General Incorporated Association ONE X Started “PiO PARK Ambassador Project” in collaboration with Ota War d!

General Incorporated Association ONE X
Started “PiO PARK Ambassador Project” in collaboration with Ota Ward! A total of 5 events will be held with 8 ambassadors to expand recognition of PiO PARK and promote interaction.

General Incorporated Association ONE X has collaborated with the Ota Ward Department of Industry and Economy to become a “PiO PARK Ambassador” with the aim of further expanding recognition of the exchange space PiO PARK, promoting interaction between users, and eventually revitalizing the local industry in Ota Ward. business” was started. For about half a year, we will work to form a community by communicating the appeal of PiO PARK and further revitalizing industrial exchanges, centering on events planned by PiO PARK ambassadors.
●What is PiO PARK?
PiO PARK is an industrial exchange space established by Ota Ward that aims to create innovation and solve social issues by gathering and interacting with various entities. Located on the 2nd floor of Haneda Innovation City Zone K, the space of about 1,000m2 can be used for events (complete with online distribution equipment) and co-working, and can be used as a place for creating and disseminating new industries with showcasing (exhibition) functions. It’s a space. What is the PiO PARK Ambassador Project?
The PiO PARK ambassador business focuses on the activities of PiOPARK ambassadors, with the aim of building a network and acquiring a fan base by gathering and connecting various entities through information dissemination on SNS, etc., holding events, etc. is.
PiO PARK Ambassadors selected candidates based on the following four points of view, and were certified by the Ota City Department of Industry and Economy after reviewing their activity records, character traits, etc. through interviews, etc.
There are connections with manufacturing companies and fields with high affinity, centering on the three themes of advanced industrial fields (medical, robotics, mobility) advocated by Haneda Innovation City.
have connections with startups
Know-how to solve social issues through public-private partnerships Event planning and management know-how
●PiO PARK Ambassador
The following eight people have been appointed as PiO PARK
ambassadors. (Alphabetical order)
[Image 1

Mao Oshita
Community designer belonging to a major airline
Experienced ground staff at Haneda Airport International Terminal. Selected for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Next Innovator Start 2018 in the 4th term. Experienced the launch of the “Inno-Tabi” practical educational program for high school students to travel and learn in the region, and the “Travel and Learning Council” that aims to scientifically verify the benefits of travel. Currently, as a parallel career, he is promoting the creation of a place to create connections beyond industries such as large companies, startups, and local governments through community design.
[Image 2

Shota Sagiyama
Executive Officer, Beyond Next Ventures Co., Ltd.
After working for an Internet service company and a financial comprehensive human resources service company, he has been in his current position since 2017. Consistently since his previous job, he has been working on the problem of shortage of management personnel in the deep tech area, and in his current position, he operates the largest management personnel training program in the deep tech area, “INNOVATION LEADERS PROGRAM”. It has produced many entrepreneurs and in-house entrepreneurs. Our mission is to support the challengers who create the future.

[Image 3

Nobutake Sato
Prime Assistance Co., Ltd. (Domicile: Sompo Japan) New Business Development Office Manager
Work Design Lab Partner
Japan French Fries Association Business Designer
A parallel worker who lives with the motto “Party life”. Career # is “IT” x “Management Planning” x “New Business Development”. In pursuit of fun and connections, in addition to his main business, he also conducts external project activities and multiple businesses such as regional revitalization, community management, organization and human resource development.
[Image 4

Tatsuo Shimada
Director of Dot Life Co., Ltd.
Joined Net Protections Co., Ltd. after graduating from Waseda University. After working in post-paid business sales, in-house information revitalization project, new business, etc., engaged in project management, etc. for management business at the think tank Sophia Bank, and participated in the launch of Dot Life. Since 2017, he has been involved in the Cabinet Office “Let’s go to the border of Japan!” project.

[Image 5

Ayako Takino
Seconded to a central government office First-class architect 2014-2022: Joined Organization Design Office
2020: Selected for CHANGE by ONEJAPAN
2020: Selected as “Startup next innovator” sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
2022: Seconded to central government offices
In his previous job, he worked at an organizational design office, where he designed 23 buildings of 18 types of public facilities, such as government buildings, fire stations, and elementary schools, to enhance the attractiveness of various organizations and solve problems. His mission as an architect is to “change the untouched world through architecture.”
[Image 6

Keigo Nakajima
Jizaie Co., Ltd. / Recruitment / Director
My favorite phrase is “Yatteko!” Lives in Unoki, Ota Ward. Born in Saku City, Nagano Prefecture.
At his current job, Jizaie Co., Ltd., he is challenging the social implementation of advanced technology with the slogan “Towards a world where everyone can work beyond time and space.” Involved in the development and operation of “Aiai Automobile”, a product aimed at solving mobility problems for elderly people in depopulated areas, which was involved in Recruit’s new business development office, and has an interest in local communities and coexistence. After working as a content director at a startup company in Tokyo that develops local SNS, he is currently in his current position.
[Image 7

Moka Namiki
Enrolled in Faculty of Law, Keio University
Born in Yamanashi Prefecture. Lives in Ota Ward.
After volunteering in Indonesia, he is involved in event planning. In addition, as an intern at ONEX, he is in charge of planning interviews with the president of small factories and hosting events.
Currently, she has a lot of interest in planning and managing the Yamanashison event for high school students, as well as being involved in the field of nursing.
[Image 8

Koichiro Hiruta
Director and CCO, Public-Private Partnership Research Institute Co., Ltd. A former super civil servant who promotes co-creation between local governments and companies with the aim of solving increasingly complex social issues. In 2020, I changed my job from a civil servant to a startup.
When working at Okazaki City Hall, he rented a vacant store in the shopping district and created a third place community. In 2017, Code for AICHI started “Civic Tech” activities. [Activities that connect people and people, and people and regions], and work on regional revitalization through connections that transcend boundaries. ● Upcoming events
Utilizing PiO PARK, we will hold events focused on the three themes of Haneda Innovation City (medical, robotics, mobility) and the advanced industrial fields targeted by Ota Ward.
In addition, we will share the know-how of holding the event with everyone by publishing the meeting between the ambassador and the management team regarding the event as an online event, writing an article, and posting it on SNS.
We aim to create opportunities that satisfy not only those who are interested in this event theme and Ota City, but also those who are interested in event and community management, and ambassador business construction.
The main event schedule is as follows. Details will be announced later. [Image 9d82722-10-452e4682733e1d00bc20-10.jpg&s3=82722-10-940edc401fefee0df9266505d7b9d971-960x540.jpg

● Ambassador Business Operation Support Team
The operation of this project will be entrusted to ONE X, a general incorporated association that has a large number of events and community operations, and has many achievements centered on supporting government and local companies.
[Image 10d82722-10-f85a1eff8dae4c0476ef-9.jpg&s3=82722-10-bf8deb01580320ca49af45532fc4953a-960x540.jpg

● Those who are interested in this initiative
We are planning to introduce a community support tool in the future, but if you are interested at this time, please apply using the form below. We will inform you about the event and the URL for viewing on the day.
Application form:

Details about this release:


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