General Incorporated Association Manani Artist Chilipepper’s Painting and general incorporated association manani launched a project “Dialogue” to support rescue dogs with the power of art!

General Incorporated Association Manani
Artist Chilipepper’s Painting and general incorporated association manani launched a project “Dialogue” to support rescue dogs with the power of art!
From November 1, 2022 (Tuesday, Dog Day), we will start selling support items such as limited paintings through crowdfunding!
The funds collected will be used to interact with “dogs,” which are implemented at elementary schools nationwide.
We will produce it as a new teaching material for classes that provides the opportunity to “be interested in, feel, and think about life.”
Chilipepper’s Painting (Headquarters: Nevada, USA, hereinafter Chilipepper) and general incorporated association manani
(Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter Manani) have launched a joint project called “Dialogue” to support rescue dogs through the power of art. We will start. Furthermore, in conjunction with the launch of this project, we will start crowdfunding from November 1, 2022 (Tuesday) to sell limited art and limited products with them. *November 1st is called “Dog Day” because of the pun that reads “One (1) One (1) One (1)”, which is the sound of a dog barking. )” will be launched.
[Image 1d72003-3-7f6d7a79acd75ee7c0ae-0.jpg&s3=72003-3-cbd393be16e03e83679ceae510896406-1601x1068.jpg
■ Goals of the Dialogue Project
There are about 27,635 rescue dogs in Japan. (From the statistical material “Acquisition of Dogs and Cats, Containment and Disposal of Injured Animals”)
There are two major issues that prevent us from “welcoming” rescue dogs in Japan.
1. It is not an environment that anyone can “welcome” (because it is a house that cannot be raised, it is allergic, etc…)
In this project, we will provide actions that can support protected dogs from the aspect of art, even if they cannot be protected. 2. Convey a wide and rich image from the aspect of art.
When we think of rescue dogs, we tend to think of them as “dogs waiting to be rescued”, but we want to convey the rich image of waiting to meet new families.
■ Flow of support
[Image 2d72003-3-7e74c877e3162c1cf92c-1.png&s3=72003-3-f491e0e4b15173b583bc696d7832221c-918x517.png
▼ Crowdfunding page (in CAMPFIRE)
* Scheduled to be released on Tuesday, November 1st.
■ Chilipepper’s Painting Yasuyo Corbett
[Image 3d72003-3-f423750501b5cddf6996-2.jpg&s3=72003-3-e97e79f560130b7a23bb6da9b6e22780-685x688.jpg
Artist activity mainly in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA. Engage in creative positions throughout your career and enhance your creativity. After becoming independent as an artist, he witnessed the abnormal weather and wildfires that hit the western United States. Mainly using acrylic paints and acrylic gouache, he incorporates clear and colorful colors to give kindness and courage. His paintings, which are inspired by the rich natural environment and the daily encounters with animals, create the feeling of having a dialogue with the animal scenery. He has worked on many works with motifs of animals that are close to real life, such as “dogs” and “bears”, and values ​​the message that throws the universal theme of “coexistence with animals” that has been spun from ancient times to modern society. ing.
Chilipepper’s Painting Exhibition @No.10 Dec. 2021
Chilipepper’s Painting Exhibition @Incline Village Library Sep.- Oct. 2022 ▷ Market (Selling)
Tahoe Local Juice shop and Cafe
Thania’s Jouce Shop
Sunshine Deli
Tahoe North Art Center, Kings Beach
North Tahoe Arts
[Image 4d72003-3-cddd173883b1493a5771-3.png&s3=72003-3-30abfeba4c713e6329bd81f94171455c-1097x308.png
■ General Incorporated Association manani Director, Program
Development, Lecturer Dai Suzaki
[Image 5d72003-3-6e7f697ee4353e550756-4.png&s3=72003-3-0a4a27310cec22f8864d989fbf45a87e-304x285.png
Based on his practical experience and the study of animal behavior and psychology, he has researched the mutual relationships between humans and dogs and between humans as his life work. In recent years, he has been working as a lecturer at companies, local governments, hotels, etc. on the theme of “communication learned from animals” for working adults. At manani, he is also in charge of program development and is involved in the field of animal-assisted education for elementary school students. In addition, he is also a representative of DOGSHIP LLC, a member of the Japan Society for Moral Education, and a director of the Japan Pet Toothpaste Promotion Association.
[Image 6d72003-3-474ca56927961bef0d45-5.png&s3=72003-3-9eae746014b921a94ad14d9338b885f5-283x285.png
Manani, a general incorporated association, conducts classes in elementary school life studies and ethics classes throughout the country, which are supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Ministry of the Environment. increase. By learning the importance of “life”, there are many things that can be learned only by interacting with actual dogs, such as the warmth and cuteness of dogs, the differences in personality between individuals, and how to feel happy when interacting with dogs. Elementary schools are based on the idea that children can “realize a society in which people and pets can coexist” while caring for each other by having opportunities for “correct understanding” and “appropriate contact” with animals during the growth process. We aim to create an environment where “animal-assisted education” is a matter of course in education.
Official website:
“Dialogue” project overview
Project name:
Support rescue dogs with the power of art! “Dialogue” project by artist Chilipepper’s Painting and general incorporated association manani
Target amount:
800,000 yen
Project contents:
Chilipepper’s Painting creates a dialogue between people and rescue dogs through paintings of rescue dogs, creating a cycle in which more people can participate in actions to reduce the number of rescue dogs. In return, we have prepared a one-of-a-kind painting drawn by Chilipepper’s Painting and living items with paintings. Part of the collected funds will be used to support the teaching materials system and school education of Manani’s animal-assisted education program. Chilipepper’s Painting was created by imagining the scene where the actual rescued dogs meet their new families. A variety of situations are assumed by combining the wish and imagination of “I wish this child would be like this”. I try to use clear colors that have a strong impact, and I use colors that are full of energy so that the people who see them will feel brighter and more empowered by the colors.
*This is a picture (top) of an actual rescue dog (bottom).
[Image 7d72003-3-6e2ca6a63a8c98449bfd-6.png&s3=72003-3-39d41b0f7e1de5cf164906309e8237cd-940x571.png
*Other returns
[Image 8d72003-3-e8c9fc05719d23b86589-7.jpg&s3=72003-3-98a31982904e98a5793055119754275b-1601x1068.jpg
[Image 9d72003-3-e950fc276addf1574a88-8.jpg&s3=72003-3-ffc27faea6f9dc2953c32ff96bebc3d4-1601x1068.jpg
[Image 10d72003-3-0410a897675a2280c11f-9.jpg&s3=72003-3-d0c47c7073a744595f0527df711b4daf-2010x2010.jpg
[Image 11d72003-3-1e51e66f5170f1aafa21-10.png&s3=72003-3-75083989c255d931dc6074750027f189-334x222.png

At the Dialogue Project launch press conference held on October 4 (Tuesday) (Mr. Takahashi from DO ONE GOOD, who has supported the launch of Dialogue this time, and Mr. Ikegami, Representative Director of Heart in Heart ZR)
[Image 12d72003-3-a4c43446a5815a9856ff-11.jpg&s3=72003-3-ea4bae4cddc2c760866a91d6d17195fd-3900x2925.jpg

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