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General Incorporated Association Fora releases consistent support from inquiry learning to comprehensive selection. We are looking for affiliated schools that will accompany you for three years from inquiry to entrance examination. Limited to 10 scho

General Incorporated Association Fora
General Incorporated Association Fora releases consistent support from inquiry learning to comprehensive selection. We are looking for affiliated schools that will accompany you for three years from inquiry to entrance examination. Limited to 10 schools nationwide. -Collaboration with Seifukan High School, which has a track record and knowledge of comprehensive selection-

General Incorporated Association Fora, in collaboration with Seifukan High School, has started a three-year total support that deepens students’ interests and awareness of issues through inquiry learning and leads them to university admission using comprehensive selection. rice field. “Seifukan High School”, which has a track record and know-how in teaching comprehensive selection measures, and “General Incorporated Association Fora”, which has a track record of career education and inquiry learning support at a total of 50 schools, collaborated to create a “comprehensive inquiry In addition to aiming to enhance the “time of”, we will support the creation of an environment where all high school students who wish can aim for comprehensive selection.
In addition, the goal of this collaboration is to aim for a three-year consistent curriculum and career guidance, including inquiry learning from the first year of high school, connection to high school and university during the second year of high school, and entrance examinations during the third year of high school. We are looking for “affiliated schools” that will sympathize with us.
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Background of cooperation
■ Introduction and promotion of comprehensive selection
As part of the reforms to connect high schools and universities, “Comprehensive Inquiry Time” will be implemented nationwide from 2022, and “comprehensive selection” will be introduced in university entrance examinations. Currently, many universities have introduced comprehensive selection. I’m here.
In the first place, the comprehensive selection is a comprehensive evaluation based on the application documents, the interview of the practical test, the short essay, etc., and the pass or fail is based on how well the image of the examinee and the image of the student required by the university match. It is an entrance examination that decides, so to speak, it can be said to be a “matching entrance examination”. In other words, thinking about “what, why, and where you want to learn” based on the experience of inquiry learning, which has been aimed at in inquiry learning and career education, will be positively evaluated in university entrance examinations. It can be said that it is an entrance examination reform. In addition, the conventional AO entrance examination and recommendation entrance examination had the image of being something that only a small number of students would take, but in recent years many universities have introduced a comprehensive selection system, creating a new standard. is becoming
■ Problems of comprehensive selection at schools
However, the teaching of students aiming for comprehensive selection is very different from the teaching of subjects centered on five subjects for the general entrance examination so far. can be said to be large. In addition, it is necessary to find a “theme you want to explore” and connect it to your future goals and studies at
university. is. In a field where “busyness” is already a problem, it is often difficult to provide guidance while fumbling for know-how. For this reason, the know-how of comprehensive selection guidance has been accumulated mainly in cram schools, etc., and despite the fact that opportunities are open in the system, within the scope of school education, everyone is not eligible for comprehensive selection. The current situation is that the environment that can reach out to the world has not been realized.
■ Cooperation between specialized cram schools for “comprehensive selection” and specialized operators for “school education support” Therefore, by collaborating with Seifukan High School, which has a track record of teaching comprehensive selection, and Fora, a general incorporated association that has supported inquiry learning and career education, which is the basis of comprehensive selection, for schools, We aim to create an environment in which all students who wish to take on comprehensive selection can take on the challenge of extensive inquiry-based learning and comprehensive selection within the school.
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Aim of support package
[Image 3d87341-9-ecbd21886b06723eb39e-3.png&s3=87341-9-1df4e6201eef38180c3a282db8e424c4-1494x434.png
Accompaniment support for comprehensive selection measures that leads to improvement of career achievements
The reasons why schools have not been able to take measures for comprehensive selection in career guidance so far are that there is no guidance for comprehensive selection and recommendation-type entrance examinations, and the school’s career policy, including parents, There was a tendency to be biased, etc.
However, by appropriately utilizing the comprehensive selection process, there are more than a few students who have two
opportunities, one at the end of the year and the other at the beginning of the year, and their motivation to go on to higher education is evaluated through a comprehensive evaluation, leading to more than a few students advancing to the school of their choice. For this reason, we will provide teacher training and curriculum escort support for comprehensive selection measures, as well as provide teaching materials for comprehensive selection measures, including how to write a statement of purpose and essay/interview preparation. ■ Individual inquiry that draws out students’ interests
In addition, what is important in comprehensive selection is to have the motivation to go on to higher education, asking “what and why do you want to study?”, and inquiry learning is the basis for this. However, there are cases in which students are unable to make sufficient efforts, for reasons such as the focus on group exploration and the inability of individuals to deepen their own interests, and the fear that emphasis on inquiry learning may lead to neglect of subject learning.
For that reason, we provide inquiry learning support from the first year of high school, provide teaching materials for inquiry learning that draws out your own interests, asks questions, and deepens your questions, as well as teacher training and curriculum support. ■ Academic understanding based on the statement of purpose
In order to deepen your understanding of what and where you want to study, which is important in comprehensive selection, it is essential to understand universities and academics, and to connect your own interests and awareness of issues with academics. However, at present, although there are teaching materials that comprehensively introduce learning, there are not enough learning materials that systematically convey what learning is in the first place. The focus is on the implementation of career events, etc. that invite such as, and there are many cases where the understanding remains fragmentary.
For that reason, we provide learning materials and lectures that deepen your academic understanding in stages, such as understanding the academic field itself, understanding each academic field, and understanding the university.

