Get to know Tama and work in Tama! “Local Work Design Course in Tama” held at Digital Hollywood STUDIO Tachi kawa/Kichijoji

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Get to know Tama and work in Tama! “Local Work Design Course in Tama” held at Digital Hollywood STUDIO Tachikawa/Kichijoji
Pre-event held|October 22 (Sat) 13:00-15:00 Digital Hollywood STUDIO Tachikawa
“Digital Hollywood STUDIO” is a web and video learning studio operated by Digital Hollywood (Operating company: Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd. Headquarters/Main school: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo President: Tomoyuki Sugiyama), an IT-related and digital content human resource
development school. , Keyaki Publishing Co., Ltd. (Keyaki Publishing Co., Ltd. Headquarters / Tachikawa City, Tokyo Representative: Naoko Kozaki), which continues to disseminate information mainly in the Tama area, will hold a “Local Work Design Course in Tama” aiming for employment and work orders in the Tama area. The course will be held at Digital Hollywood STUDIO Tachikawa and Kichijoji.
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■ Course background
Digital Hollywood STUDIO Tachikawa, which opened in April 2022 as the second school building in the Tama area, has lived in the Tama area for three years since the opening of STUDIO Kichijoji in 2019, and wishes to work in that area. We have heard about the needs of designer recruitment from companies operating in the Kichijoji and Tachikawa areas. The aspect of this is the regional revitalization activities of the areas where stores are opened, which is a major theme of Digital Hollywood STUDIO, which has been expanding nationwide. In order to do so, we will first go back to the basics of “knowing the skills and information necessary to work in the area and providing a place for matching with companies seeking employment”. Design course in Tama”, Digital Hollywood’s traditional event “Creator’s Audition”, which has been held more than 120 times in total in Tokyo and Osaka as a place for recruitment matching, and “Creator’s Audition” where only companies in the Tama area can participate.
It will be held in March 2023 as N in Tama.
The operating partner is the actual instructor, and the person in charge of the class is Keyaki Publishing, which has been in business for 41 years in Tachikawa City and disseminates information related to the Tama area. We will send you a total of 8 content that repeats the skills and mindset input for working in the Tama area and the output from client work at actual companies.
In addition, a pre-event will be held on Saturday, October 22nd to commemorate the opening of the “Local Work Design Course in Tama”. Participation is free, so please join us if you are interested. ■ Lecturer profile
Ms. Naoko Kozaki, Representative Director, Keyaki Publishing Co., Ltd. [Image 2d496-2157-21891da1ce6c4392e11f-1.png&s3=496-2157-aa8867cd0f64e2cac3204da48aa97a42-208x257.png
Born in Kunitachi, raised in Kunitachi. Joined Keyaki Publishing Co., Ltd. after gaining experience in editing automobile magazines and correspondence education information magazines.
After being in charge of editing a book, he became the 4th president and representative director in 2015.
In 2020, he launched the job information magazine “BALL.” in the Tama area and concurrently served as editor-in-chief.
The magazine won the best prize in the town magazine category of the Japan Regional Information Content Award 2020.
In 2021, he established a guild-type organization “BALL.COMPANY” and started an advertising business.
In June 2022, we will start operating the information transmission center in Tachikawa City’s attractive transmission facility, Kotlink, to transmit multifaceted information.
[Image 3d496-2157-164beb4eee2b495e62ef-2.jpg&s3=496-2157-68687cac0810b17d683a66e5c15540ea-642x428.jpg
BALL.HUB Tachikawa at CotoLink, an information dissemination center in Tachikawa City, which is also the office of Keyaki Publishing [Image 4d496-2157-61978462c0ddabe30d30-3.png&s3=496-2157-75d5f46bf68728cc7f0375c797a4ceba-305x438.png
Information magazine “BALL.” featuring jobs in the Tama area ■ Course introduction
“Local Work Design Course in Tama”
Date: Saturday, January 14, 2023, every Saturday from 13:00 to 15:00 Course duration: 2 months (8 classes in total)
Tuition fee: 99,000 yen for adults, 88,000 yen for students and graduates of Digital Hollywood (tax included)
Outline of lecture subjects:
・Creative work in the Tama area
・Become a designer who can work at your own pace
・ Acquire self-branding and sales methods
・Practice the design of a company in Tama
・Announcement at Creators Audition in Tama *Participation will be subject to pre-screening within the class.
