General Incorporated Association Tokyo Athletic United Tokyo Sankyu Phoenix Women’s rugby team Tokyo Sankyu Phoenix announces premium partnership contract with Kajigaya Clinic

General Incorporated Association Tokyo Athletic United
[Tokyo Sankyu Phoenix] Women’s rugby team Tokyo Sankyu Phoenix announces premium partner contract with Kajigaya Clinic

The women’s rugby team Tokyo Sankyu Phoenix has announced that it has signed a premium partnership agreement with Kajigaya Clinic in Kawasaki City.
The women’s rugby team, Tokyo Sankyu Phoenix, has recently signed a premium partner contract with the Kajigaya Clinic, a medical corporation.
Kajigaya Clinic is a clinic located in Takatsu Ward, Kawasaki City. In addition to internal medicine, proctology, and pediatrics, we offer a wide range of medical services, including fire extinguisher outpatient services. You can receive medical treatment from a specialist in any field with peace of mind.
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It is open on weekdays and Saturdays and Sundays (closed on public holidays), and is responsible for regional medical care. There is also a parking lot for 13 cars, so access from various directions in Kawasaki is good. In order to protect the health of the community, we are especially focusing on health checkups and endoscopy.
[Official] Kajigaya Clinic | Internal medicine, gastrointestinal internal medicine (gastric camera, colon camera), anal surgery, pediatrics in Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki (
Comment from Director Hanyu
“This time, we have signed a premium partner contract with Tokyo Sankyu Phoenix. [Image 2d58896-25-7d3c4992faa01f3314e1-3.jpg&s3=58896-25-e96abfff8d4184d046c124a25cfe5edb-1210x908.jpg
The Kajigaya Clinic logo is displayed on the back of the pants. ・What is Tokyo Sankyu Phoenix?
Tokyo Sankyu Phoenix is ​​a women’s rugby team established in 2013. At that time, there was no place to practice, so the school grounds of an elementary school in Shibuya Ward were rented for practice.
Currently, the team is using a field in Kanagawa, but the team has always been based in Shibuya Ward since its establishment.
Team members are facing rugby while working or studying at university. “Shibuya”, a city of diversity that continues to disseminate cutting-edge information and culture. As a team spirit, we will create a new women’s sports culture as “a dual rugby team from Shibuya, a city of diversity” and transmit women’s rugby culture from Shibuya to the world. The team was founded in 2002 and is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. In both the 15-a-side and the 7-a-side, the team has always produced Japanese national team players.
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Directed by Yohei Shinomiya, a former Japanese national team player. Since 2019, Sankyu Co., Ltd. has become a naming rights sponsor and has changed its name from “Tokyo Phoenix” to “Tokyo Sankyu Phoenix”. Tokyo Sankyu Phoenix Official Account
・ Official website:
・ Official Twitter
・Official Facebook:
・ Official Instagram ・ Official YouTube The women’s rugby team, Tokyo Sankyu Phoenix, promotes the appeal of rugby and revitalizes the region and economy through women’s rugby. [Image 4d58896-25-1ed88b0654d9825b5079-0.png&s3=58896-25-dcb615f24fb5ecd339d9f465ec8d9a50-982x2136.png
We will also contribute to various sports and culture.
Tokyo Sankyu Phoenix

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