Gig Sales Co., Ltd. Gig Sales Fukuyama will be on stage at “People who succeed in sales / People who do not- Hints on how to live as a sales person-”

Gig Sales Co., Ltd.
Gig sales Fukuyama will be on stage at “People who succeed in sales / People who do not – Tips on how to live as a sales person”

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■Seminar details and application page
* Online distribution (Zoom webinar)
■ Seminar content
Panel discussion format
・What sales skills are in demand in the market?
・Regarding sales promotion and annual income
■ Recommended for people like this
・Young career people
・ Those who are worried about their career
・Skills that can be used in a sales job ・Those who want tips on career advancement
■ Speakers
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Gig Sales Co., Ltd.
Atsushi Fukuyama
Joined CyberAgent as a new graduate. At the age of 25, he became the director and general manager of the sales division of a group company (Shiroku). Independent entrepreneur at the age of 27. Launched multiple companies/businesses and carried out four M&As (sales) to listed companies. At the time of M&A with SHOWCASE, he became a director of the company. In 2020, he participated in Gig Sales through M&A and assumed the position of Representative Director in 2022. Outside of business, he is a lecturer (practice business course) at Keio High School. During his school days, he has been playing baseball for 16 years. Koshien Best 8. Over 120,000 copies of his books. Dad of 3 children.
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IID Co., Ltd.
President’s office
Mr. Motoyuki Mori
After joining IID Co., Ltd., he was in charge of sales of game information media, then sales leader of game and animation information media, general manager of sales headquarters, and general manager of media business headquarters. His areas of expertise include digital advertising, planning, alliances, management, and BizDev. He also writes, and is in charge of his own series “The back side of e-Sports”. Mainly covered e-sports and business. From 2020, he will also serve as a lecturer on “Introduction to Media” at a vocational school. From June 2022, he will be transferred to the president’s office and will be in charge of the business department of Technocore Co., Ltd., an investee. From June 2021, he will participate as a director of JCG Co., Ltd., one of Japan’s largest e-sports
professional divers. I like watching anime. Completed Rikkyo University Graduate School of Business Design (MBA) in March 2022. [Image 4d59401-76-3084efb1dc3f565bfe4a-1.png&s3=59401-76-297c607390cf9464f04b9e666cda3b85-1456x1316.png
Celebrix Co., Ltd.
sales company
New Business Development Office General Manager
Mr. Shogo Umeda
Career Design Center Co., Ltd. Career Advisor Mgr, iCARE Co., Ltd. SaaS Sales Mgr. Currently, he is in charge of a project to visualize the skills of sales people and a career support project.
Twitter ID @job_and_life
Time: October 24, 2022 (Monday) 19:00-20:00
Venue: Online
Target: Those involved in sales
Cost: Free
■ About Gig Sales Co., Ltd.
Under the banner of “Professional Sales (TM) Group”, we have consistently supported BtoB sales since its establishment. Has a reputation for BDR support for growing companies. The cumulative support record exceeds 200 companies (as of October 2022). In 2020, with the merger with Basies Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo), we started “recruiting baseball clubs”. By operating the affiliation type sales freelance system “TEAMZ”, we provide an environment where sales freelancers can work comfortably. We are offering our own sales enablement service “Gig Sales Academy” that allows even beginners to aim for sales professionals from scratch. From 2022, we will start providing the BDR support cloud “DORIRU cloud”.
Established: March 2017
Representatives: Ryuta Kobayashi / Atsushi Fukuyama
Location: Hiroo Office Building 7F, 1-3-18 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Business: BtoB sales support business / sales tech business
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