*If you wish to take the “Local Work Design Course in Tama” alone, you do not have to have practical experience, but we will submit a portfolio so that we can see your production experience such as web design and graphic design before taking the course. please.
“Web Designer Major Tachikawa/Kichijoji Limited Tama Pack”
Tuition fee: General 583,000 yen (tax included)
Course period: 8 months (specialized web designer major 6 months + local work design course in Tama 2 months)
For those who have no experience in web design, graphic design, etc., Digital Hollywood STUDIO’s most popular course “Specialized Web Designer Major” 6 months course and “Local Work Design Course in Tama” 2 months set. We recommend taking the “Web Designer Major Tama Pack” course.
[Image 5d496-2157-9d79af82e4a30ba7aade-4.png&s3=496-2157-cea3c73f4a5d96e6638bc1e381439f50-1056x172.png
We will hold a pre-event that also serves as a briefing session for the above two courses. If you are considering taking the course, please join us.
《Special event “Tamaketing” to commemorate the opening of the course》 Date: Saturday, October 22, 13:00-15:00 (2h)
Venue: Digital Hollywood STUDIO Tachikawa
1F Tokyo Tatemono Faret Tachikawa Building, 2-8-18 Akebonocho, Tachikawa, Tokyo 190-0012
Participation fee: Free
Format/Capacity: Offline (STUDIO Tachikawa: limited to 15 people) Event content:
·I knew that? 30 municipalities in the Tama area
・There are businesses in the Tama area.
・Working in Tama, tips for local work
・Question time
For details and to make a reservation, please apply from the URL below.
■ Overview of Creators Audition in Tama
We will hold a special event where only companies founded and managed in the Tama area can participate in the Creators Audition, a traditional event held mainly at specialized schools in Digital Hollywood. We will provide a recruiting site free of charge. The first part is the presentation of the excellent works, and the second part is the business card exchange.
Date: Scheduled for mid to late March 2023 *An announcement will be made as soon as it is confirmed.
[Image 6d496-2157-4ecf05f1c1f23f487a7a-5.png&s3=496-2157-63c35ad14c26d66214ecaa693d4a8632-582x382.png
Past creators auditions
■ What is Digital Hollywood STUDIO?
“Digital Hollywood STUDIO” is a dedicated learning system (exclusive LMS: Any), we have a unique evaluation system that allows students to check their level of understanding in detail, face-to-face support that can solve problems according to the purpose of the course, and an environment where various connections can be made.
In addition, in order to open Digital Hollywood STUDIO in a form specialized in the area where the store is opened, we will package educational know-how and methods built up based on many achievements born during the 28 years since the establishment of Digital Hollywood. It is provided to business partner companies on a licensed basis. *At Digital Hollywood STUDIO, various people, including young people, full-time housewives, those who aim to change jobs, and those who are thinking about becoming independent or freelance in the future, are learning across generations.
Click here for a list of Digital Hollywood locations:
Click here for the school building where the course is held: Digital Hollywood Studio Tachikawa
〒190-0012 Tokyo Tatemono Faret Tachikawa Building 1F, 2-8-18 Akebonocho, Tachikawa City, Tokyo
[Image 7d496-2157-5dd5306c904a78d925a4-6.png&s3=496-2157-d2af9887a30e2999704cc0945b6e8a62-1000x523.png
Digital Hollywood Studio Kichijoji
5F HULIC & New KICHIJOJI, 1-7-7 Kichijoji Minamicho, Musashino City, Tokyo 180-0003
[Image 8d496-2157-cd6f6cebc18316816756-7.png&s3=496-2157-063386ac777d073aecb015029140b789-1000x523.png

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