General Incorporated Association Startup Ecosystem Association Notice of establishment of working group and appointment of director in charge

Startup Ecosystem Association
Notice of establishment of working group and appointment of director in charge
The Startup Ecosystem Association (Location: Shibuya, Tokyo) was established with the goal of realizing an environment and ecosystem (ecosystem) where many startups can be born, grow, and ultimately contribute to economic development. Ward, abbreviated as SEAJ) is pleased to announce that Mr. Yusuke Asakura, Mr. Shunsuke Karasawa, and Ms. Moeko Suzuki have been appointed as new directors as of August 30.
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The Startup Ecosystem Association, a general incorporated association, was established in March 2022. Centered on organizations that support startups and important players in the startup ecosystem, we will collect information related to Japanese startup support and
disseminate information domestically and internationally. The purpose is to establish a system to promote cooperation between supporters, and to create an environment in which startups receive appropriate support in a timely manner. In addition, from a private-sector-led and neutral standpoint, we provide government agencies with information and policy recommendations regarding the startup ecosystem, and support educational institutions that nurture entrepreneurs, thereby creating an environment where startups can be created and grow. We will build it in the medium to long term. In addition, by acting as a contact point in Japan for overseas startups and startup-related organizations, we will disseminate information on the startup ecosystem, support expansion into Japan, and aim for the globalization of the Japanese startup ecosystem.
We have launched three working groups this time, and will carry out activities such as providing information, formulating policy proposals, and holding events based on each theme. Three people were appointed to the board of directors as coordinators of each working group.
[ Financing | Finance ]
Financing is an extremely important factor for startups to grow their business, including fundraising. In addition, there are a wide variety of matters that startups should consider, such as the diversification of financing and the expansion of options for exits other than IPOs. In order to increase the number of globally impactful startups in Japan and further revitalize the ecosystem, we will consider the financing surrounding startups from a broad perspective.
Director: Yusuke Asakura (Co-representative of Signifiant Co., Ltd.) [Image 2

After graduating from the Faculty of Law at the University of Tokyo after working at a horse jockey training school and training racehorses, he joined McKinsey & Company and became the representative of Naked Technology, which he established while in college. After joining the company following its sale to mixi, he assumed the position of president and CEO. After retiring as business recovered, he founded Signifiant after working as a visiting researcher at Stanford University. Engaged in providing risk money and management knowledge to startups aiming for continuous growth after IPO, such as the operation of growth capital “THE FUND”. His major publications include Analects, Abacus and I, Finance Thinking, and Finance Thinking from Zero.
Outside Director of Septeni Holdings Co., Ltd. Tokyo Founders Fund Partner. [ People/Organization | People/Organization ]
Organization is a very important factor when a startup grows its business. On the other hand, the reality is that the know-how for building an organization that responds to rapid business growth is rarely shared, and there are few experienced professionals. In addition, many startups are having trouble recruiting, and it will become more important in the future to increase the mobility of the people who work at startups.
In the emergency survey conducted in July, the most common concern was related to organization and personnel, following finance. We will collect and share information and hold events so that startups can support the creation of organizations and personnel systems that can focus on business growth.
Director: Shunsuke Karasawa (Almoha LLC Co-Founder COO / Digital Agency Personnel and Organizational Development)
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After graduating from university, he joined McDonald’s Japan in 2005, and at the age of 28, he was the youngest manager in history. During the management restructuring, he served as the head of the president’s office and the marketing manager, achieving a V-shaped recovery for the entire company. In 2017, he moved to Mercari and served as Executive Officer, VP of People & Culture, and Head of the President’s Office, responsible for human resources and organization. From 2019, as Chief Operating Officer (COO) at SHOWROOM, he will lead the growth of the business and organization.
In 2020, he co-founded Almoha LLC and assumed his current position. As COO, he works on consulting for organizational development and culture fostering, as well as developing services and systems for
organizational development. At the same time, he was in charge of personnel and organizational development at the Digital Agency. Visiting Associate Professor at GLOBIS Graduate School of Management. Author of “Culture Model: How to Create the Best Organizational Culture”. [ Global/Diversity | Global Diversity ]
Various studies around the world have proven that “diverse”
organizations are more competitive and achieve business growth. Looking at the environment surrounding startups, the current situation is that not only is the ratio of female entrepreneurs low, but there are still few investors and management. In addition, from the perspective of diversity, it is necessary to address not only the male-female ratio, but also global and age diversity. In this working group, we will consider “diversity” that will bring further changes and evolution to the startup ecosystem from a diversity and global perspective.
Director: Ms. Moeko Suzuki (Co-Founder & Director of General Incorporated Association Startup Lady / Representative Director of Taylor Innovations Co., Ltd.)
[Image 4d98551-3-42c29c95ef804176daa0-1.png&s3=98551-3-1b51956aa3ed51c6fafb188447aad36e-709x710.png
Lived in London during high school and graduated from an American university in 2010. After working at an overseas market development consulting company, established Taylor Innovations Co., Ltd. We conduct overseas expansion support business and IoT business, and also manufacture live distribution equipment for our own products. At the same time, she established the Startup Lady Association, a global female entrepreneur community. It has grown into a community with 6 directors, 20 stakeholders, 52 countries and 1,500 members with different cultures and backgrounds.

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