Recruitment of partner schools
[Image 4d87341-9-c1a123ae0005011f92c4-4.png&s3=87341-9-dfeed0ba67f562ded2441d9b336ed78d-1294x594.png
We are looking for partner schools that will work together to achieve “vision 2025” using this framework.
“vision2025” is a 3-year period from 2023 to 2023. In the framework of this collaboration, as a new attractiveness of high schools, a 3-year inquiry learning / career guidance reform that focuses on the utilization of comprehensive selection from the enhancement of inquiry learning. We aim to work together with We provide one-stop support for inquiry-based learning, in which students dig deeper into their own awareness of issues and interests, career education, in which they accumulate questions and studies in inquiry-based learning, and entrance examination preparation for comprehensive selection. Specifically, teacher training for the entire school, curriculum development support from inquiry learning to comprehensive selection measures throughout the three years, provision of teaching materials that students can actually work on at each stage, and lectures for parents. We will give priority guidance to individual tutoring cram schools for students who aim to enter a society, a difficult university, etc. Please feel free to contact us first.
You can also check our partner schools and consistent support support from this website.
ー vision2025 partner school application guidelines ー
Target: High schools and secondary schools nationwide
Recruitment period: October 18, 2022 (Tuesday) 10:00 to December 28, 2022 (Wednesday) 18:00
Recruiting schools: 10 schools
We welcome schools that:
・Since we are already focusing on inquiry learning, we would like to connect it to our achievements in advancing to higher education. ・I want to promote inquiry-based learning and comprehensive selection as a whole school.
・I want to improve the passing record of comprehensive selection How to apply: Please contact us by filling in the inquiry form of the general incorporated association Fora ( to indicate that you are participating in an affiliated school. After receiving your inquiry, we will provide detailed information. Partnership period: April 2023 to March 2026 (3 years)
Minimum number of students: 50 or more per school
Cost: Teaching materials purchase only (please contact us for a quote) *During the partnership period, curriculum review and teacher training are included in the above teaching material purchase fee. Please note that from 2026 onwards, the service will be provided for a fee. Representative comment
■ General Incorporated Association Fora Representative Director Takumi Fujimura [Image 5d87341-9-6eee0b4dd5417271b301-9.jpg&s3=87341-9-387ef58e49a520fb8e23fec12d9f2b7c-816x816.jpg
Since 2016, while supporting career education and inquiry learning at various schools, I have met enthusiastic teachers and have cooperated with them in creating curricula and teaching materials, providing classes, and discussing educational evaluations. I was.
However, in order not to limit this initiative to a limited
initiative, but to promote it throughout the school and widely in various schools, it is necessary to link it with university entrance examinations, especially with inquiry-based learning and career education. I felt that it was essential to link with the comprehensive selection that is compatible.
Through this collaboration, through learning materials and training that incorporates the knowledge of Seifukan High School, which has many achievements in comprehensive selection measures, we will support schools that challenge comprehensive selection, which has been opaque and black box until now. I wish I could connect to. As a result, we will further enhance inquiry-based learning and career education, which are the basis of comprehensive selection, so that students will deepen their interests and interests in high school and will go on to university with the desire and ability to continue learning. I hope we can create a virtuous cycle together.
Seifukan High School Representative Daisho Okauchi
In today’s rapidly changing world, students are required to have the ability to face “questions without answers.”
[Image 6d87341-9-5cc65406382931bfc623-8.jpg&s3=87341-9-b587484c533019c3d961c346a83fb1cf-1900x1963.jpg
I believe that inquiry-based learning has the potential to cover the skills that could not be cultivated in the conventional 5 subjects and 7 subjects. However, the understanding and knowledge of inquiry learning have not yet spread. If things go on like this, the students will be in trouble in the future. We will operate with the desire to save students from the crisis as soon as possible. In these days when the importance of inquiry-based learning is being questioned, I think that educational institutions are required to show how that inquiry will lead to the future of students. We believe that recommendation entrance examinations, including comprehensive selection, are one way to connect that future with exploration. That is why, through this collaboration, we hope that by providing schools with the inquiry learning of General Incorporated Association Fora and the
comprehensive selection that we have cultivated, we will increase the options for students at each school.

Corporate information
▼General Incorporated Association Fora
General Incorporated Association Fora ( has set the educational goal of “enhancing the motivation and ability of students to continue learning” for junior high and high schools, and for more than 50 schools , conducts inquiry-based learning programs and career education. In addition to providing programs to more than 30,000 high school students so far, we also develop new workshops for high school students with companies and others, and consult on school education. In particular, prior to the implementation of inquiry-based learning, which will be introduced in earnest in 2022, we have been providing preliminary support since 2018. increase.
▼Seifukan High School
Our school ( is a high school that emphasizes career education, such as high school students doing corporate internships, 1on1 with working adults, school management and regional revitalization. The school is scheduled to open in Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture in April 2023, and about 30 high school students are already active as the 0th generation. Since the AO entrance examination professionals have prepared the foundation, one of the features is that you can aim for university admission with Japan’s top class know-how.

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