Gentosha Co., Ltd. Announced the popular occupation ranking for September 2022 (monthly) from the “13-year-o ld Hello Work official website (13hw)”!

Gentosha Co., Ltd.
Announcing the popular job rankings for September 2022 (monthly) from the “13-year-old Hello Work official website (13hw)”!

“13-year-old Hello Work Official Website” operated by Gentosha Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Toru Mishiro) and Top Athlete Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kazuyoshi Matsuo) ( has announced the ranking of popular occupations for September 2022. This occupational ranking is calculated by converting the 1,034 occupations posted on the site into points based on the number of access users, the number of page views, the number of PVs, etc., and announces the top 100. The top 20 popular occupational rankings for September 2022 are as follows. 1st place YouTuber
2nd place professional athlete
3rd place police officer
4th place illustrator
5th place Clinical psychologist
6th Librarian
7th place Hairdresser
8. Fashion designer
9. Patissier
10. Nursery teacher
11. Civil servants [general administrative positions]
12th voice actor
13th cartoonist
14. Diplomat
15. Doctors
16. Nurse
17. Pharmacists
18. Junior and senior high school teachers
19. Singers
20. Architects
[Ranked in / Ranked out]
Occupations ranked in from outside the top 20 or out of the top 20 are… Ranked in: Doctors, architects
Rank Out: PA [Acoustic], Veterinarian
[Ranking change]
The top 3 that had a lot of fluctuations in the ranking are… Ranked higher: Game producers, game directors, and tipsters
Ranked lower: Career counselor, comedian, tea master
The 13-year-old Hello Work official website announces the top 100 every month. → You can see the results for September 2022 here.
●About the site
The official website of Ryu Murakami’s best-selling book “13-year-old Hello Work”. In addition to job introductions in books, there are questions for working adults, interviews with celebrities and working professionals, feature articles, etc. We also hold events and workshops that lead to the future of children. The concept is “for middle and high school students…a place where you can find hints for the future”.
Site name: 13-year-old Hello Work official site
Site URL:
Planning and operation: Gentosha Co., Ltd., Top Athlete Co., Ltd. Details about this release:

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