General Incorporated Association BIG BLUES “BIG BLUES” will issue additional tokens at “FiNANCiE” at the start of the new season!

General Incorporated Association BIG BLUES
“BIG BLUES” will additionally issue the second token at “FiNANCiE” at the start of the new season!
Through token issuance, BIG BLUES will work with fans to achieve two things: social “value” and team “win”.

General Incorporated Association BIG BLUES (Representative Director: Ken Shimomura) will issue additional BB Club Tokens through “FiNANCiE” provided by Financier Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Hironao Kunimitsu).
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BIG BLUES, as the first token-issuing community in the Japanese rugby world, conducted its first funding on May 26, 2022. This time, with the opening of the new series, there is a trend to issue additional BB tokens. During the additional funding period (until November 4th), you can purchase BB tokens at a fixed price, so unlike when purchasing tokens on the marketplace, you can purchase them without worrying about price fluctuations.
■ What is BB Token?
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Tokens are digital items that allow new experiences related to club decision-making, and are a “proof” of supporting the BIG BLUES. The more tokens you own, the greater your influence on the operation and planning of BIG BLUES. In addition, if the number of token holders increases, the value of the token may increase, and it is a new form of support that leads to proof of support from the beginning and motivation to continue support for supporters. BIG BLUES tokens will be issued on FiNANCiE as “BB tokens”.
■Building social value through the first token issuance
We purchased a scrum machine with the funds collected from the new generation crowdfunding “Financier” and donated it to the Edogawa Ward Rugby Association (Kasai Rugby Park). Kasai Rugby Park users, junior and senior high school students, and other members of the local community are willing to use it and strengthen it together.
[Video 2:] ■ Advantages of purchasing tokens
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By holding BB tokens, you will be able to vote on part of the operation of the club and receive special benefits (lottery) exclusive to token holders.
■ Purpose of club token issuance
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BIG BLUES will issue tokens for the following two purposes in the rugby world. Introduction of tactical analysis technology app to strengthen the team Hosting the Academy Cup
Introduction of tactical analysis technology app to strengthen the team In order to further strengthen the team’s strategy while aiming for League One, we would like to implement “the introduction of the tactical analysis technology application”. We will use the support money collected from the “Trial Course”, “Token Course”, and “Player Support Course” on the sales menu of this funding for the financial side of these.
Hosting the Academy Cup
It will be an activity to solve the problems of the rugby world, which is active as the vision of the team. Until now, we have jointly operated a rugby academy for elementary and junior high school students to solve the problems of elementary and junior high school students, who have an overwhelming lack of coaches and an environment where they can play rugby. Therefore, we would like to use the support money from this funding to hold the Academy Cup. By holding the Academy Cup, we hope to create opportunities for more children to experience and enjoy rugby.
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By using tokens, BIG BLUES will move forward with the vision of “winning the match and promotion to LEAGUE ONE” and “giving back to the community and society through rugby”.
■Greetings from General Incorporated Association BIG BLUES
Representative Director and GM Takeshi Shimomura
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Various initiatives have become possible through the support obtained from the token issuance by Financier last time. We donated a scrum machine to the Rugby Union in Edogawa Ward, creating a foundation for growing together with local children. We are also taking on the challenge of opening a new academy and increasing the environment where rugby can be played. Also, by voting, the fans’ nickname was decided as [BBer], and the team’s slogan image was decided. In the rugby world, teams and companies other than us have been born to challenge community management with token issuance. It’s not easy to take on new challenges, but once you start taking on challenges, you’ll make more friends. In such a way, the fall season of 2022 has started. We welcome new BBers and are looking for everyone who can walk with the team! Would you like to spend the days of crying and laughing together with us?
■ How to purchase BB tokens
[Image 7d102096-5-b0797d9f3a06c5699f73-7.png&s3=102096-5-b6422c82fbaba90681b6c8512e4b50a9-1112x780.png
After charging FiNANCiE points by credit card payment, convenience store payment, or bank transfer payment within the FiNANCiE app, you can use the points to purchase the desired menu.
*When charging FiNANCiE points by convenience store payment or bank transfer payment, it may take some time for the points to be reflected. Please purchase from the sales menu after the FiNANCiE points are reflected.
* Payment will be made in Japanese Yen. It is not a crypto asset (virtual currency).
■ What is FiNANCiE?
“FiNANCiE” is a new generation in which sports teams and creators aiming for dreams and goals can acquire funds by issuing and selling tokens (FT & NFT), and use the tokens to build a continuous community with supporters. is a crowdfunding service.
Official JETRO PDF:
App: App Store (Supported OS: iOS 13.0 or higher)
App: Google Play (Supported OS: Android 6.0 or higher) ■ Why is it advantageous to purchase tokens at this time?
Benefit point 1.
During the additional funding period (until November 4th), you can purchase tokens at a fixed price, so unlike when purchasing tokens on the marketplace, you can purchase them without worrying about price fluctuations!
Advantageous point 2.
With additional funding, you don’t have to pay transaction fees when purchasing tokens on the marketplace, so you can get tokens at a great price!
■ Precautions
BB Token is not a security under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, nor is it a crypto asset under the Payment Services Act. The owner will receive the total support amount regardless of whether the target amount is reached or not.
Please note that we do not accept refunds or returns.
New items may be added to the sales menu.
The deadline for filling in the application form for receiving benefits is November 4, 2022 (Friday). Applications after that will not be accepted in principle. (If the period is extended, it will be changed.)
Details of events that are eligible for sales menu benefits will be announced separately on the community, club official website, and SNS. Please note that sales menus that have already been purchased cannot be changed. Please note that we may refuse support at our discretion depending on the nature of the benefits. In this case, we cannot respond to inquiries about the reason.
Resale or transfer to a third party is prohibited.
If you use bank transfer payment, you will have to purchase the menu again with the charged FiNANCiE points. Please check the help guide for details.
If you want to know more about “Additional Token Sale”, please see this article. ■About BIG BLUES
[Image 8d102096-5-f3d176798a1957f602a0-9.png&s3=102096-5-286a61351b918de59d901a66afffb510-2336x1252.png
Founded in 1976, BIG BLUES is a rugby team with over 40 years of history. At the beginning of its founding, it was active as a corporate team, and in 2004 it was promoted to the top league (now JAPAN RUGBY LEAGUE ONE) at the time, and boasts a prominent history in the Japanese rugby world. The team was converted into a club team in 2014 and currently belongs to the Top East League C group sponsored by the Kanto Rugby Union.
■ SNS account

Details about this release:


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