“Gifts to choose from! Foreign currency reserve support Gaitame.com Fund #1” Starts efforts to release a n ew fund with preferential treatment

Gaitame.com Co., Ltd.
“[Gifts to choose from! Foreign currency reserve support] Gaitame.com Fund #1” Starts efforts to release a new fund with preferential treatment

Gaitame.com Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Jun Takeuchi; hereinafter referred to as the Company) is operated by Funds Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Yuichiro Fujita; hereinafter referred to as Funds). , we will proceed with preparations for the initial public offering of funds with our company as the borrower on the fixed-yield asset management service “Funds” (*1). In this fund, for those who meet certain conditions, in addition to “FX points (* 2)” equivalent to 1% of the fund investment amount, 30 people will be selected by lottery “Food code gift of 30,000 yen ” will be presented as a Funds preferential treatment.
Detailed information on the fund, including the date and time of the offer and the amount, as well as the details of the Funds preferential treatment and granting conditions, etc., will be released by Funds by the end of the month.
[Image 1

*1 Investors will be solicited by Funds.
*2 FX points are our original point service that can be earned through various services and campaigns of our company and can be used for purchase orders of “Raku-raku FX Accumulation”.
Click here for details: https://www.gaitame.com/service/rakutsumu/fxp/ [Image 2

(Example of a product that can be exchanged for a “selectable food code gift worth 30,000 yen” by those who meet certain conditions and win a lottery * The image is an image. Code issuer: Itochu Foods Co., Ltd.)
■ Purpose and background of considering the use of Funds
By utilizing Funds this time, we aim to diversify funding channels and strengthen communication with investors. In addition, we plan to use the funds collected from investors as our general business funds. ■ About Funds
Funds provides an online platform that allows individuals to invest in companies with loans starting from 1 yen. So far, 237 funds composed by 71 companies, mainly listed companies, have been solicited, and there have been no cases of distribution delays or bad debts (as of the end of September 2022).
Funds: https://funds.jp/
About Gaitame.com
Gaitame.com has surpassed 570,000 accounts for over-the-counter FX “Gaika Next Neo” and “Raku-Raku FX Accumulation”. Under the theme of “making foreign exchange more familiar”, we provide an owned media site “Mane-iku Channel” that disseminates information related to foreign exchange, and hold various seminars according to the level of beginners to intermediate and advanced users. , we are developing services that are close to investors.
In addition, for the third consecutive year (2019-2021) in the HDI ranking benchmark “Web support” and “Inquiry desk (telephone)” by HDI-Japan, a member organization in the world’s largest support service industry. got a star.
・[Gaitame.com] Website: https://www.gaitame.com/
・[Gaitame.com] Account opening: https://www.gaitame.com/account/kouza.html ・[Market information]: https://www.gainame.com/markets/
・ [Maneiku Channel]: https://www.gaitame.com/media/
■ You can use the FX points presented as this Funds special treatment [Raku-Raku FX Accumulation]
Earned FX points can be used as “1 point = 1 yen” when placing a purchase order for “Raku-Raku FX Accumulation”.
“Raku-Raku FX Accumulation” is a FX trading service that allows you to set the currency pair, amount, leverage, and frequency in advance and place regular purchase orders.
Pursuing ease of use, it is the only FX industry compatible with smartphone apps (as of October 2022). This is a service that proposes medium- to long-term asset management that can be accumulated from 100 yen (*), so even beginners can easily start with peace of mind. There are also swap point grants and leverage settings (up to 3 times for individuals), so it is possible to increase the efficiency of investment funds.
*When specifying in currency units, the amount must be in units of one currency, and when specifying in yen units, the amount must be 100 yen or more in units of one yen (minimum equivalent to one currency). [Image 3

Click here for details: https://www.gaitame.com/service/rakutsumu/rakutsumu.html In the future, Gaitame.com will continue to work together as a company to further expand various functions and services so that we can provide opportunities for customers to meet FX and help them make their lives richer and richer through FX. increase.
Over-the-counter foreign exchange margin trading and over-the-counter currency binary option trading do not guarantee the principal or profits, and losses may occur due to market fluctuations and interest rate differences. Please fully understand the contents before making a transaction, and work on your own judgment.
-“Gaika Next Neo” transaction format: Over-the-counter foreign exchange deposit transaction Customer deposit: Set at a deposit rate of 4% or more of the transaction amount calculated based on the base rate of each currency (for corporate customers, an amount that is a deposit rate of 1% or more Alternatively, a security deposit equal to or higher than the higher of the amount obtained by multiplying the transaction amount by the assumed exchange risk ratio for each currency pair calculated by the Financial Futures Association is required. Calculated using the quantitative calculation model stipulated in Article 117, Paragraph 31, Item 1 of the Cabinet Office Ordinance on Financial Instruments Business, etc.) Transaction fee: 0 yen “Raku-Raku FX Reserve” Transaction form: Over-the-counter foreign exchange margin trading Customer deposit: 100% (1x leverage), 50% (2x leverage), 33.34% (3x leverage) (For corporate customers, only 100% (1x leverage)) Transaction fee: 0 yen There is a possibility that you will lose more than the security deposit because you will trade with a transaction amount that exceeds the security deposit you have deposited. In addition, there is a difference (spread) between the selling price and the buying price in the transaction rate. – -“Gaika Next Binary” trading format: Over-the-counter currency binary option trading (European type that automatically exercises at the time of maturity) Purchase price: Approximately 40 to 999 yen per lot Transaction fee: 0 yen [Note] Over-the-counter currency binary Option trading is a transaction with a fixed term, and the underlying asset price fluctuates due to factors such as market fluctuations. If the relationship between the exercise price and the judgment price is profitable for you, you will receive a payout amount by automatic exercise, but if it is a loss, the entire purchase amount will be determined as a loss due to the extinguishment of the right. There is also a difference (spread) between the option purchase price and the sale price. –
Gaitame.com Co., Ltd. Palazzo Astec 4F, 2-8-1 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0021 TEL: 03-5733-3065
Financial instruments business registration number: Director of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 262/Financial Futures Firms Association (member number 1509)

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