidance.
■ Contact: Individual Teacher Camp Secretariat [0120-251-511] (Reception: 15:00-21:00, excluding Sundays and holidays)
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