GEEKPLUS Receives Good Design Award for 6th Generation AGV (P800 V6.0) Transfer Robot

GEEKPLUS Receives Good Design Award for 6th Generation AGV (P800 V6.0) Transfer Robot

The 6th generation picking AGV (P800 V6.0) of GEEKPLUS Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yamato Kato, hereinafter referred to as GEEKPLUS), which develops and provides logistics robots, won the Good Design Award. .
The award is based on judging from both aspects of product design and performance, and this time the overall evaluation of the product’s function, ease of use, and the harmony of its design led to the award. [Image

[Evaluation comments from judges]
This product is a thin, high-speed intelligent transfer robot with a simple and functional exterior design.
Equipped with a multi-functional light that allows you to see the status of the robot from various directions, such as movement and turning, rotation on the spot, remaining battery power, etc., and a human recognition sensor that allows you to avoid or stop when a person approaches. Sufficient consideration is also made. The design of the award-winning AGV, which was recognized for providing solutions to problems such as the aging population, declining population, and rising labor costs, has improved functionality and features the industry’s thinnest body and fastest speed. , We will continue to strengthen solutions to solve logistics problems with safety. Good Design Award website introduction page ■P800 V6.0 design concept
1. -World’s thinnest-The thickness of the body has been reduced to 195mm, about one-third that of the 5th generation, making it the world’s thinnest. Further increase shelf storage capacity.
2. – Traveling speed – Achieved a speed of 2.3m/s, marking a new industry record, 15% higher than the conventional model. Achieved robot saving and productivity improvement.
3. -Safety–Equipped with a weight sensor that detects the position of the center of gravity of the shelf in real time and automatically matches the optimum operating parameters accordingly to ensure stable high-speed running of the shelf.
4. -System upgrade- For problems with AGV running due to poor reading of the 2D code on the warehouse floor and obstacles, use the system algorithm to reacquire 2D code information, combine with autonomous positioning technology, real time Continue running after correction. Reduced maintenance burden and realized stable operation.
5. -Improved Visibility-Three-dimensional LED indicator design improves visibility of AGV status while driving at high speed. ■ About Geek Plus Co., Ltd.
Geek+ was founded in Beijing, China in 2015. We have successfully introduced more than 20,000 autonomous collaborative robots from 200 companies globally, making us a unicorn company with the world’s top share. The Japanese subsidiary was established in 2017. It has been introduced one after another by major logistics players, and is a company with the top share in Japan with more than 2,000 units introduced in Japan.
As a solution to the worsening labor shortage and the rapidly expanding demand for logistics, we aim to co-create a new logistics standard by utilizing next-generation robotics technology.
■ What is the Good Design Award?
The Good Design Award is an activity to improve our lives and society through design. Since its inception in 1957, it has been widely popular along with the symbol mark “G mark”.
The Good Design Award is given to various things that surround us, such as products, architecture, software, systems, and services. Regardless of whether it has a form or not, we consider design to be something that people have built to achieve some kind of ideal or purpose, and we evaluate and honor the quality of that design. Furthermore, in an increasingly complex society, design is required to solve problems and discover new themes, and expectations for design are increasing. Through judging and various promotions, the Good Design Award aims to support those who see the potential of design, expand what design can do and the areas where design can be utilized, and aim for a society where each and every one of us can live a rich and creative life. I’m here.

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