GIFMAGAZINE Co., Ltd. Commemorating the release of Pixel Monsters! Free material NFT distribution to the first 10,000 people! Combine NFTs and get monsters! by NFTGift

Commemorating the release of Pixel Monsters! Free material NFT distribution to the first 10,000 people! Combine NFTs and get monsters! by NFTGift
There are 9 types of monsters! Exchange materials and get rare monsters!
GIFMAGAZINE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter “GIFMAGAZINE”) will carry out a free NFT distribution campaign for the first 10,000 people on “NFT Gift” from today.
Pixel Monster is an NFT content operated by GIFMAGAZINE Co., Ltd. In this NFT gift, we will distribute NFTs of characters appearing in pixel monsters for free. The NFTs distributed this time are the material NFTs for “eggs” and “potions” necessary to create pixel monsters. You can get a monster NFT by combining materials. A total of 9 monsters with different rarities will be issued at random. Pixel artist Mr. Hattori Graphics is in charge of character design. [Image 1

This campaign is a project that utilizes a mechanism in which a third type of NFT is issued by holding two types of NFTs in the wallet. Through the exchange of NFTs, you can combine NFTs and discover new NFTs. If you participate in the campaign, the material NFT will be issued free of charge to the first 10,000 people. The distribution contents are one set of materials for combination (“Egg” and “Potion”) and one type of spare material for exchange. It is possible to combine by yourself, and to combine materials by exchanging. (At that time, the two types of NFTs of the material will be burned) “NFT Gift” is a Dapp that allows you to give NFTs from the talk room. We hope that you will take this opportunity to experience the fun of exchanging with your friends and getting new NFTs.
[Image 2

・Campaign period: 2022/010/12-2022/12/31 (Ends as soon as the NFT distribution limit is reached)
・ Scheduled to start secondary distribution: Scheduled after January 4, 2023 (Scheduled to start on LINE NFT comprehensive marketplace “LINE NFT”)
・Please check the campaign notes below before participating in the campaign. ==================
How to get material NFT
1) Please access the campaign page from the following URL on your smartphone. 2) You can also access the campaign page by scanning the QR code below. [Image 4d13629-165-db8c54c8eb6de0a89b97-7.png&s3=13629-165-085892290fd8fbb42e11b94ae3852343-183x183.png
3) Or access from the NFT button in the mini app “Jifumaga” in the “+ menu” of LINE
[Image 5d13629-165-81bab8dc8519c7834102-5.png&s3=13629-165-63bad341d62b457ca3efbb1d6c3c487e-1386x630.png
Flow to monster GET
[Image 6d13629-165-7d51b272f7fd47bf9943-4.png&s3=13629-165-572a55369f253fde3a2fbbc3a80404ab-2028x1136.png

Campaign notes
・Only one application per person is allowed.
・It may take time to grant NFT depending on the application status. In some cases, there is a possibility of granting after the next day, so we apologize for the inconvenience.
If the grant is not approved, please wait a while and check. ・We appreciate your understanding in advance as we cannot answer questions about the status of NFT grants and application status. ・NFT cannot be specified and will be a random gift.
・Application will be canceled as soon as NFT runs out.
・ “NFT Gift” is a function in the LINE mini app “Jifumaga” operated by GIFMAGAZINE.
・ When using for the first time, it is necessary to authenticate to launch the “Jifumaga” application.
・Registration to LINE’s digital asset management wallet “LINE BITMAX Wallet” is required to receive NFT.
・There are other notes, so please read the remarks on the campaign site. ==================
pixel monster
NFT content operated by GIFMAGAZINE Co., Ltd.
We will provide play that combines NFTs to create various monsters.
Character Design
Pixel Artist: Hattori Graphics ( Born in 1977, from Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Working as a low-resolution GIF artist while working as a game graphic designer. Pixel art is regarded as the most free and primitive art material for digital natives beyond the framework of computer games, and GIF animation works, which have a reputation for speed and strength, are released daily through the Internet with a minimum number of pixels. Exploring the possibility of new video expression by numbers. ==================
NFT gift management contact:
*Please note that we cannot answer questions about campaign
application status, winning confirmation, NFT distribution status, etc.

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