General Incorporated Association JCBI Jointly announced “Guidelines for random sales of NFTs”

Japan Content Blockchain Initiative
Jointly published “Guidelines for random sales of NFTs”
– Formulated in collaboration with four related organizations –
The Japan Contents Blockchain Initiative (general incorporated association Japan Contents Blockchain Initiative, abbreviated as JCBI, general incorporated association) and its Copyright Distribution Subcommittee, which has 50 companies, mainly companies related to the content industry, In order to facilitate and revitalize content distribution, we have collaborated with four related organizations to formulate the following “Guidelines for random sales of NFTs” and announce them today.
-Joint publication group-
Japan Crypto Asset Business Association (JCBA)
Japan Blockchain Association (JBA)
Blockchain Promotion Association (BCCC)
Sports Ecosystem Promotion Council (C-SEP)
-Guidelines for NFT random sales- (see attachment)
*These guidelines are the same as those posted on the JCBA, JBA, BCCC, and C-SEP websites.
-What is the Japan Contents Blockchain Initiative Copyright
Distribution Subcommittee?-
A working group on systems and laws jointly established by JCBI and legal practitioners. By using blockchain technology for licensing (content management and licensing), the main purpose is to build a highly convenient and versatile copyright distribution framework for both licensors and licensees.
[Section management]
Head of Section Kottodori Law Firm Kentaro Okamoto (Lawyer)
Vice Chairman Mercari, Inc. Kosuke Nagai (Lawyer)
Vice Chairperson Waseda Legal Commons Law Firm Yuto Inamura (Lawyer) JCBI will continue to work on improving the trading environment, including appropriate rules for facilitating and revitalizing content distribution, and will continue to contribute to the development of the content industry.
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Japan Contents Blockchain Initiative Secretariat

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