Game “Nintama Rantaro Mugen’s Pot Runaway Stage” Service Starts October 24th (Monday)

GK Narconal
Game “Nintama Rantaro Mugen’s Pot Runaway Stage” Service Starts October 24th (Monday)

GK Narconal (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuichiro Taniguchi) is a new smartphone game “Nintama Rantaro Mugen’s Pot Runaway Stage” (hereinafter referred to as “Nintsubo”), which is currently accepting pre-registration. will start from October 24th (Monday).
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■ Service starts on Monday, October 24th!
The service start date of “Shinobi Tsubo” has been decided on October 24th (Monday).
Advance download has also started and can be done from the following URL. Please wait for a while until the service starts.
■ Pre-download URL
■ About the game
The anime “Nintama Rantaro”, which is currently airing on NHKE TV, which celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, is now available as an easy-to-operate puzzle game that anyone from children to adults can easily enjoy. It is set to be delivered this fall.
In “Nintama Rantaro Mugen’s Big Runaway Stage”, clear the stage while collecting unique Nintama in order to destroy the mysterious pot that can copy anything that Happousai got. I will continue.
More than 30 ninjas appear, each with different attack power and special abilities, and up to 7 people can be combined as a unit to challenge the wild animals and copy ninjas that appear one after another.
It is full of training elements such as strengthening characters through re-training, and replay elements that aim to achieve various tasks.
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■ Pre-registration benefits and registration method
Pre-register by registering your email address on the official website (URL: of “Nintama Rantaro Mugen’s Pot Runaway Stage” during the campaign period, or by following the official game account on Twitter. is completed.
Items and characters that can be used in the game will be presented to everyone according to the number of pre-registered people.
Achieved 10,000 people: Rainbow crystal for 2 gachas
Achieved 20,000 people: Rainbow crystal for 3 gachas
Achieved 30,000 people: Rainbow crystal for 5 gachas
Achieved 40,000 people: Rainbow crystal for 10 gachas
Achieved 50,000 people: [Reliable teacher] Hansuke Doi (Pre-registration only) * The pre-registration benefits at the time of reaching 50,000 people will be “[Reliable teacher] Hansuke Doi” and “Rainbow crystal for 20 gachas”.
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In addition, the official website introduces the game system and some screenshots of the game screen under development. The official Twitter also tweets about the latest information about the game, so please follow us.
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■ Product overview
Title name: Nintama Rantaro Mugen’s Pot Runaway Stage
Scheduled release: Autumn 2022
Genre: Role-playing
Platform: App Store/Google Play
Delivery country: Japan
Body price: Free (item charge)
■ About Narconal LLC
Narconal Limited Liability Company is a company created with the idea of ​​“delivering wonderful Japanese content to the world through various channels”. Through the game business, we will deliver wonderful Japanese content to customers all over the world.
Representative: Yuichiro Taniguchi
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