General Incorporated Association Minamisanriku Tourism Association -Enjoy with alcohol and Sanriku ingredients- Minamisanriku Marche held on October 22nd (Sat) in conjunction with wine tourism!

Minamisanriku Tourist Association
-Enjoy with alcohol and Sanriku ingredients- Minamisanriku Marche will be held on October 22nd (Sat) in conjunction with wine tourism! The 2nd Minamisanriku Marche, a Marche event centered on sake and Sanriku ingredients, will be held on Saturday, October 22nd at the Shizugawa temporary fish market facing the sea of ​​Minamisanriku.
In conjunction with “Wine Tourism Sanriku” to be held on October 22nd and 23rd, Minami Sanriku Marche (8 stores) will be held with a focus on “Sanriku ingredients” such as scallops and “liquor” such as wine from Minamisanriku wineries. scheduled) will be held.
The Minami Sanriku Marche will be held for the second time starting this year with the theme of “delicious, fun, and meeting smiles.” Let’s all enjoy the autumn of appetite together, those who make delicious local ingredients, those who taste ingredients and sake. [Image 1d32102-44-0def1aec209d0cb9e417-0.jpg&s3=32102-44-2fbe2a8b4b51ed8d617b6f9a26d13601-1280x670.jpg
Highlights of this Minamisanriku Marche
・A total of 8 stores (planned) will be opened, focusing on sake and Sanriku ingredients!
・This is the first time! An interlocking project with “Wine Tourism Sanriku”. ・Minamisanriku-cho’s original accommodation campaign is being held. Even if you enjoy drinking, you can stay at a great price.
Overview of the event
Holding period: Saturday, October 22, 2022
Business hours: 11:00-16:00
Venue: Shizugawa Temporary Fish Market
Shops using delicious local ingredients open
[Image 2d32102-44-83294a09e6d4dbeb7e01-4.jpg&s3=32102-44-441a765c920cabbd08cad993cde24979-1920x1080.jpg
▼Participating companies/services (partially scheduled to be added at any time) ・Natural egg crepe
Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture. The crepes are made with “Rao” eggs from Minami Sanriku chickens that are particular about food, water, and breeding methods. It is a popular kitchen car for mobile sales.
・Takahashi Eisaku Shoten
Eisaku Takahashi, who moved to Minamisanriku-cho from Osaka, opens stalls at festivals and beach houses. This time, we are planning to offer rice combined with wine.
・Oizen Co., Ltd.
A kamaboko shop that has been run for generations in
Minamisanriku-cho. This time, we are preparing appetizers that go well with sake. A lineup of deep-fried octopus using octopus, a specialty of Minamisanriku, and sasakama tempura.
・Taito Maru
Taitomaru has been a local fisherman since before the earthquake. This time, we will serve grilled sea squirts and scallops unique to Sanriku. Enjoy seafood that goes well with sake.
・Wa sian-cafe aimaki
A restaurant that runs Thai cuisine in Minamisanriku-cho. The owner, who has been trained in Thailand, carefully prepares a menu that matches the wine.
・cafe tetote
Next to Minamisanriku, we offer dishes with ingredients from Tome City’s discerning producers. Please enjoy rice and sweets that even children can eat with confidence.
What is Wine Tourism Sanriku?
[Image 3d32102-44-f8aba8c7ac00943069bc-2.jpg&s3=32102-44-47e3bd0bd0ca1849c3f9746caa0a9e97-2264x1102.jpg
With the slogan, “From Sanriku to the whole country, to the world”, we will shuttle four cities: Ofunato City and Rikuzentakata City in Iwate Prefecture, Kesennuma City in Miyagi Prefecture, and Minamisanriku Town. “Wine Tourism Sanriku 2022” will be held for the first time from October 22nd (Sat) to 23rd (Sun), 2022, where you can travel around by bus and enjoy the wine and food of Sanriku!
“Wine Tourism Sanriku 2022” will involve a total of 9 wineries, including 6 wineries in the above 4 cities and 3 wineries in northern Sanriku, Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture and Noda Village, Iwate Prefecture.
In addition to offering wine made in the Sanriku coastal area and dishes using local Sanriku ingredients, various events and optional tours will be held simultaneously in each area with local businesses. About Minamisanriku Tourist Association
[Image 4d32102-44-bf789777baf003c89c94-5.png&s3=32102-44-6e89083dc96cedeffd1d97036b3fd588-120x150.png
The Minamisanriku Tourist Association was established in 2009. Utilizing the cultural, social, and economic characteristics of Minamisanriku and its surrounding areas, we will promote the attraction of tourists, introduce and advertise tourist spots and tourist products, promote the development of tourist facilities, and improve the quality of tourism-related personnel. We aim to contribute to the improvement of the local lifestyle and culture and the development of the industrial economy, and we are conducting business to achieve that purpose.
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