General Incorporated Association National Old House Restoration Promotion Council Sponsored by Headquarters Introduction to vacant house investment | October 12 (Wednesday) 19:00- Online

National Old House Restoration Promotion Council
[Sponsored by the headquarters] Introduction to investing in vacant houses | October 12 (Wednesday) 19:00- [Online]
Produced by (one company) National Old House Restoration Promotion Council
Over 1,709 vacant and old houses have been refurbished, and the number of members has exceeded about 9,000 (as of September 20, 2022). “Meeting” will be held online from 19:00 on October 12th (Wednesday) to learn the concept of investing in vacant houses.
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◆Everyone! Have you ever thought about something like this?
I want to do something useful for society. I want to contribute to society… I want to think about how I will work in the future… (work style reform) I want to balance work and private life…
I want to consider asset management considering future things… (I am doing…) Looking for ways to utilize inherited properties for the future of myself and the region…
I’m interested in the problem of vacant houses and real estate investment, and I’ve read a lot of books, but I don’t really understand the specifics…
In the “Old House Restoration Investment and Vacant House Utilization Seminar” to be held this time, it is a seminar that even first-timers can understand about old house investment and utilization of old houses in the future.
■ Curriculum of the day
・What are the characteristics of “utilization of empty houses (regeneration of old houses)”? – Four-way business model –
・ “Utilization of vacant houses (regeneration of old houses)” 5 (secret) points for successful investment in old detached houses ・ What are the benefits of investing in old detached house real estate? And what is Demilite?
・Successful cases of “utilization of vacant houses (regeneration of old houses)” will be open to the public on the day only! ~ Full of non-disclosed information ~
・ Over 6,500 members! What is the National Old House Restoration Promotion Council, which has a wealth of know-how?
· Question-and-answer session
■ Reviews from those who have participated in this seminar so far It was very interesting and made me want to learn more. (Mr. H.K, 46 years old, male)

I was very impressed with the points that are completely opposite to the royal road of real estate investment “location requirements” and “good condition”. I was also interested in what I could do with a small investment. (K.K, 54 years old, male)

No matter how you look at it, I felt it was reasonable considering my own experience and attributes in real estate investment. I want to dig deep and practice. (M.K, male in his 50s)

I sympathized with the idea that the restoration of old houses should be practiced not only as a business but also as a social contribution. I learned a lot. Thank you. (Mr. T, male in his 40s)

It was great to be able to hear directly from the experts and be able to ask questions about anything that bothered me. (Ms. S.H. Female in her 30s)

I really felt that the four directions were really like that. Thank you very much. (Ms. R.N. Woman in her 50s)

It was a very familiar seminar. I was thinking of investing in an apartment building, but I would like to consider investing in an old house. (Mr. T.M, male in his 40s)

I thought the benefits were good yield and low risk. In addition, I thought that I could do it with peace of mind because the system was well organized as an organization. (Mr. Mon-chan, male in his 40s) ■ Overview of the seminar
[Table 2: ]

What is the National Old House Restoration Promotion Council? [Image 2d52342-145-b625bcb613977d565e49-1.png&s3=52342-145-3acceb65229224d613c85e54a7cde0da-2394x898.png
■ Council activity results *Total from 2018 to 2022.9.20
Number of general members: 9,022
Old house restoration investment planner (R) certified online course participants: 2,172 (cumulative)
Number of people certified as Old House Revitalization Investment Planner (R): 934 (total)
Number of vacant houses/old houses refurbished: 1,709
Number of vacant house/old house tours held: 924 times
Number of participants in tours of empty and old houses: 5,098 (total) Number of Seminars on Old House Revitalization Investment and Utilization of Vacant Houses: 118 times
Number of participants in old house restoration investment and vacant house utilization seminars: 1,183 (total)
It is a general incorporated association established for the purpose of regenerating old private houses and leading to crime prevention and revitalization of the area.
At this council, we will gather the power of expert committee members in each specialized field, regenerate abandoned vacant houses and the increasing number of old and abandoned houses into something valuable, and generate profits for landlords, landlords, construction companies, etc. Create a mechanism to make it happen. By reforming the
scrap-and-build approach to community development and promoting regeneration, we are conducting activities that lead to crime prevention and revitalization of the town.
What is the structure of the National Old House Restoration Promotion Council? [Image 3d52342-145-c2d7d4aa7d1a16153b74-0.png&s3=52342-145-1d333a4c06f8f447d4ac4b96506235c3-441x450.png
We will make the most of the experience of the council and the wisdom of the expert committee members to help you utilize old houses and create profit models. The council will take responsibility for the support, from accompanying on-site surveys, to proposals for profit models, introduction of specialists in the use of old houses and specialists, and mediation of tenants at the time of remodeling and renovation.
-Outline of Council-
Association name: National Old House Restoration Promotion Council Representative: Chairman Shigeyuki Okuma
Location (headquarters): 3-2-57 Nunoichimachi, Higashiosaka City, Osaka Prefecture 579-8004
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