GamingD Co., Ltd. Scheduled to start renting outdoor live distribution equipment using cloud communication in 2023

Gaming D Co., Ltd.
Scheduled to start renting outdoor live distribution equipment using cloud communication in 2023
Gaming team DETONATOR challenges uninhabited island survival distribution using actual equipment October 15th and 16th

GamingD Co., Ltd. (President Masaru Ejiri) is a live distribution equipment rental business for influencers in preparation for the future demand for outdoor live distribution, utilizing the gaming team developed under the DETONATOR brand and business experience in live distribution. is scheduled to start in 2023. So far, our own gaming team DETONATOR has tested various outdoor distributions such as campgrounds and exhibition events in Japan, and Austria overseas, but outdoor live distribution requires expertise in communication and video. You can Therefore, we wanted to provide an environment where all influencers can more easily broadcast outdoors. This time, on October 15th and 16th, we will test the distribution on an uninhabited island where radio wave conditions are expected to be severe, confirming whether sufficient live distribution quality can be secured outdoors, and planning to start the rental business next year. I’m planning to connect with.
Outdoor live distribution is different from indoor stable broadband environment, and the location of live distribution is always different. Therefore, it is always necessary to check in advance which telecommunications company is easy to connect to at that location. Especially in mountainous areas such as camping, there are differences in the ease of connection depending on the communication company. In order to deliver high-quality content to viewers even with unstable mobile communication, GamingD Co., Ltd. uses a cloud communication technology that can automatically provide comfortable communication for each location of live distribution from among multiple
communication companies. I’ve been paying attention to Among them, I encountered a cloud SIM type mobile communication service [DoRACOON] (provided by NTT Media), which provides communication quality that can withstand live distribution for corporations, not for individuals, and this outdoor live distribution. It is used as communication equipment for
* DoRACOON equipment (YT65) is for domestic use only.
Furthermore, for outdoor live distribution, there are examples of using smartphones as a relatively easy method to introduce, but with one communication line, the live broadcast is often interrupted in the middle. To solve this problem, we plan to provide a service that combines multiple mobile communication lines into one line with a channel bonding system that makes it easy to ensure the continuity of communication.
Until now, these services could only be used by experts with knowledge of communication and outdoor video equipment, but we plan to provide them as a service that can be easily used by all influencers by the start of rental in 2023. .
A test of outdoor live streaming in Austria. We have adjusted the specifications to be a lightweight, compact, and easy-to-use service for influencers.
-Uninhabited island survival program using outdoor live streaming equipment- Date: Saturday, October 15, 8:00-22:00 (tentative)
October 16 (Sun) Early morning – 12:00 (planned)

・ Suruga Monkey Channel:
・ Mukai Channel:
Scheduled for live distribution on a total of 3 channels
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