General Insurance Rating Organization Issuance of “Japanese Earthquake Insurance”

General Insurance Rating Organization
Issuance of “Japanese Earthquake Insurance”

The General Insurance Rating Organization of Japan [Abbreviation: Non-life Insurance Rating Organization, President: Shinichiro Hayakawa] publishes a commentary on earthquake insurance, “Earthquake Insurance in Japan” (October 2022 edition) and an English commentary, “EARTHQUAKE INSURANCE IN JAPAN” (October 2022). 2022) and published it on our website.
“Earthquake Insurance in Japan”
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This document provides an easy-to-understand summary of the history and contents of the earthquake insurance system, methods of
calculating earthquake insurance premium rates, and related laws and regulations.
This revised version reflects the rate revisions implemented in October 2022. “EARTHQUAKE INSURANCE IN JAPAN” (October 2022)
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This book is an English commentary on the above content.

In addition to this document, the website of the Organization publishes “useful contents for safety and security” and various publications. Please take advantage of it.
◆ Reference information
-Earthquake insurance-related information on our website-
Overview of Earthquake Insurance Standard Rates: See it on the graph! Earthquake insurance statistics bulletin:
Damage rate of earthquake insurance:
-Useful content for safety and security-
We have summarized the reports and web pages of this organization for the purpose of accident prevention and damage reduction. You can view analyzes and various related information that make use of the data and knowledge of our organization regarding familiar risks such as traffic accidents and natural disasters. -Insurance Overview Information-
“Overview of Insurance” provides easy-to-understand explanations of the structure of non-life insurance, general compensation details, income and expenditure trends, etc. using statistical figures. In addition, “topics” introduce factors that can affect income and expenditure trends, such as changes in social conditions and the occurrence of natural disasters.
What is the General Insurance Rating Organization of Japan?
This is an organization established based on the Law Concerning Non-life Insurance Rate Calculation Organizations (Rate Group Law), and whose members are non-life insurance companies. In order to fulfill our social mission of “sound development of the non-life insurance industry and protection of the interests of policyholders, etc.”, we are mainly engaged in the following three operations. ・Calculation and provision of insurance premium rates
・Investigation of damages for compulsory automobile liability insurance (mutual aid)
・Data bank
Inquiries about this matter
General Insurance Rating Organization
General Planning Department Public Relations Group (person in charge: Yoshizawa) E-mail address:
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