General Incorporated Association MyDataJapan Commendation of excellent efforts in line with MyData principles as “MyDataJapan Self Award 2022”

My Data Japan
Outstanding efforts in line with MyData principles will be commended as “MyDataJapan Self Award 2022”
Continuing from last year, on “Digital Day”, 4 initiatives will be awarded as “MyDataJapan Self Award 2022”

General Incorporated Association MyDataJapan (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Natsuhiko Sakimura) is an individual, organization, and initiative that incorporates the principles of MyData on “Digital Day” established by the Digital Agency following last year. will be commended as “MyDataJapan Self Award 2022”.

■ About “MyDataJapan Handyman Award 2022”
MyDataJapan, a general incorporated association, is an individual, organization, and initiative that conducts activities in accordance with the “MyData Principles” on the annual “Digital Day” established by the Digital Agency under the title of “MyDataJapan Self Award”. By awarding this award, we will widely publicize our efforts to many citizens and disseminate our efforts from Japan to the world.
*MyData principle In order to realize a fair and sustainable society, MyDataJapan is working to realize a society that empowers individuals by promoting an individual-centered approach to personal data. As one of our activities, we will cooperate with MyData Global, which is
headquartered in Finland, and the hub network that spreads all over the world, not only to spread the idea of ​​MyData to Japan, but also to disseminate to the world the efforts that contribute to MyData in Japan. .
■ Winners of “MyDataJapan Self Award 2022”
[HCS (Human Centric Service) Award]
Award target: “Tell me URL”
Winner: DataSign Inc.
Reason for selection:
“Tell me URL” is a tool that allows you to easily visualize the actual state of external transmission of websites, and is provided free of charge by DataSign as a browser extension.
Currently, a draft ordinance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications concerning the Telecommunications Business Act (external communication discipline) is being discussed, but it is difficult for users to easily check what kind of external
communication is being performed on the website, and the privacy policy Even if there is a description by the business operator, it is difficult for the user to confirm whether it is a correct description. In addition, according to a Nomura Research Institute survey (*1) reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications “Working Group on Handling of User Information Related to Platform Services,” 70% of users do not know the actual state of external transmission. It has been reported.
Under such circumstances, “Tell me URL” makes it possible to easily visualize threats that the general public cannot recognize about the outline of external transmissions that are actually occurring. By having general users install such a tool, they will be able to recognize the actual state of external transmission and provide an opportunity for business operators to respond.
*1: User survey results regarding best practices such as privacy policies and methods of obtaining consent for notification
[Engagement Award]
Awarded: “Corporate Privacy Governance Guidebook ver1.2 in the DX Era” Winner: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Reason for selection:
“Corporate Privacy Governance Guidebook in the DX Era” is a guidebook that summarizes what companies should work on to build privacy governance to gain the trust of society. , ver1.1 was released in 2021, and ver1.2, the latest version, was released in February 2022. This guidebook summarizes from the perspective of corporate governance what companies should do beyond compliance with laws and regulations in order to gain the trust of society. This is a summary of Japan’s current best practices from this perspective. Although it is positioned as a non-binding guidebook, it is updated and published every year to provide companies with information on current industry trends and where they stand, and on their own with transparency and accountability. Principles of MyData in the sense that they can be reflected in corporate activities
This is a very meaningful initiative in line with It is my hope that these efforts will continue in the future and that the number of companies that are trusted by users and society will increase. [Citizen Enlightenment Award]
Awarded: Video “Ellie’s Personal Information Auction”
Winner Name: Apple Inc.
Reason for selection:
In this video, the auction system used in targeting advertisements is expressed as an actual auction. It is a content that is clearly conveyed to the viewer. The method of expression is excellent, and it is believed that it has served as an opportunity for many consumers to think about the data collected on their smartphones and their privacy. , hereby commend.
[Privacy Tech Award]
Awarded to: Pairwise Pseudonymous Identifier (PPID) service
Name of the winner: PPID service providers (Apple Inc. “Hide Email” / DataSign Inc. “Bunsin” / DuckDuckGo, Inc. “Email Protection” / Anonyme Labs, Inc. “MySudo”, etc.)
Reason for selection:
While 3rd party cookies are scheduled to be abolished, multiple efforts are underway to use email addresses as identifiers in order to link individuals and use data held by multiple businesses. However, how many individuals can imagine that the email address they registered to use the service could be used for such purposes? As a mechanism to protect individuals in line with such actions by business operators, an “email address pseudonymization service” that can protect real email addresses by generating a different dummy email address for each service has emerged. ing. This service uses a pseudonymized ID (PPID: Pairwise Pseudonymous Identifier), a technology that prevents the collection and linkage of action history between services by sending a different ID for each service. online news
By generating and using a random email address in various situations where an email address must be used, such as when registering for a newsletter, it has become possible to use it without revealing the individual’s real email address. .
It is with the expectation that this kind of service will develop further in the future that even more people will be able to use it. We have also announced the same on our website.
[About MyDataJapan]
Established in June 2019 as an organization to spread the idea of ​​MyData in Japan. As a member organization, we hold various discussions to realize human-centered services and actively provide opinions on public comments from the government and others. We also host external events, including an annual conference.
[About MyData Global]
An international organization established in October 2018 with its headquarters in Finland as an organization that disseminates the human-centered MyData concept of “empowering individuals by improving their right to self-determination regarding personal data” to the world. is a non-profit organization. There are over 30 local hubs on 6 continents, including MyDataJapan, and over 600 members (including corporations and individuals) from over 50 countries.
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